The Way of the Indigo

Indigos are here on assignment to lead the way. We know we are here to change the world.

If you're not with us -- you're in our way. Our missions come first. 

We are here to wake people up and remind them of what they already know. It's all here within us. Information is stored within our bones. Each one of us activates or triggers the others around us. 

In Barbara Marciniak's book Bringers of the Dawn she says that when you are in full memory of your identity, if you were to have a business card printed it would say: 

Renegade Member of Family of Light.
Systems Buster.
Available for altering the systems of consciousness
within the free-will universe.

We are here to teach humans a new system. The time for change is right now. To shift the old paradigm of control and corruption to one of integrity and truth.

Indigos are human lie detectors. We can feel a lie reverberate in our cells. We know when something is not right.

Indigos cut through the bullshit of life and get directly to the point. We're here to drain the river of denial and make speaking and knowing the truth the norm.

Indigos are here to free society from all the social conditioning and limitations they have unknowingly accepted. These limitations keep society enslaved and afraid.

We're desperate to remove the blinders that so many humans wear and show them the light. We are carrying a light frequency within us. This can draw attention and make us targets. We face great resistance.  In the past, Indigos have been punished for being powerful and for their outspoken views. 

We're often seen as a threat to those that cling to their blinders and to the ones that handed them out.

In the past, Indigos live short but meaningful lives. We've been jailed, medicated, assassinated, burned at the stake, and crucified. Reminiscence of that fear still haunts our DNA.

Many of us are still in the closet. It's time to come out. Blending in and being undercover sucks.

We've trained for this for lifetimes. Now is the time we've been waiting for. It's time to rise above the crowd and remind them what they are capable of. You can't do that if you're pretending to be one of them. You need to show them there's another way. They need us. 

Have courage to be yourself. Our greatest source of happiness comes from knowing who we are, fully being ourselves, and working on our missions. This benefits the others. Humanity is profoundly ignorant. They need us not to be like them.

Now is the time to unleash yourselves. Let go of the fear of being powerful and to step into it. Release the fear of not being liked, loved, or lovable. We don't need other's validation. Get rid of the entire concept of needing other people's approval or permission.

Do what you're called to do.

Our challenge is to initiate change without fearing defeat. The only thing worse than failing is succeeding at something that doesn't matter. 

We're voting in new leaders and becoming them ourselves. We are known as warriors of light. 

In living authentically not only do we free ourselves, but everyone else that comes in our path, even those that are in resistance to us. 

We know there isn't anything we can't be, do, or have.

It pains us to see people living socially programmed mediocre lives. 

We didn't come all this way to sit in a cubicle all day with people we hate for not enough money until we get sick and die.

We're not interested in merely surviving. You already know that doing the traditional steps of A, B, & C will not equal happiness. One life does not fit all. We do not need to be assembled into a "normal" human.

We are here to show others that there is another way. That living your dreams is not just for other people, lucky people, or rich people. We can choose joy. We can follow our bliss. We can see where it all takes us.

Indigo's mission here is to put other people in connection with their own divinity.

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