Are You Indigo?

YES! Welcome we've been waiting for you.

You can cease your wondering and stop your seeking. You don’t need else's confirmation or validation. We’re all a part of this Indigo Age. Yes even you! 

The question is have you been activated or not? 

Being Indigo isn't about being special or being gifted. It's about being aware of the all the programming humans are subjected to. Even you! The moment you realize you've been unconscious (unaware of your programming) is the moment you become conscious (active). 

Once you're active, you know the world can be a different way. What you might not realize is that if you can see how things can change - then you're the one that's supposed to change it!

Are you ready to act on those ideas and that yearning inside you? Do you trust your instincts? Do you have the courage to be the change? 

If you've been lying dormant or feeling doubtful of your purpose and capabilities it's time to reactivate. We need you!

Indigo Test

Your ego (the little voice in your head running on a loop) may still want to know whether you are active or dormant. Well if you found your way here, then you are certainly active now!

You can find all sorts of tests on the web but I’m not providing a test here. Indigos hate tests. They don’t even want to be a part of this group and certainly don’t need some test telling them whether they are a member or not.

Nobody likes labels. We don't want to be different but at the same time want to know why we are. Our own family's, friend's and society have absolutely no idea why we have to be so difficult. Because we can't conform!

Being Indigo is simply an awareness the other's haven't quite realized yet. They're still part of the systems not knowing they're part of the systems. The systems that never change! Once you're aware of them you want to change everything! 

Indigo Characteristics

Those of us that are activated have always known we're not quite like others.

There's a deep sense that we’re not from here. We find much of the population baffling. They don't seem to be as frustrated and outraged about the way things work. They're just obedient and say well this is just the way things are. We couldn't that if we tried.

We can't lead "normal" lives: Wake up, go to your soul sucking 9-5, come home, numb out, and repeat. The inability to live a robot life like that leaves us pushed out to the outskirts of our families and society. They don't know what to do with us. We're on our own doing our own thing.

We have this knowing that nobody else seems to have that no one really wants to hear about it. We’re frustrated as hell. We yearn to be with "our own kind." We want to go Home. 

This list is not exhaustive and is not all or nothing.

Indigos that are active have a blend of these traits. Some traits are more dominant than others and some may still be dormant. Many of these traits are not considered “normal” thus, a slew of disorders have been invented and medications prescribed to dull these senses or to force submission. 

When reading these characteristics be aware of your body lighting up or shouting YES! You may experience tears or a sense of utter relief. Yes, you are not alone. 

Intuitive – There's a part of us that is nonphysical that is like another organ in the body. The more conscious you become the stronger this organ becomes which leads to all sorts of sensitivities. 

  • Strong sense of knowing that can’t be proved; human lie detectors; premonitions; telepathic; thinks and acts from the gut.
  • Clairsentient, clairaudient, clairvoyant, and/or claircognizant.

Sensitive – heightened senses

  • Sensitivity to light, sound, temperature, smells, taste, touch, emotions, electricity; picky with food; only wears certain fabrics; avoids drama, negativity, and upsetting stimuli.
  • Diagnosed hypersensitive, highly sensitive person, sensory processing disorder, anxiety disorders; experiences seemingly unexplainable physical symptoms and sicknesses.

Empathic – awareness of the feelings of people around them or the collective at large

  • Avoids crowds at all costs; avoids people in general; easily spiritually drained, exhausted, and overwhelmed..
  • Diagnosed with anxiety disorders, avoidant personality disorder, depression, or bipolar; labeled anti-social, rude, or a hermit.

Nonconformist – rebellious

  • Rebuffs social norms; rejects labels; resists authority; questions everything; sense of entitlement; fiercely independent; bold; free spirits; no attachment to their gender, race, or sexuality; controversial; deep desire to reform the systems (government, politics, religion, corporations, law, marriage, education, health care, gender programming, 9-5); rage issues; intolerance for conformists, zombie robots, and sleepwalkers.
  • Can you believe they've created a diagnosis called Oppositional Defiance Disorder?! Yeah, that's us. And, no we don't have a chemical imbalance. 
  • Labeled as losers or lazy for dropping out or inability to hold a job; social failures; heretics; black sheep; stubborn; disruptive; aggressive, confrontational; bad influences; crazy; depressed.

 Intelligent – smart as hell

  • Keen; quick-witted; perceptive; deep; can see the big picture and bigger than that; self-taught; consumes knowledge; truth seeking; obsessed with needing to know more; wise beyond their years; cuts through bullshit; brutally honest; intolerance for small talk or surface conversations; impatience for simpletons and dumbassery.
  • Diagnosed with ADD/ADHD; Asperger’s Syndrome; Labeled smug, arrogant, know-it-alls, and old souls.

Altruistic – bleeding hearts

  • Deep desire to help; abhors the mistreatment of others; stands for equality; wants what’s fair; desires justice; roots for the underdog; drawn towards the bullied, disenfranchised, outcasts, and neglected; wants to solve everything; desires communal living; yearns for harmony.
  • Labeled Pollyanna, hippies, new agers, liberals, or socialists. 

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