Self-Help for Indigo Adults

Oh boy. Welcome to the light.

Are your eyes having trouble adjusting? Are you wondering what is happening to you?

You may have felt different all of your life or maybe an event has recently activated you and everything you thought you knew or cared about is starting to change. We get it. We've been there. We’re still there, it's an ongoing learning process.

It can be overwhelming, confusing, maddening, and lonely at times. Our friends, loved ones, and even doctors don’t know what’s going on with us, and neither do we. Self-Help for Indigo Adults is nearly non-existent.

There’s no manual for this, it’s not something others understand or take seriously. There are few examples or a role models to turn to. Know this - there's nothing wrong with you.

Self-Help for Indigo Adults: What is Going On?


We’re transitioning out of the old programming that has had such a strong hold until now. Our inner guidance system is broadcasting loud and clear. There’s a beckoning in us we quite literally and physically can no longer ignore. We're acting on our calling.

We’re dropping the act and are no longer able to go along with the things we used to for the sake of family obligation or societal expectations. No more pretending.

We have a new found courage to rock the boat, to speak our truths, and to act on them. What once was bearable is no longer tolerable. We’re ending seemingly perfectly acceptable jobs and relationships as they are no longer in alignment with who we are now.

We know there is another way of living. We have to act on it. We're entering the unknown.

Self-Help for Indigo Adults: Am I Going Crazy? 


To the outside, and maybe even to you, it may look as if we are losing our minds. In a way that’s exactly what is going on. We no longer operate on our default socially programmed settings. The mind is taking a back seat to our inner knowing/gut/intuition/higher-self /true-self which is a force that cannot be denied. We’re abandoning safety and security for the infinite abyss that is the unknown. 

We can perceive there’s no limit to the end of this rabbit hole and we’re ready to dive in. We know we didn't come all this way to struggle, suffer, and live limiting traditional lives. We're not here to be a carbon copy of everyone else. We didn't come here to do things the way they've always been done. We know there’s another way and we’re here to implement it. We’re running on a whole new operating system of exponential potential.

Self-Help for Indigo Adults: What is Happening to Me?


Along with this great adventure of breaking free from the systems comes some uncomfortable and unfamiliar physical symptoms including, but not limited to: extreme unexplainable fatigue, body discomfort, new medical maladies, fevers, dizziness, spaciness, ringing in the ears, insatiable hunger, irritability, depression, sleep disturbances, vivid dreams, anxiety, panic attacks, new sensitivities, aching for Home, discovering new abilities, or strengthening existing abilities. 

These symptoms can be unnerving at times but you can relax, our body is going through a transition. Our software is being updated. Our innate abilities are coming to life and our bodies are working to integrate them.

Panicking about what is happening only exasperates things. We're not sick. There isn't a pill that can ease the process. It requires total allowance, getting comfortable with being uncomfortable, being easy on ourselves, and probably a lot more sleep. It will pass…but it will return. Just think how often you have to upgrade your phone or computer.

These upgrades to our systems seems to be an ongoing process that comes in waves. Just allow time for the updates and the restart. It’s like initiation into the higher consciousness club.

Self-Help for Indigo Adults: What are we Supposed to Do?


That angst you feel is never going to dissipate. You are an important contributing factor for change. It's your mission. It's your calling card. We were asked to be here at this time to be the ones that went first. We’re leading the way into the unknown.

We don’t know where we’re going but we know there’s no turning back. It’s kind of thrilling and exhilarating unlocking these truths we kind of always knew but couldn't quite articulate. We always knew there was something more, that there was a different way of doing things. 

We’re no longer taking the traditional route of having to do A, B, & C in order to get to D. We’re on the fast track to D our destiny. We’re going direct. We are the ultimate entrepreneurs and we must be willing to lead the way. The new system needs what we have inside to be created in order to operate.

Self-Help for Indigo Adults on Accepting our Mission:


You might not have ever thought of yourself as a leader or even want to be, but you are and it’s time to own it. No more second guessing yourself, no more doubt. No more waiting around for someone else to step out first and be the change. That's old programming. If you’re a part of the old system and crashing - get out. 

Change starts with you. Answer that calling within you. If you don’t do what your heart wants you to do you will get sick and you will die. Don’t die. We don’t need to cope and adjust to fit the norms anymore. We don’t need to suppress who we really are. We are free. That idea or desire you have burning inside you needs to be born. Be willing to put yourself out there and be seen. How else is anything going to change?

Self-Help for Indigo Adults on Helping Others:


The old system required us to fall in line, play our role, stay in our little box and be who they want us to be. This is death row for an IndigoIn the new system, our only duty is to fully be our true-selves. 

If you don't know who you really are then you need to step down from all the roles you are playing and figure it out. Make it a priority. Get quiet. Disconnect from the outside world and connect within. Who are you really away from other people? Who are you really without other people's expectations and judgments? 

That vision and sense of knowing we have is real and must be unleashed. We are responsible for change. No more waiting around for one day. It's time. Where are you being drawn? What's calling you? What idea wants to take form?

Infiltrate the systems. Bust them from the inside out. We need Indigos in our government, financial institutions, education administrations, medical fields, corporate offices, law enforcement, legal systems, prison systems, military, media, entertainment industry, religious establishments, etc.

The old program is not sustainable. Many of these institutions are going to experience profound change as more of humanity activates. We're the ones that are lighting the way. Light them up.

SELF-HELP for Indigo Adults on Tips for Dealing with the "Others":


As we become more and more activated, integrated, and accepting of our mission our need for approval from others dissipates. Our ability to transform into the roles that makes others more comfortable evaporates. Our tolerance for appeasing our dormant friends, brothers, and sisters obliterates.

So what are we to do? Lock ourselves inside with our phones off and are shades drawn? Sure. When you have to. Just remember there would be no us if it weren't for them. For every little condescending remark made about our visions, for every time we've been treated like we are "special," or told to join the real world - it has propelled us into the Change Agents we are today.

If we can take a step up, way up, and observe where people are on their operating systems from a place of neutrality (without judging them), dealing with them becomes less irritating. Understand they don't get as outraged as us about how things are because they aren't the ones meant to change it. It's on us.

It is frustrating when people won't just install their updates, but have compassion. They're not there yet. You may be the one that activates them, eventually. Adopt an attitude of neutrality in regard to your emotional responses towards them. This offers a greater degree of personal freedom for yourself.

Being the impatient freedom seekers that we are, we want to liberate others like right now. Speak up when the situation calls for it, but don't beat a dead horse. Don't dwell on everything that is wrong. The best thing to do is lead by example. Do your part to be the change you wish to see.

Self-Help for Indigo Adults on Tips for Being on the Leading Edge:


Though we may be spread out, we are not alone. We need each other to do our parts and have to be willing to do it on our own. Sometimes taking that first step is all others need to follow suit. 

We will face resistance. We will lack support. People will look at us crazy. People will want to keep us pinned down into the delusion of the “real world." Families don’t activate together. We will lose some people along the way.

The only way to help them and ourselves is to be our true-selves. We are the normal ones now. Those still operating on old programming WILL crash. Let them! This may be the event that activates them. 

It takes gusto and it takes courage, but we were built for this. We are the lighthouses. Keep shining.

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