What is a Starseed?

Starseeds are humans that have a deep longing for home, a home we can't even remember but mourn and yearn for near daily.

We often feel alone, especially in the presence of other humans, and misunderstood. 

We find the status quo, customs, and traditions that so many others adhere to utterly bazaar. 

We feel so much like a fish out of water that we're certain that we are not from here - here being Earth.

Given that the Universe is infinite and ever expanding, in all likelihood we have all spent some time in other galaxies, star systems, and planets.

Starseeds are those that still feel that connection to somewhere else. In the same way an average person might be interested in their genealogy, a Starseed feels drawn to discover their galactic ancestry. 

When you see the names Pleiadians, Lyrans, Arcturians, Sirians, Andromedans, Orions, Anunnakis, Greys, or Reptilians something may get triggered inside you - a memory, a recognition, a resonance, a sense of relief, a knowing that that's the one (or two, or three).

You may already feel drawn to one or a number of these names.

As you begin to look into these different star civilizations, you might be brought to tears as you read about them.  

This is just an awareness. You're not from there, you're from Earth.

Bashar on Starseeds:

Every single one of you have connections to other realities, other dimensions, that you are downloading information and energy from.

The idea of the Starseed is the degree of awareness you have of those connections as they exist. 

This question “where do I come from” or "where do they come from” is really an old-fashion, outdated, outmoded understanding in metaphysical knowledge.

You come from Spirit.

If you want to have the idea of a specific origin, well you come from the Source of All-That-Is.

But when you asked “where do I come from” implying another reality, other dimension, another planet, another civilization - you come from Earth because that’s where you’re physically born.  

When you understand that everything exists all at once, that question will be nonsensical.

You will understand that you come from here and now. And, you’ll understand that any other place you sense, you’re becoming more aware of.

When you say, “where do I come from” it’s just the process of the fact that your consciousness is expanding to the point where you’re becoming aware of more of the other places you’re also connected to.

It’s just that many of you assumed when you make that connection, when you make that realization, that somehow that means that you come from there.

All it means is you’re becoming more aware of the connection you have to there.

But since you have chosen in this life to come from Earth, the point of making those other connections is to allow yourself to become more aware, more conscious, about all the information you are extracting from those other simultaneously existing parallel lives that is relevant for you and applying that information, applying that energy, bringing it down to Earth.

That’s the whole point of how you aid and assist in the Transformational Age because when you talk about the idea of “where do I come from” it can cause confusion in many of you that make you feel like you need to disconnect from the Earth to get back home.

Home is everywhere.

You are eternal you are infinite you are everywhere as All-That-Is.

Home is where you are.

So the idea is that if you will streamline and modernize your definitions, it won’t be about disconnecting from the Earth in order to attempt to go to someplace or reconnect to someplace you think you come from that you judge to be better than where you are, which it isn't, it’s just different. 

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