What is an Indigo?

Indigo is a term that has evolved over time to describe people that have an intense yearning for change. We feel like we're here to do something big to make a difference. We might spend our whole lives trying to figure out what that is!

There's something inherently different about us that no one can quite put their finger on. That thing is our natural ability to see and feel incongruencies that seem invisible to everyone else, but are glaringly obvious to us. We wonder why isn't anyone doing anything about this?

We are simply unable to operate in a way that ignores injustices, is not fair, is corrupt, abuses power, wastes time or resources, or any situation where people are not doing the right thing. 

The term Indigo was first coined by Nancy Ann Tappe to describe a person's life color.  

Since this is not an easy way to identify an Indigo, a list of character traits were soon developed.

There was still some confusion as often times people could identify with some of the traits but not all.

Then we started hearing about this first wave of Indigo Children, so the term started referring to those that possessed a certain number of the listed characteristics and were born after 1980.

However, Indigos have certainly been around looong before 1980, some pretty notable entrepreneurs and thought leaders as a matter of fact.

Remember, Indigo is just a term that has evolved over time. From here the term has splintered into subsets of Crystals, Starseeds, Rainbows, etc. which tend to be a bit softer versions of Indigos, who tend to be a little more rough around the edges. 

Currently, the most widely common use of the term Indigo is to refer to those individuals that can be described as "system busters," those that came here to disrupt the status quo and create a new one.

Yes, we came here to tear down the current social and political systems but not in a savage way. Indigos are peace loving and above all harmony seeking. We want to make things more congruent. We're more like system upgraders.

We see how things are currently being run, which more often than not is inefficiently, and every cell of our being screams for change and congruency.

We are quite adept at breaking down problems and having solutions. It's not rocket science. It's not that others don't have the same abilities, it's that they are waiting for someone else to fix it. We are the someone else.

What Does Being Indigo Even Mean?

Being Indigo means we came here with different software. We're running on the new program and we brought the key codes to upgrade the others.

We're different.

Our struggles stem from trying to operate on the old program (the status quo). We try to adjust our settings so we can run smoothly like the others but our software just wasn't built for that, so we get viruses and experience complete system failure.

We get frustrated because the others have the option to upgrade but they're so used to the program they have always used why go through the hassle of learning something new? These are the hold-outs. Their program is outdated and becoming obsolete but they are going to hold on to it until there's no other choice. That's where we come in. 

It has been said that we are here to bridge the old program with the new. It's sort of like we're here to train the newbies.

Unfortunately, many of them don't see the need or want for change. They tend to have the "this is the way it's always been done mentality." An endlessly challenging and tiring task but we've come to a point where there's no backing down.

Believe it or not help is here. Our numbers are exploding in this time of great change. (Hellooo Millennials!)

We're facilitating this rapid awakening and expansion of consciousness taking place now - The Indigo Age or The Indigo Revolution if you will.

It’s about rediscovering who we really are and what is possible. We came here to bring Home here. Indigos that are self-aware are here to help the others to remember. 

They also call us the light bearers. We’re here to light the flames of others to assist in their expansion, eliminate limitations, and destroy old paradigms and ways of thinking.

Darkness is drawn to light which is why we always find ourselves surrounded by those with unlit torches who don't get us. By shining our light, others will give themselves permission to shine theirs. Someone had to go first, we are that someone.   

It is tempting to want to dim our light or even snuff them out so people can’t see us and won’t know we’re different, but doing this only increases our suffering.

Playing small won't serve, we have work to do. We signed up for this and the others didn't, so what does that say?

We came here knowing it was going to be hard, that we were going to get our asses kicked, that we were going to be feared, censored, and resisted but we came anyway.

We’re badasses. Keep shining your light. Light them up.

Light shines brightest in the dark.