What is an Indigo?

An Indigo is someone that charts their own path. Indigos are the first to break free from society's norms and expectations. We can't conform or be manufactured into a prefabricated human. We're looking to create something new. We didn't come here to live someone else's idea of what our life should be. 

From birth humans are molded and formed by their family, society, culture, and religion to fit into certain boxes. These boxes are approved of by society. Most of our family members were molded into these boxes and they in turn try to do the same thing to us. We're expected to take certain paths going from one box to the next before ending up as the final product: a normal human being.

That's never going to be our life. Indigos are here to break that cycle of conformity, monotony, and of things never changing. We're here to show everyone that there is another way. That one way of life does not fit all.

"I want to live in a world where the word 'normal' is considered an insult."
- Misha Collins

What is a normal human being anyway? How can we know if everyone is trying to be like every one else? If everyone is conforming then no one knows who they are. We're conditioned to be what other people want us to be. 

Conforming confines you to your box. It sets up the limitations for your life. Conforming robs you of your originality and all of the things that make you - you. The gift you give the world is the truth of who you are - not who you think others want you to be.

Indigos are box busters. We question everything. We couldn't do what we're told if we tried. Our natural instinct is to resist authority. We jump off life's assembly line once we realize that we're on it. We don't want to end up in box that we didn't choose.

It's easy to get sucked into people pleasing and sacrificing your own happiness for others. We're conditioned to do this. These actions are expected and even considered virtuous. Humans are encouraged to do this. Suppressing who you came here to be.

Awareness is key. It's the key to change. One you're aware of these default settings we've been programmed with, we can delete them. We can rewrite our codes. Instead of living a life of obligation we can start doing what inspires us.

You have to continuously check in with yourself. Ask yourself: OK, why am I doing this thing? Do I want to or do I feel like I have to? Does this make me happy or someone else happy? Am I enjoying my life or am I enduring it?

Once you become conscious of your choices - you can change them. Choose something different. Someone is always going to be disappointed or upset with your choices. Just make sure that person isn't you!

"If you always do what interests you, at least one person is pleased."
- Katharine Hepburn

Many humans are totally unaware that these boxes that run our lives even exist. Indigos can see the boxes. Some of us are born seeing them. Some of us become aware of the boxes later in life when some event brings it to our attention. For example, Prince Harry revealed that he was trapped in the Royal Family but he didn't know that he was trapped until he met Meghan. 

Many people are in this situation and all it takes is a chance encounter, like clicking on this website, for the box to come into view. Once you know it's there then you can break out of the box that you were born into. Once Harry was aware of his confinement, he let himself out. Now he's charting his own path. He's doing what is right for him and not for them. I mean just think of the power of the system that controlled every aspect of his life. If he can break free from a destiny he didn't choose, then so can you!

Once you've seen the box then you want to help others break out of theirs! Hi there, I'm Sarah, can I tell you about the box you didn't choose that you're living in? Did you know that there's another way? 

Indigos share a variety of common traits:

Firstly, an Indigo would roll their eyes about being labeled Indigo because it's just another box. We want to be boxless. We are freedom seekers. Free from labels. Free from other's expectations. Free from limiting ideas. Free from any structure. Free from all the various systems that run the world.

Our resistance to conformity makes us "difficult" in the eyes of others. We can't just do what we are told. We instantly rebel any time someone tries to exert control over us.

We are the ones always asking - why? Why do we judge students on their ability to memorize information and regurgitate it? Why can't we learn about what interests us? Why do adults have to earn a living? Why can't we just live the life of our choosing? Why can't my job be just to be myself?

A normal job seems pointless to an Indigo. Society calls what we do for work "a living" but to us it's more like a death sentence. We need purpose. We need to do what feels right to us. We'd love to make some kind of meaningful difference. Indigos feel like we're here to do something big. To make life better for everyone. We might spend our whole lives trying to figure out what that is! 

We have a persistent feeling of homesickness even though we may be sitting in our own homes!

Indigos are known as system busters. Those that came here to disrupt the status quo. We came here to tear down the current social, political, religious, governmental systems, and more. While we may have a warrior's spirit, Indigos long for peace and harmony like we find out in nature.

We see how things are currently being run, which is usually inefficiently and unfairly, and every cell of our being screams for change and common sense. We wonder why nobody seems to be doing anything about this? If something's not working, then quit doing it that way! Don't just be another cog running a useless or even harmful machine.  

Which leads me to our bluntness. Indigos tell it like it is. This can be off-putting. People aren't used to being told the truth. This can cause strong reactions in others. People either love us or hate us.

We have a natural ability to see and feel the truth about things that seem invisible to everyone else. We are good at breaking down problems. It's not rocket science. It's not that others don't have the same capability, it's that they have a "this is the way things have always been done" mentality, or they are waiting for someone else to fix it.

We are the someone else. We're here to upgrade the systems. Change the systems. Change the world.

What Does Being Indigo Mean?

Being Indigo means we came with different software. We're running on the new program and we're here to upgrade the others.

Because we're running on different software we struggle with even the most simple things in the old version of the world. Our struggles stem from trying to operate on the old program (the status quo). We just weren't built for it and so we experience complete social system failure.

We get frustrated because the others have the option to upgrade but they're so used to the program they have always used why go through the hassle of learning something new? These are the hold-outs. Their program is outdated and becoming obsolete but they are going to hold on to it until there's no other choice. That's where we come in. 

We are here to bridge the old program with the new. We're here to train the newbies.

Unfortunately, many of them using the old system don't see the need or want for change. They don't have time! They're trapped in the cycle of the old ways. There's no space for change they're too busy just trying to survive. They're a little like zombies just going through the routine of life that is not serving their best interests.

A small few have managed to find comfort in the old routine and maybe even achieved success in their eyes. Upgrading and changing would be a threat to everything they've spent their lives working towards. They aren't too concerned about other's well-being as long as they themselves are ok.

We're just not going to take it anymore. Believe it or not help is here. The Indigo population is exploding in this time The Indigo Age or The Indigo Revolution if you will. Awareness is spreading. It's time for change at all levels. For those few people benefiting from the way things are - change is their worst nightmare. The time has come. There are more of us then there are of them.

Indigos that are activated or self-aware are here to help the others to remember who we really are and what is possible. As Glenda the Good Witch tells Dorothy - "You had the power all along, my dear." All you have to do is step into it. You are the power.

Indigos are also called light bearers, light workers, or light warriors. We’re here to reignite the flames in others. To assist in their expansion, eliminate limitations, and destroy old paradigms and ways of thinking.

Darkness is drawn to light which is why we always find ourselves surrounded by those with unlit torches who don't get us. By shining our light, others will give themselves permission to shine theirs. Someone had to go first, we are that someone.   

It is tempting to want to dim our light or even snuff them out so people can’t see us and won’t know that we’re different. Don't. You're too important. Playing small won't serve, we have work to do. We signed up for this and the others didn't, so what does that say?

We came here knowing it was going to be hard, that we were going to be dismissed, censored, and resisted but we came anyway.

We’re badasses. Keep shining your light. Light them up.

Light shines brightest in the dark.

Indigo Revolution is out now.  

Listen to an excerpt from my book:

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