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Honusapien, Checking In
September 13, 2017

Hi, there!

Holy energetic upgrades!

I've been wondering if anybody else's life has been a complete and total shit storm lately.

In August, there was both a lunar and solar eclipse. The sun, moon, and planet alignment affect us physically no matter what the powers-that-be say. They all trigger change.

On August 3, I received a newsletter from Meg Benedicte who I trust to keep me informed on all of the cosmic and astrological comings and goings. In it she warned:

"Eclipses shake up the status quo, so expect sudden shifts, new beginnings, or major life changes to pop up within several weeks/months. The Aquarian Eclipse emphasizes ‘power in numbers’, as our united human community takes back the power from the corrupt elite. Since the March Equinox, we’ve spent months purging and preparing the physical vessel to embody Soul power and freedom."

It turns out that in August, I had to leave my home I have lived in and made my sanctuary for the last six years. It has been infuriating, traumatic, and exhausting. I ended up having to move twice in one month! Not fun. Anndd, I still have one more move to go. All sense of comfort and security are gone. But at this point, I am lucky to have a roof over my head, however temporary it may be.

Floods, fires, hurricanes, tornadoes, and earthquakes. Whether you're going through it literally or metaphorically speaking. We have collectively been undergoing some major changes in a short amount of time.

Everything and everyone seems to be in disarray.

As if the intense solar eclipse energy wasn't enough, on September 6, the sun launched two powerful solar flares - one of which was the most powerful flare in a decade.

Solar energy creates a new vibration. Each one is like a new upgrade.

Meg said, "Your human container of Light is being expanded to embody more Soul presence. The transformation is underway."

Typically illness, especially colds, are associated with your body's vibration increasing. Well, I just so happened to have developed walking pneumonia!

So I am writing to you from the blowup mattress in my new temporary living room where I am stuck and miserable wanting to know how my community is doing and handling all of these massive fast taking changes.

Hang in there!

Drop me a line.


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