Creating Abundance

Creating abundance is something we tend to make harder than it actually is. Once you make the decision to feel good, not only will you become consistently happy but you will simultaneously allow all the things you've been wanting to flow to you easily. It's a win win. 

Seems simple enough, so why is there so much lack?

We as a collective consciousness have inherited deep rooted core beliefs that we have to work hard to get ahead, or it's not what you know it's who you know that will catapult your life into success, or only cheaters make it big, etc, etc, etc. 

These are all completely false limiting beliefs that keep the masses stuck in the monotonous cycle of trying to make ends meet. Have you ever really questioned these beliefs? Can you even pinpoint where these beliefs came from? These are thought viruses.

The truth is, you can't struggle your way into thriving. You can't force things into being. The energy of abundance is not effort, it's joy. There's a popular colloquialism - find a job that you love and you will never have to work another day in your life. That's the truth!

Those that have created an abundance of wealth for themselves love what they do. They might expend a great deal of energy doing what they do, they might work long hours, they may forget to eat lunch, but it doesn't feel like effort or strain. It doesn't drain them. They would do it even if they didn't make money. 

Your abundance is created in direct relationship to what you love doing. You can't not do what you love and not get abundance from that. The people that make the most money love their jobs. When you're happy you're letting in the flow of abundance, or releasing resistance to the things you want. 

Fear is the Ultimate Resistance

"The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek." ~ Joseph Campbell

Fear is constraining. When you are in a state of fear (worry, anxiety, tension, etc.) you are pinching off the flow, or creating blocked passages to your pathways to abundance. 

How many people stay at miserable jobs out of fear? Fear of failing. Fear of going homeless. Fear of never finding another job. Fear of ending up somewhere worse. 

Needing certainty is a fear. This fear limits your opportunities. Think about what it means to be secure. It means you're locked down and nothing can get in. Security is a prison.

When you live in fear you end up producing that which you fear. What you fear will be drawn to you like a magnet. Any time you align with fear you are a match to that very fear.

Creating abundance requires giving up control and the need to know with specific certainty how things will unfold. Essentially you must eliminate 'how' from your vocabulary.

Similarly, you mustn't compare yourself to any other. How one person created their abundance, or failed to, has nothing to do with your outcome. Your path of least resistance will not be the same as any others. 

Happiness is the Path of Least Resistance

Creating abundance requires opening up all of your pinched off valves. Doing this requires feeling good. Make the shift from thinking: "I'll be happy once I get these things" to "I am happy even without these things." The latter creates space for these things to flow to you without resistance or getting stuck behind some fear (the biggest fear being -- what if it doesn't come).

When you feel good you're more relaxed and at ease. You're more open to energy exchange. You're more likely to notice the little nudges you feel in your gut or can better hear the Universe's little whispers guiding you in the direction of your desire.

When you feel good you're less likely to notice the absence of your abundance. Focusing on the lack of something clogs it's pathway to you. Clear those valves.  

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