What is the Purpose of Life?

Since the dawn of man, man has wanted to know what it is she is doing here and why.

Q: What is the purpose of life?

A: To expand the Universe. 

"In the beginning was the ONE and the ONE was all and all was balance and harmony. Then, from within the great stillness, the perfect peace of the ONE arose awareness of Self. "Here I am," said the ONE. And with that awareness, arose curiosity: "Here I am...but what am I?" 

- The Ascension Papers by Zingdad

Q: What was the purpose of my entering Earth's plan at this time?
A: To complete Self's finding Self. - Edgar Cayce

Physical beings (us humans) are the vehicle in which the Universe gets to know itself.

The Universe expands through us by means of our desires.

The Universe wants to know what it is. Desire provides it with that knowledge. When we have a desire, the Universe says, "Ah, that's what I am." 

Through our eyes, the Universe is perceiving itself. 
Through our ears, the Universe is listening to its harmonies.
We are witnesses through
which the universe becomes conscious of its glory,
of its magnificence.
- Alan Watts

You were designed to desire. Being alive requires new desires. Universal expansion and human growth require desire.

Desire summons life force. Having no desires would put an end to the Universe.

Having desires is the purpose of life. 

In Buddhism, desire is considered the root of all suffering. This is because all of your wants will never be satisfied.

It's not the desire itself that causes suffering. You suffer when:

  • You don't believe that you can obtain your desire
  • You don't think you deserve what you desire 
  • You don't realize that having desires will never end

Once you get something you really desired your life doesn't suddenly become complete. Nope, now you will desire something else. The finish line always moves. That's growth/expansion.

So, for example, if you have a belief that "once I get this thing that I want then I will finally be happy" - then yes you're going to be disappointed. That's not how it works. 

The Universe is infinite. The question, "What am I?" will never be completely answered. The answering process (desire) will continue for all of eternity. 

Every desire is an intuition of what is already meant to be.

It is in the Universe's best interest for you to get everything you want. The Universe can’t gain expansion unless you get what you want. When you get what you want you allow more. That way the Universe becomes more. 

Obtaining your desires is one of the most pleasurable experiences a human being can have. This feeling inevitably leaves us wanting more, which is why those who appear to have it all are never quite satisfied.

There is no having it all, there is no end game. There will always be more to be desired. You never get "there." Once you realize this, you can start enjoying the journey from one desire to the next. Manifest as much as you can.

Have fun expanding the universe!

To close the gap between having a desire and then obtaining it - see my articles on manifestation. 

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