Lonely Are The Indigos

Indigos often feel lonely because we don't feel like we belong here or that we're even from here (Earth).

We often struggle to find our place in the world in a place that doesn't get us.

We often question why we would come here and assume we must have made a wrong turn somewhere.

We're waiting for our soul family to come and find us.

Indigos have one foot in the spiritual realm and the other in the physical realm.

We are straddling dimensions and trying to connect them. It's hard for Indigos to stay grounded.

Being out in nature is our refuge. You'll often find us out in the woods, climbing mountains, or near the water.

We tend to spend more time with nature and animals than with people.

Indigos are truth seekers.

We're often immersed in trying to understand our existence through personal growth and spirituality.

This makes conversations with those stuck in deep rooted socialized perspectives quite frustrating.

Indigos often think much differently than most which just adds to our feelings of being alone in this world.

Indigos despise small talk and surface conversations.

Indigos are very contemplative and introspective. 

We think about the puppet masters and ways to take them down and wake people up. 

We'd rather talk about who you are as a person and why. What are your core beliefs and where did they come from?

We want to know your suggestions for solving the world's problems and how we should implement them. 

Indigos can feel quite lonely being in a room full of people talking about pointless shit. 

Oftentimes Indigos experience life as the observer rather than the participant. 

Indigos are both appalled and fascinated by social norms.

We don't partake in a lot of "normal" activities. Extreme socializing often leads us drained and depressed.

Indigos are often withdrawn and out doing things our own ways. Just because we don't have someone to do something with, doesn't mean we're not going to do them.

We want to be around people, but prefer the company of those that can identify with us.

We'd rather be alone then with a bunch of fake people doing stupid things that don't matter.

Indigos want to be with their tribe.

Indigos yearn for a conscious community. 

We are sensitive and it hurts to be around people that don't care about the things that we do.

Indigos suffer from loneliness and depression because we often feel so strange and misunderstood. 

We feel the weight of the world on our shoulders, we have big jobs to do. We get overwhelmed with our duty to change the world. We suffer from anxiety.

Our bodies are continuously undergoing often painful and tiring cellular upgrades. No one seems to understand what we are going through.

Indigos often live lives that are rather unconventional, which breeds resentment and sometimes hostility from those people who gave up their dreams to live a life of security.

We rarely experience approval from others. We are frequently the "black sheep."

Indigos feel so alone. We just want to be around our people, have deep connections, and make a difference.

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