Your reality is a direct reflection of your beliefs.

If you’re still struggling with manifesting it’s because you don’t believe you truly are the creator of your own reality.

Practice proving to yourself that you are. 

Manifestation Exercise:
Proving you Create Your Own Reality

Start simple. Focus on something you are indifferent to such as a particular flower, animal, or food.

From here on, until you are convinced you create your own reality, make note of every time this item appears.

Pay particular attention to the ways it shows up that you didn't think of i.e. on tee shirts, logos, advertising, billboards, license plates. tattoos, names, etc.

Before you know it you are going to be inundated with this particular item. Once it becomes obvious, proceed to an item you actually have a vested interest in.

Manifestation Exercise:

Take inventory of the things that you have. When you are grateful for the things you have, more things will show up to be grateful for.

Always be grateful for the thing you want to manifest from a place of already having it. Never come from a place of needing it. 

Manifestation Exercise:

Practice lucid dreaming.

Think of yourself as a magnet to your manifestation. See it here and now. Visualize what you want to do with your manifestation. Bring in the joy of it, it should make you smile at minimum and make you stand up and do the happy dance at most.

It should feel like you just received it. 

Manifestation Exercise:
Root Out Limiting Beliefs

What you believe becomes. You don’t have the capacity to imagine something nonexistent.

When you understand your mind creates your reality, then there is nothing that is not real.

Children are the ultimate manifestors because they don’t differentiate between fantasy and reality. 

Unfortunately, kids are inevitably taught to ignore their own reality and to buy in to the collective reality.

Recognize and change your collective social programming.

  • You can’t manifest something that you don’t feel good about i.e. money is the root of all evil.
  • You can’t manifest something you really really want but don’t think you can have i.e. nothing good in life comes easy.
  • You can’t manifest something you don’t think you deserve i.e. the more you do the more you’re worth.

There is an inherent ownership of everything you desire. Reframe your life from one of earning, to one of deserving. Match you inner speech with your desire.

You couldn't be more deserving of what you want. Carry on mental conversations from the standpoint of the wish fulfilled.

Manifestation Exercise:
Release Restistance

When you want something but it seems too far out of reach you are pulling yourself in the opposite direction of your desire, thus creating resistance. Desire is something within you trying to get out. Know that it is done, this releases resistance.

When you do not have peace of mind, there’s never enough time, money, or love to satisfy. But when you possess peace of mind, you experience wealth, love and freedom.

Manifestations don’t appear from struggle and strain. You don’t need to make anything happen, you have to make it welcome, you already have it inside.

Take inspired action (something that feels good to do). Drum up joy. Stay in your happy zone.

This closes the gap between your desire and its manifestation. Thinking about not having it or wondering when it’s going to get here creates more space.

Know that it is done.

The better you feel, the more you allow. The manifestation isn't the means to the happy life - the happy life is the means to the manifestation. If you can’t get there in your mind, you can’t get there in your life. - Abraham-Hicks

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