Emotions: Your Manifestation Indicatior

Thoughts create emotion. Emotion is energy in motion. 

Your thoughts lay down the foundation of your reality. Your emotions are the building energy of your reality. Think of your emotions as construction workers. Each emotion comes with its own work crew.

Think of joy as having an army of construction workers 24/7. Joy is the fastest way to obtain your desires. Your emotions are your link to your true-selves. Joy, is the bio chemical feedback of you being in the exact vibrational space of your higher-self, which is your true-self.

When you are in the grocery store looking for something specific, you know that you are in the right aisle of the item you are looking for when you start seeing similar things.

When you are in the Store of Life, you know you are in the right aisle of your desire by how you feel. The way you feel lets you know how close you are to your desire.

Pause and check-in with yourself. For example, are you in the insecure aisle? You're not going to find your mate there. Better start making your way to the content aisle. Choose different thoughts to generate different emotions.

Some people start changing their thoughts by using affirmations. For example: I am loved. How would that feel if it were true? What does it feel like to feel loved? That feeling you just created from thought, brings it forth physically.

*Affirmations won't make a difference until you believe what you're saying. 

Use your emotions to turn down the aisle of your desire. The feeling must come first. As Neville Goddard says, "Assume the feeling of the wish fulfilled." 

  • You have to feel free in order to experience freedom.
  • You have to feel well in order to experience well being.
  • You have to feel love in order to experience love. 
  • You have to feel abundant in order to experience abundance.

Feeling good is the ticket to experiencing good things. It’s no coincidence that everything seemingly always tends to work out for happy people. Whereas miserable people never seem to catch any breaks. When it rains, it pours. 

Feeling good is the path of least resistance to your desires. Follow your joy. Joy is where you are going. You can’t struggle and suffer your way to joy - you have to joy your way to joy. What can you do to feel better NOW? Create good feeling thoughts. I have everything I need. Everything works out for me. 

Whenever you recognize that you are not feeling good, it means that you are feeling out of alignment with something that you want. Stop and ask yourself what do I want? 

Not knowing what you want causes negative emotions. You don’t need to know with precision everything that you want. A general claim for happiness will do. If you are general about happiness then more specific things will present themselves for even more happiness. Find something that feels good and focus on it until more good things join in. 

Every negative emotion that exists is because there is some sense of powerlessness. So don't just intellectually understand that you can have whatever you want. Know it! Trust that your desire for something is enough to obtain it. Your desire is enough. If you can desire it, than you can achieve it. Anything you've ever wanted is meant to be yours and will be as soon as you turn down the right emotion aisle. You can't shop for freedom down the powerless aisle. 

You have no choice but to go in the direction of your desire. Check-in with how you're feeling. A lot of people's default settings are to have negative stories running through their heads. When you get conscious about the way you are feeling and what thoughts you are thinking, then you can course correct. This gets you in alignment with what you want.

The Store of Life never closes, is never out of stock, and gets new items daily. Browse around and pick whatever you want. 

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