The Law of Attraction states that you get what you think about. What you focus on magnifies. Thoughts create frequency. Frequency translates into the body as feelings. Happy thoughts increase your frequency vibration. Joy is the highest frequency and you should treat it as your North Star. Fear, worry, and doubt decrease your vibration. You have to be a vibrational match to the thing that you want.

Focus on how you want to feel. Feeling is the key to manifestation. 

Books like The Secret and Ask and it is Given teach us that we have to feel as if we already have what we want in our imagination for it to show up. So you're skipping the middle part where you are waiting for X to show up to be happy. You have to skip to being happy now. Embody the end result. How would it feel to have X? Don't focus on getting the money to get X. Money is the middle man. Focus on the thing itself not the means to getting it. 

1) Think of what you want - X;

2) Imagine what it's like to have X as if you just got it, and;

3) Be grateful for having it as if you actually do. Gratitude is one of the highest frequency vibrations. 

4) Allow it to take form. When you allow it to unfold on it's own without knowing how it will happen then X can come to you in ways you can't begin to imagine.

But if you try to control it's path to getting to you then it won't show up any time soon. It's beyond your capacity to know HOW it will happen. Focus on the having the thing and not the means. Know that it's on it's way.

"When you KNOW, you have instant manifestation. If you could train yourself into knowing that what you are wanting is already done, it would be done right now. When you want it, and know it, it is. When you want it, and believe it, it comes right before your eyes." Abraham-Hicks

Everything that is created first happens at the energetic level. Thoughts create form. Emotional states vibrate the form into being. The higher your emotional state the quicker your manifestation comes into form. 

Your emotional states are so important. Your emotions are your guidance system. If you are aware of how you are feeling at any given moment you can always stop and adjust to reach for a better state of feeling by starting to think better feeling thoughts.

If you find yourself in a low feeling place and can't reach for any better feeling thoughts - turn to gratitude for the smallest things you can think of. Be grateful for the cool breeze, the soft chair, or your computer that is working. Find as many things as you can and your mood will start to shift.

Abraham Emotional Guidance Scale

Everything you're vibrating out right now is happening at the subconscious level. Your current reality is a manifestation of previous beliefs. To change your reality you must change your beliefs. A belief is just a thought you keep thinking. It can change!

Belief is the difference between people who manifest things in 10 minutes from those who manifest things in 10 years. You have to keep your beliefs in check. Are you feeling doubtful or discouraged? Quickly substitute those negative thoughts for positive ones.

You can have a positive thought but what you feel about that thought is actually what you're creating. If you don't think something is possible then it has no possibility of being. You can't worry about money and then get it. You can't feel bad about it and have it. Your feelings and beliefs are the only thing keeping you from what you want. Make sure they aren't cancelling out what you want.

There are so many books and YouTube videos about manifesting. Everyone offers different tricks for closing the gap between the feeling of wanting something and the feeling of having something.

For example, what would it feel like if you remembered that you got what you wanted yesterday. As in it's already in your possession.

Start acting as if you already have it.

I love all the stories from Neville Goddard who is best known for teaching, "Assume the feeling of the wish fulfilled." A wide collection of his work is available online. He's my favorite teacher on the subject.

The latest video I watched stated that your desire alone is a force of attraction. Every desire is an intuition of what is already meant to be. Trust that your desire is enough to bring you what you want. Desire is the creative energy of everything in existence. Think of your desire as something that has actual form. 

Desire is simply a force of creation and anybody can learn to direct it. It is as simple as honoring what you desire and then stepping out of your own way trusting that that pull of attraction and strength of desire is going to bring you what you want.

Trust that your power of attraction will bring you exactly what you want and it will bring it to you at the perfect time in the perfect way. Don't make it harder! Don't try to control it. Just allow it to unfold.

Keep alert for fear. Fear pinches off the energetic flow. Fear is the biggest block to getting what you want. Needing certainty is fear. Wanting to know how is fear. Worry and anxiety is fear. Doubt is fear. 

Any limiting belief is a cage for your desire.

You're never going to know how your desire is going to be accomplished. Don't twist your mind into pretzels trying to figure it out. Know that all things are possible.

Trust the power of desire. If you have the ability to desire something you also have the ability to achieve it. Trust that your desire is meant to be yours. 

Think of your desire as a "heads up" letting you know something new is coming. Know that it has already happened in energetic form and it's preparing to become physical. How does it feel to know that what you desire is already yours?


Synchronicity is defined as a meaningful coincidence. But I think of it as the delightful and often hilarious delivery system of your desire. Your desire is not going to fall in your lap. You must take action but it doesn't have to be hard.

It's as if you're on a scavenger hunt but instead of a physical map with clues and directions your only tool is the guidance system inside you. You must tune in and get to know how it works.

Pay attention to little random nudges or passing thoughts that seemingly come out of nowhere. Treat these fleeting urges as the Universe's navigation system. Instead of hearing "turn right at the next light," you're not necessarily going to hear the directions audibly. Most likely you're going to think a random thought like - I wonder how so and so is doing - this is your cue to reach out to them. Or you might feel the directions in your gut. For example, if you get a craving for something from a certain restaurant it means you need to go to that restaurant!

One time I was at the southern most part of the island when I got a sudden craving for a sandwich from a restaurant located all the way on the north side. I immediately dismissed the idea and told myself that I'm not going all the way to the other side just for a sandwich when there are countless other closer places I could go. While I was thinking of all the reasons why it was too inconvenient to go there, a guy walked by wearing a t-shirt with the name of the town the restaurant was in. OK, I get it. Message received. I'm going! 

Siting in the restaurant was a teacher and author that I had been following for years. I knew that she was on island hosting a retreat. I had really wanted to attend but didn't have the money. It was thousands of dollars. My desire had been to attend the workshop. The Universe found a better faster way for me to get what I wanted for the price of a sandwich! 

And that's not the only time this has happened! Be open to the possibilities. 

Pay attention. These little nudges lead to big things happening. It's up to you to act on them. Don't miss your turn.

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