Manifestation Self-Help

Have you read every book, article, and blog on the Law of Attraction? Have you attended every workshop, lecture, and class on manifesting your desires and still need help? You're not alone.

The Law of Attraction is so painfully simple that we manage to self-sabotage every chance we get.

Manifestation Self-Help:

Belief is paramount. 

Everything you can imagine is real.

If you desire it, it was meant to be yours.

"Faith causes the unseen to become present." - Ernest Holmes

If it helps, try to think of your desires as a heads up to you as to what is coming and not something you need to conjure up.

If you imagined it, it is achievable. If you can feel it, it will emerge.

Make the shift from knowing it is coming, to knowing you already have it, that it is already done.

Let go of wanting, step into knowing. If we know it, it is so. If we believe it, we will receive it.

Decide on the "what" and the "how" will show up.

Do not linger on the not knowing how your desire could possibly manifest. Just focus on the thing itself. Pay no mind to the mode of delivery. 

If you think that what you want can only come to you in one certain way, you're never going to get it. If you think it can only come in a certain way, you're going to miss it when it flies right past you in a different form than you were expecting.

The "how" is not your job. The "how" is none of your business. You can guarantee the "how" will be worth not knowing. Let go of needing to know.

Your job is the easy part: imagining what it is that you desire and generate the feeling of having it now. Don't make it harder!

Manifestation Self-Help:


You don't need to work harder, loose 20 pounds, or finish that degree to earn your desires. Your desires don't have conditions. Your desires are your own and your birthright. You already have them.


No one is any more deserving of what you want than you! You're not taking from someone else. Someone else is not going without so you can have. Allow what you want to reach you, give yourself permission to have. Be the example.


People will start asking questions and want to to know how you got what you wanted. Tell them! It's not about luck. It's not about coincidence. It's not about being at the right place at the right time.

It's about creating your own reality and there are no prerequisites to do that. 

Manifestation Self-Help:

Fear is needless.

You can't desire something and then focus on nothing but the opposite of it occurring. If you worry that your desire is not going to manifest, then guess what - you get what you focus on.

(I need more money or I'm going lose my house. I don't want to lose my house. What's going to happen if I lose my house? Oh my god I don't want to lose my house!)

Focus on having. Do NOT fixate on why is it taking so long or what if it doesn't come. Remember, belief is paramount!

Don't give one thought to how disappointed you will be if it doesn't show up, this holds it at bay. Release resistance by knowing that it is done.

The secret to having it all is believing you already do.

Manifestation Self-Help:

You get what you think about. If you're always preoccupied with thoughts of not having enough money, then you will continue to manifest not having enough money.

Remember to be thankful for what you desire in advance. Come from a place energetically of already having. Semantics matter, you can tell the difference energetically how each of these statements make you feel by saying them out loud: 

  • I need more money!
  • I would like some more money!
  • Thank you that I have enough money!

Notice the difference?

Keep the energy of having alive. Relax into it. What does it feel like to have enough money? It feels like relief. It feels like joy. It feels exciting. It feels like bliss. It feels like freedom. 

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