Desire is an intuition of what is meant to be. If you can desire something then it is meant to be yours but you must release resistance.

If you are thinking thoughts like: I don’t know how I could possibly get this thing that I want so bad - then you are in resistance to your desire and holding it at bay. Fear of the unknown creates resistance.

When we want something and we don’t yet have it yet and don't think we ever will, doubt creates resistance. 

If we want something that society thinks is selfish or wrong, judgments cause resistance.

Resistance causes suffering. When you focus on what you don’t want instead of what you do want, that causes pain.   

If you are in a tough place, don’t focus on what was, or what is, because doing so restrains you from where you’re trying to go.

Imagine the way you want things to be so you can then touch your desire. 

Your Emotions Serve as Your Resistance Meter

Remember the Hot & Cold Game from childhood? (Your friends decide on an item for you to locate and when you begin looking for it, they tell you that you're either getting colder if you go in the wrong direction of the item or that you're getting hotter the closer you get to it.)

Your emotions are an indicator of how close you are to your desire.

If you are feeling bad then you're going in the wrong direction. The better you feel, the hotter you get. Make feeling good your priority every day. It's easy to get lost in the day. Make sure to take moments throughout the day to pause and check-in with yourself to see how you're feeling, then make adjustments as needed.

See yourself shopping for your desire.
Which aisle is it on? 

You really think you're going to find your desire in the misery aisle?

The misery aisle is always crowded. The items in the misery aisle weigh a ton and take up too much room. The misery aisle makes you forget what you came to the store for. Since you're already there, you just start grabbing more miserable things.

Start shopping down a different aisle! 

Turn down the happy aisle and start loading up your cart, you’ll find it’s lighter to push no matter how much you put in it. Get happy and see what you find, or better yet what finds you! 

There is no checking out in the happy aisle. Your cart will always have room for more. You will never reach the point of having enough desires.

If you find yourself in the misery aisle and the happy aisle just seems too far away (or maybe your store doesn't even have one), turn down the relief aisle.

Start loading your cart with things that make you feel a little bit better until your cart feels lighter. Relief releases resistance. The happy aisle will appear and you can then make your way in that direction. 

Joy is really where you're going. It is through your joy that good things come. Joy in your life is always the result of going in the direction of your desires.

Life is a shopping spree...enjoy it. 

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