Indigo Struggles

There are three classes of people:
Those who see.
Those who see when they are shown.
Those who do not see.
- Leonardo da Vinci (1452 - 1519)

Imagine you're hanging out in the Universe being all free and chill and then you hear the call for help from Earth. You jump down and try to free the humans from all their control systems but they don't even know that they need help.

They resist your help and think you are the one that needs help because you're talking nonsense. You need help because you won't get up every day and preform your slave duties like everyone else.

Yeah. It can suck.

The struggles Indigos face are real and sometimes all consuming. It is impossible to feel ok participating in the old control systems (culture, family, religion, government, school, & work) or to even be around it. But we are all born right into these systems and spend our lives fighting to break us and everyone else out. 

We face different struggles at different ages. It's probably the hardest when you are younger and unable to exert any autonomy over your life. It's still hard as an adult, it's just a different kind of challenge.

The pressure to conform and be "normal" at any age is stressful, depressing, and overwhelming. We feel judged, confused, and angry that people mindlessly participate in the status quo without question even though it makes them miserable as well. WTF?!

We’re told “hey that’s life,” “you can’t get anywhere without an education,” “everyone hates their job,”  “it’s just the way it is,” “get over it,” etc.

The most infuriating thing about being Indigo is we see how the systems are broken. The systems are running exactly as they were designed to work keeping humanity enslaved and unaware they are enslaved.

However, due to our inability to participate in these sick systems for long, we rarely find ourselves in a position of power to make the changes from the top down because we're too new, we never get past entry level, and/or can’t get anyone else on board with us – even if they agree with us! 

This is where shit starts to collapse in on us and drowns us in despair. Indigos struggle with not being able to understand why others wouldn't want to make things easier or more logical or more advantageous for everyone? When our ideas get rejected we no longer want to be a part of the system. We want out! 

The systems can't run if enough humans don't participate. 

So we don't. We drop out. Indigos very being struggles to exist within the system. We HATE school. We HATE work. We can’t take orders. We can’t conform. We hate wasting our time. We don’t want to be around zombies that submit to the machine or accept it.

This is where our reputations for being difficult and having a sense of entitlement comes in. “Oh, you think you’re special?”  “Too cool for school?”  “To good for a 9-5?”

You’re goddamn right.

People (friends, significant others, parents, teachers, co-workers) can’t understand why we can’t just get with the program and just do what they have been conditioned to believe that we are supposed to do. Don’t you think we would if we could?! It would be a hell of a lot easier to become an ignorant zombie than having to fight every goddamn thing on Earth.

We aren’t like others and trust us sometimes we wish we were. But you can't undue our genetic coding. They've tried, we're immune to their mind-scrambling ways. Sorry, we are running on updated software. Indigos trying to operate within systems of the old version struggle with complete system failure.

It feels as though we've been dropped into a foreign country with no luggage or money and don’t know the language. How are we supposed to survive in this place? 

Everyone just keeps gesturing to us to follow the others but we can't. We know where that leads. We’re not getting on that conveyor belt to be manufactured into a zombie robot. We try to run like hell only to get jerked back by our chains from society, our parents, boss, kids, money, etc.

When it feels as if we have no freedom, Indigo's struggle mentally and physically. It feels like we are dying and quite frankly oftentimes would rather be dead.

Our bodies start going into system failure. We experience completely consuming anxiety, depression, extreme exhaustion, uncontrollable rage, endless mental turmoil, nausea, and other debilitating physical symptoms.

All the while we watch everyone else getting along seemingly fine, which stresses us out even more. Why can’t we just get on the conveyor belt?

We came here to thrive, not just to survive. We don’t want to numb ourselves out in order to comply with the old program. We know we don’t have to go where we don’t want to go (school/work) in order to get where we want to be. That notion is old programming.

Our jobs are to be our true selves and that’s it. And the only way to accomplish that is by following our bliss - a delusional concept I know. Can you imagine a society where everyone is living a fulfilled joyous life? Actually, we can. We've seen the Promised Land.

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