Honusapien Prints

Aloha! Mahalo for checking out my photo gallery!

Honu is the Hawaiian word for sea turtle. I love swimming with them, it never gets old. You can tell that they are wise old souls. Each one has their own personality and attitude. I spend more time hanging out with these guys then I do humans. Hence, the name of my website honusapien.

I have listed a few of my favorite non-honu images as well.

Maui Collage

Honu Collage

Honu Rising

Honu Hello

Honu Wings

Honu Breath

Honu Inspection

Honu Bow 

A Honu World

Honu Breeze

Honu Paradise

Big Beach Collage

Big Beach



Dolphin Dare

Dolphin Dreaming

Dolphin Descent

Rainbow Blessings

Lucky Charms

Sunflower Patch


Bamboo Forrest

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