Why Indigos Hate Working

The workplace is a horror show for many people.

However, many "normal" people have accepted the paradigm that most people hate their job and there's a reason why it's called work.

Most people learn to get used to it - mostly by numbing out.

Indigos refuse to get used to anything. It goes against our very nature.  

We are the system busters that came here to change these old paradigms.

The Inability to be Authentic

Probably the biggest reason why Indigos hate working is because the workplace often requires you to suppress your identity in a number of ways. 

You can't express yourself through your appearance. Your appearance must meet someone else's approval.

You can't wear what you would wear in your everyday life. You can't wear your hair the length or color you prefer. You can't wear jewelry. You can't show your tattoos. Etc., etc., etc.

Some industries don't even allow you to express yourself verbally. You can't deviate from your preapproved script.

You can't stick up or defend yourself when a client or customer is on a rampage. You have to keep a smile on your face and kiss their ass. 

You can't confront your inept coworkers and superiors without consequences, like getting fired. 

Your opinions don't matter. You can't show or express how you really feel. And even if you do, nobody cares just get back to work.

In some places you can't express yourself at all! You're not meant to be seen OR heard! Just show up, shut up, and do your work!

You have to actively suppress yourself and adopt some foreign identity.

When an Indigo has to pretend to be someone they're not, it destroys their spirit. We can't conform.

Loss of Freedom

Freedom is our battle cry.

We have big ideas and want to make big changes in the world.

There isn't enough money in the world to compensate us for our time away from our missions.

We hate control. We don't take orders. It is innate in every Indigo to resist authority.

We can't deal with being on someone else's schedule and adhering to someone else's rules.

We hate feeling like we HAVE to do something we don't want to do.

We see a stable job with benefits as a ball and chain and the death of our dreams.

Hell has no fury like an Indigo imprisoned. Indigos can't work for other people.

Some jobs are seemingly just pointless!

Most jobs are just shit other people don't want to do. 

Somebody wants to write a book but they don't want to type it. Boom there's a job.

Somebody wants their grass cut but they don't want to mow it. Boom there's a job.

Somebody wants to own property but they don't want to manage it. Boom there's a job.

Indigos didn't come here to do other people's chores. We have little interest in doing anything other than working on our missions and changing the world.

We don't want to succeed at things that don't matter!

So many jobs push you to go the extra mile. They want you to sell the most products. Sign up the most clients. Provide the best service.

But what's in it for you?

Even if you work your way up the ladder, get a bonus, or get that corner office, you're still a rat.

I had a classmate that worked for a well known electronics store (it rhymes with Chest Tie) and every week there would be a company meeting where the employees were pressured to sell the company's extended warranties. 

The employees were given no incentive, except that maybe if they sold more warranties the waste of time meetings would stop, but probably not.

When it comes to making corporations money, can you ever sell enough? Why help some fat cat get fatter?

Some Indigos missions are to take down the fat cats, not work for them.

We came here to destroy the rat race. We're not going to give up or postpone our dream to help someone else get rich.

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