Synchronicity is the delightful and often hilarious unfoldment of the path to your manifestation.

How often have your heard someone successful say “I’m just lucky I guess,” “I was in the right place at the right time,” “I never could have imagined how I would be where I am today,” etc.

It’s not that these people have something that you don’t; it’s that they acted on their inner inspiration and by doing so, the means to their desire was assembled for them.

One of the biggest obstacles people continuously put in between themselves and their desire is either thinking their desire can only come to them in one specific manner, or by feeling defeated by not knowing how they could possibly achieve what they want.

In having a one path mind or a path too dark, you’re missing the path that is being lit up for you.

Inner inspiration is often no more than a passing thought. Sometimes it's a nagging one. 

Think of the pathway to your desire as one lined by candles. Your inner inspirations, or "messages", are the match.

When a message crosses your mind the match is struck, whether you take action or not determines whether the match is lit.

Your inner inspirations are often disguised as something profoundly mundane and really don’t require a whole lot of effort to act on.

Maybe it's an urge to go the store even though you don't need anything. Acting on something as simple as this can set off an entire chain of events leading you to your desire.

Your action lights the path.

Synchronicity is how you cross paths with your desire. When you desire something and know that it is yours, there’s an ease and a comfort inside of you rather than the feeling of strain. When you're strained you are burdened by thoughts of not having your desire and miserable because you have no idea how to make it happen. 

Figuring out how is not your job! 

When you understand the answer you are seeking come in whispers and sensations you can relax and better tune in with your inner dialogue. You'll be more apt to act on inner inspirations no matter how small -- potentially triggering a chain of events to light the path to your desire.

Say the thought crosses your mind to send an email to someone you haven’t talked to in decades. You send it. Before you know it you find out this person was just talking about you to someone who needs someone that can do what you do and you’re the perfect person for the job. Coincidence? NO. Synchronicity.

When you’re in a place of strain or defeat you are less likely to act on your inner inspirations. Instead of sending the email you think of a hundred reasons why you shouldn't send it and why it doesn't matter if you do, thus, creating more separation between you and your desire.

Check in with your emotions. Root out inner turmoil. Tune in and listen to what’s coming across the wire…it’s not a coincidence.

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