About Sarah Biggs

I was born in ’81, during the so called second Indigo wave or the first wave of ascension. I grew up a painfully quiet child, almost mute, by teacher and classmate standards. I was a very keen observer. My senses were overly sensitive. I knew I wasn’t quite like other kids. I was cautious. I was in a protective mode. I didn’t make friends unless people took the step to get to know me.

As I got older, my inner circle started to grow. I never fit into a clique. I’d have one friend from one group and one from another. I now realize I could read people and would gravitate towards the safe ones. I would rather hang out one-on-one with someone than in a group. Although from the outside I still seemed like a mute, no one who knew me would ever say I was quiet or even shy.

I was not disruptive or rebellious. I was a good little robot and never got in trouble. Luckily I grew up in a hands-off household. I can’t recall having a single rule not even a curfew. I made my own boundaries. It was never a problem. I was a good kid, honest, and trustworthy.  It was difficult and pretty infuriating to see my friends on their leashes constantly getting yanked.

High school was a nightmare. My school was so broken. Cruelty was rampant. You couldn’t go to the bathroom without having to step over people who were banging each other’s heads into the ground. Race was divisive. Teachers always seemed to look the other way when people were literally being kicked and bullied, walking out of class, or even smoking weed in the classroom. The administration was just as apathetic. Their usual solution to any problem was “why don’t you just drop out.” Nice.  

I still consider getting through high school my greatest achievement (and I am now a law school graduate.) After graduation my family took a trip to Maui, a trip that would change the projection of my life, the ultimate activation, more on that later.

It’s funny that I didn’t discover my absolute resistance to authority until I was an adult.  This was really the first time I was told I was going to do something. I’m going to college? Really? I had no business going there. I never knew what I wanted to do and nothing really fit. I only enjoyed my electives and there wasn’t a degree for floral design or volleyball. I spent many sleepless nights worrying about what I was going to do and hating my life.

I was still a good little robot and made it through school while internally kicking and screaming. After graduating college, I got a job at a law office which surprisingly allowed me quite a bit of freedom. I could wear what I wanted, made my own schedule, and could take as many vacations as my heart desired (Maui was a frequent destination).  However, when I figured out the system and couldn’t make it better from the position I was in, it was time to get out and try to do it for myself.

I ended up in law school and had a hell of a time in the worst way. I knew it was a mistake very early on and my body confirmed that as I started coming down with ailments I’d never had before.

I had already invested so much money I thought jumping ship wasn’t an option. It seems so ridiculous now, I would have only been out 20 grand after that first semester I wanted to quit rather than the 200 grand I owe now for finishing. Hindsight...

I felt different after I made it out. No doubt PTSD was a factor. I started becoming keenly aware of my emotional guidance system, though at this point I still didn’t know how it served me, or how to serve it.

I continued on the path that was required of me a little bit longer. After suffering through the bar exam twice, a couple of horrendously unpleasant stints at some law offices, and even more new body ailments, I didn’t need any more evidence that this legal career was not the path for me - regardless of my student loan statements. I finally cut and run and fled to Maui.

Maui has been calling me since my first visit in 1999. For 13 years I had this ache for Maui, I always knew I had to live here one day. I had no idea how I was going to get here, I figured I would have to be a lawyer for 50 years and then hope I made it to retirement before I got here the way most people do. However, I found a shortcut and I ran and haven't looked back since.

Maui has always been my place of refuge. I was able to restart my fried out nervous system. Having never found a category or box that I fit into and never having known what I wanted to do, I started exploring and found myself fully immersed in a quest for self-discovery.

The old saying “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear” couldn’t ring more true. I came across a plethora of information confirming these truths about myself and the ways of the universe that I always knew.

I found people who had the courage to live the life that I knew was possible and wanted to be living too. When I learned about Indigos, I finally understood why I have always felt like a square peg in a round hole. It was such a relief to know that I wasn’t the only one operating on this new software paving the way for a new paradigm. However, there's not much information or support on how to do that which is what led to the creation of this website.

Given my legal background, I have been trained to think logically and know the rules of evidence. I’m fully aware that much of the information provided here in these pages does not pass the laugh test and would get thrown out of a court of law.

I have had to reconcile the mind’s need to know facts and evidence with my body’s ability to recognize truth. When you hear something that makes you weep or when every cell in your body screams “YES!” that’s you remembering who you are and/or recognizing a universal truth. I live for those moments.

I am very much still a student and merely sharing my notes with the class here in the most practical and grounded way I can muster. I’m not serving kool-aid. There’s nothing to convert to. It wouldn’t be very Indigo like to just believe everything you read. Don’t. Question everything. Trust your inner knowing. March to your own beat. Follow your bliss.

Currently my bliss consists of reading, writing, and taking pictures of honu (sea turtles). 


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Some of my influences include: Abraham-Hicks, Alan Watts, Alicia Power, Anita Moorjani, Barbara Marciniak, Bashar, Bentinho Massaro, Bob Proctor, Byron Katie, Dan Millman, Debbie Ford, Derek Rydall, Dolores Cannon, Dr. Brian Weiss, Dr. Dain Heer, Edgar Cayce, Eckhart Tolle, Ernest Holmes, Jeneth Blackhert, Jennifer Hough, John Edward, Kenji Kumara, Kryon, Lee Harris, Lori Spagna, Matt Kahn, Mira Kelly, Neal Donald Walsh, Neville Goddard, Panache Desai, Paul Selig, Ram Dass, Rhonda Byrne, Rikka Zimmerman, Russell Brand, Seth, Stuart Wilde, Susan Shumsky, Sylvia Browne, Tama Kieves, Teal Swan, THEO, Wayne Dyer, Wendy Kennedy, William Linvelle