Lee Carroll delivered this channeled message from Kryon that I found so fascinating about what to do when you don't know what to do with your life. I know I have found myself feeling lost many times and I have turned to society's default ways like getting a normal job. 

In this message, we learn that some of us are here to do nothing! To just exist and to feel relaxed and comfortable about that. We're here to be a Placeholder. To hold peace, joy and compassion so that it influences others.

Not everyone is here to do something important. Kryon asks, "What’s more important than sitting there and broadcasting joy, compassion, and love so that everyone can see the light?"

What you are here for is a paradigm that hasn't happened yet that will change absolutely everything.

You can listen to the Kryon Channeling, Elements of the Spark - Part 2:

Here is a Partial Transcript:

You may not have met one another but you have something in common. So many of you have shared so many lifetimes and you don't know it.

This is the place you would come together to feel a synergy of spiritual energy that is new. It's like a reboot of something that you didn't expect on this planet.

It’s not a place where you come and celebrate what you know. It’s a place where you come and celebrate what you don’t. Because it’s beautiful and it’s on its way.

Spark is the realization of God in your life.

It takes you out of an old paradigm of what you were taught and what you thought was real. And instead puts you in a place of tremendous discovery and newness.

It comes with the recognition that you are magnificent.

The Spark takes you out of an old paradigm, an old way of thinking. So complete is that removal that when you get to this new place where you feel so free and alive you’re not even certain what to do next.

There are some that say it doesn’t matter what I do next because I am one with everything and now all good things will be added on to me. And in some ways you are absolutely correct but the ways that I am talking about are practical.

We’re talking about the Old Soul living in a Western society that goes from one level to another but you still go to work. You still associate with your friends and you still have the things that are practical to attend to. You still have the children and the mates and all these things that are so important to you and yet you find yourself completely and totally changed.

One of the first things that happens that is an element of this Spark is Revelation. You realize that the rules that you thought were there, are not. You realize that you can do just about anything, including that which you were told you can’t.

We told you that even looking at your own body there would be the recognition you are in control. At some level this will occur to you. Because the cells of your body are part of this enlightened package, that creation, that soul, and the biology which will listen to that which created it because you are a part of God.

It goes further. You’ll start understanding that the things you were told that are absolute to your society, are not.

How long you live will be up to you. Not just some biological chart or averaging. That the susceptibility to disease and these things can be thwarted, or changed, or manipulated with consciousness.

No one ever told you that. But the consciousness that you’re talking about is the consciousness that you have in an alliance with the seed of God within you.

Part of the Creator is in you. That is the premise of the Creation story itself. This part of God that is in you is a part that can then be expanded with a consciousness that will start to raise and develop, enhance itself, and evolve.

What do you do next?

What happens when you then realize that nothing that you have experienced, not even a little of it, is being experienced with those around you?

The first reaction will be sadness, then empathy, then frustration because you cannot do anything at that moment in time to convince anyone to open that door. This is a decision that must be done individually.

So, the idea of evangelizing what you have discovered is an old paradigm. The idea of giving somebody material, or giving them a course, or training, or telling them stories – that’s the old way. And you realize you have work to do.

There’s another paradigm at hand. You realize it may not be about enlisting them to do the same thing as much as something else that might be at hand.

There are a lot of things that you will go through after the Spark. Some of them will come all at once and some of them will come gradually. Almost every single one of these elements are present.

What happens when you step into a new area of your life that’s wide open? It has no rules on it. You’ve never seen before? What do you do with that? Where do you begin? How do you start?

You have to relearn that actual spirituality that you claim to be yours, and in the process you start asking questions. Well here I stand, what do I do?

What is that which is my calling with God inside? What is next? What’s the paradigm going to be?

Sometimes you will go back to an old way of trying to do something in an old paradigm and it doesn’t work. You realize this has no semblance of remembrance to anything I’ve learned. This is new. 

What is going on here is the beginning of the evolution of a new consciousness within you, Old Soul. And the layers or realizations or attributes of the Spark start to occur to you.

What’s next? What do I do? Are there things I should know?

And then the things that start occurring to you also say, well based upon everything that has happened in the past there has to be rules. So some will slip backwards. They’ll slip backwards because they think they know what to do based upon what they’ve done in the past.

So, believe it or not, not for everyone, one of the attributes of the Spark is going backwards for a little while.

I want to tell you the real difference of being in this new paradigm and the old paradigm. You’re never alone.

In a former channel, I asked you to imagine angels around you and that they were quiet because you have free choice. They never said, "Hey look over here!" because you have to have free choice. So, suddenly you made the choice. You might say you’ve entered their area and now they are not silent.

The new paradigm begins with things you were never taught.

#1 Don’t even consider planning ahead because your intuition will be the guide. It’s the road-map from now on, not the GPS. Because you are going into areas that have never been tracked and have never been recorded. Suddenly there is the realization that every single day the topography changes. But that shouldn’t bother you because the new paradigm means that you trust the intuition that is new that you have that you’re working with that you recognize as angelic help. The ones who know your name are starting to develop a report with you.

You start to trust that comes right before you right before you need it. Situations that might worry you. We mentioned in the last channel about abundance and jobs all these things that you’ve learned to cherish because it’s your survival can disappear. And you can stand there and say it’s ok because I know what’s coming will be better. And you’ll be right! The angels around you would slap your back if they could and say that’s right!

You’re learning the principles of something you were never taught.

That the reality that you will lead from then on is something you will create yourself with the intuition and the help from the other side. Intuition that never stops.

Intuition that you will then be able to slow down. And what I mean by that is: Intuition in an old energy comes from a sacred place that generates communication with the higher-self is responsible for intuition is at such a high level that when it comes to you you’re in an old energy, it comes too fast. It comes and goes, and you don’t even know what it was. What was that? Should I have paid more attention? What did it mean?

What if it were different? What if it came and sat in front of you and said, “Hi, I’m your intuition, turn left?” That would be different. I’m telling you that’s what it’s going to feel like. You are going to be so used to this.

Those of you that walked up those golden stairs and felt that Spark and know you are not who you are when you were born will start to get signals from yourself. Learn to honor them. Recognize them and follow them.

Whereas, in the old energy the logic would talk you out of it. That is what changes.

That synapse of logic, which is supposed to be your survival, you’re going to have to put it in another layer.

You’ll always need it. It’s practical. But now it’s got to be balanced with the sacred, that intuition which is coming into play now saying pay no attention to what you thought you knew.

You’re going to go up there and turn left. And your brain will say, "Don’t do that, there’s nothing there! You’ve been there before." And your intuition will say, "Go up there and turn left." And the further you get toward that turn the more the brain will object. You know there’s nothing there. Why would you go again?

And your intuition is saying blessed is the human being that goes there and turns left. And that’s what you do. As you turn left you realize that nothing is there that used to be. Instead what is there is new parameters. New people to meet. Different situations and surprises called synchronicity.

What’s the brain’s response? It doesn’t have one. It’s not built for that. It doesn’t react. It will simply give you more bad instructions. The difference is to put it where it belongs and to change the hierarchy of who you listen to within yourself. That is one of the attributes of learning to use the new paradigm.

Another attribute will be frustration. Frustration that things are not fitting together fast enough.

This is the attribute of the Old Soul. I know I’m right. I’m doing my best. It’s not fast enough. When are these things going to happen?

The answer is they are happening in front of your nose. You’re not aware of them because they are happening outside of the purview that you normally see or they’re happening in a way you didn’t expect.

You have to now understand the field.

The field is filled with unrecognized potentials.

Part of intuition steers around those things that are happening in the field.

If you have a map it is of a known area. If you have GPS it only works because it is a known area. It’s a linear component that says this is the truth. This is the way it works it’s called a map.

The new paradigm does not work that way. 

The new paradigm says there is no map because the streets will change every single time someone else makes a decision in that field. That map we’re talking about it is not streets. The map is the consciousness of life.

A place you can be where you’ll always know whether to turn right or left because you know at some level what is ahead. That is not predicting. It’s sensing. Sensing the field.

Intuition is hooked to the field. It knows what is going on. It is the master GPS without a map.

Relax with what you don’t know. That is difficult. That's the new paradigm.

We don’t know where we’re going, and we’re suppose to relax?! It’s nuts!

The people who are doing it are relaxed, peaceful, and joyful.

You mean people who have no idea where they are going next, some of them between jobs, they don’t know who they are going to meet, but they know it will come some day soon when they need it. And you’re telling me that they are peaceful and relaxed and going around smiling about it?!


That is the difference between being in the old room and the new room.

The paradigm of existence starts to change.

The problem with frustration is that you have to learn to work it. After you’ve done that and after you have the practical that is no longer irritating you and frightening you. You will get to this place where you really begin to understand and I’m starting to be peaceful and I’m relaxing.

You will start to understand how life will work even though you still don’t have the answer – What am I here for? What am I supposed to do?

That’s a hold over as well from the old energy that says that every single human is supposed to do something. You have to fit into some sort of matrix of have to do something.

What if I told you that some of you are built and here for designed for and named for doing nothing?

You’ll say how is that possible?

Because in the doing nothing you hold this beautiful joyful presence and the people in those rooms that are talking to other people and moving from place to place will meet you for a moment or two and they’ll see that you’re peaceful and that you’re not bothered by doing nothing and then they realize and you realize – I’m a placeholder.

I’m a placeholder of joy. I’m a placeholder of confidence. I’m a placeholder because when people are learning they see me not afraid.

They see me and although I’m not writing a book or over here doing this or that or not doing any of these things that you’re supposed to do.

I am just existing.

What I am doing as existing is holding a place of compassion for this planet where people see me and it rubs off.

Joy and compassion these things are catchy.

What if you’re here to hold that? So that wherever you are and whoever you meet is influenced by the lighthouse you are that sits there and does nothing but turn and broadcast love, compassion, and joy for the rest of your life?

Is that good enough for you?

It’s a new paradigm. Not everybody has to have a contract to do something important.

What’s more important than sitting there and broadcasting joy, compassion, and love so that everyone can see the light?

Perhaps you are the one they would be attracted to so they can move on to another group and find that which they needed for healing. That what they needed for peace and comfort for the next portion of their life.

Others will say, "Yes but I know I’m here for a reason. There’s something I’m supposed to do. I know it! Tell me what it is!"

What you have to learn to do in this new paradigm is, after the Spark, after you’re through the frustration, after your peaceful with yourself and want to know what’s next – that which is next will shock you.

I’ve called this “Stop the Car and Sit Down.” Because everyone is driving. Going from Point A to Point B. You’re driving the car of your reality not understanding that that’s got to stop.

How do we do that? What do you mean?

I actually mean stop for a while. Physically.

Go to a place where no one knows you. Get away. Suspend what’s going to happen when the clock gets to a certain place. Suspend what might happen with a clock at all. And sit down and put your hand up and dare to be loved.

Say, "Dear Spirit, I have no idea what I’m doing, but you do."

Dear Spirit, "I have stopped the car for a moment" because in the silence there is a message. In the silence you will start to hear. We’ll never hang up the phone. We’re with you forever. This is just the beginning.

If you’ll stop more often. There are tools at hand that you have no idea about that come from an area that you have no idea about that have nothing to do with your mind or your consciousness or what you think you’re here for.

Stop the car and forget everything you’ve ever been told you’re here for. Because what you are here for is for a paradigm that hasn’t happened yet. You’re preparing this planet for something that’s never ever been even thought of.

A high consciousness that will start to develop that has already started will change absolutely everything. And you’re going to be part of this in ways you cannot even consider. Even as you walk to the store. Even as you take care of children. Even as you do your laundry.

Because it’s outside the purview of that which you think you know. Tools are coming.

Dare to be loved enough so you’re open for what is next. And it might be as simple as helping the planet by focusing on something with a high consciousness that only you have that will bring things to this planet that have never been here before.

To interlace with others that are doing the same thing whose names you don’t know in places you’ve never been. And together you know you are thinking of the same thing and with the energy of consciousness you are creating something that will last forever.

If I sound cryptic it’s only because you can’t think about things you don’t know.

You don’t know what you don’t know so these things sound unusual. But when you get there, there will be an "Ah Ha!" this is what Kryon was talking about.

Consciousness used as a tool. That has never been used before that is benevolent and peaceful and joyful and will change this planet.

Ideas that have never been thought about before. Ideas of those that will run for office. How to manage a campaign never thought of before. Will come from you.

All those that have been through this Spark that have sat there waiting and realizing this is why I’m here. Because I know how it works in a high consciousness field and I’m ready to help.

Some of you think you are doing nothing and you’re doing so much simply by your actions of saying I’m here. Yes, I’m ready.

Don’t be disappointed when what you thought you were here for doesn’t happen because that was in an old energy.

In the new energy maybe you’re writing a book and you don’t know it in technology that will exist someday will be able to scan your consciousness. And then they will study you. And they will say, "This is the forerunner. These are the kinds of humans that are here that are broadcasting love and peace and compassion. And we had no idea how important they were."

Is that new enough for you?

Sit and be loved and let everything else come to you with these new tools that are starting to arrive and be delivered by these beautiful angels who have always walked with you every step of your life and are now starting to show themselves in the intuition that you’re starting to have.

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