Renewing Divine Feminine Energy

ALL beings have aspects of Divine Masculine Energy and Divine Feminine Energy. These aspects are an ENERGY - not a gender role.

In confusing the two by assigning some aspects of one energy to one gender and some to the other, we have created an unbalanced nature that has been in conflict with itself for eons. 

This nature that we are experiencing now, is not that of Divine Masculine Energy. No, this Earth has never seen the likes of the Divine Masculine.

What we are experiencing now is the works of a patriarchy society founded from a place of fear and utter powerlessness, which is why we continue to experience the devastating consequences of the relentless need for power and control. 

Intuition is the defining innate ability of Divine Feminine Energy.  Intuition is your connection to the divine and the ultimate threat to those trying to control and manipulate the masses. 

In assigning certain energies to certain genders, women were stripped of their power. Exhibiting aspects of Divine Feminine Energy began to be frowned upon and much worse. Ultimately, both genders learned to suppress this energy as a means of survival. 

Since intuition was assigned to women, they were deemed a tremendous threat to those seeking power and control. As a result, drastic and elaborate measures were taken to snuff them out.

Women were burned at the stake. They were turned into property. They were prohibited from holding positions in religious institutions. They were blamed for the original sin. The Goddess was eliminated. Credit for the creation of life was taken from them and assigned to a singular male god. As-if!

To this day, the patriarch still suppresses the very essence of the Divine Feminine - creation. They still control the ease and access women have to create life or not to. Giving life, nurturing, and care-giving has no monetary value in patriarchal societies and is barely acknowledged or respected. It's invisible work that just magically gets done.

The patriarch ensures that the scales are tipped in men's favor through various means. Women that have adopted traditionally male roles are still not justly compensated. The cost of child-care is the exact equivalent to a full-time job.

Makes you wonder about just how powerful Divine Feminine Energy is... 

Renewing the Divine Feminine Energy Will Restore Balance

Many of us have built our lives in resistance to the idea of what Feminine Energy should be or in support of the traditional idea of what it should be.

However, there is no archetype. There is no blueprint. Every individual has a unique expression of Divine Feminine Energy. You must look for what it is to allow your Divine Feminine Energy to express through you. 

Divine Feminine Energy carries feelings.

These energies are so tangled with gender roles and have been so misconstrued. Men have had it beaten into them, quite literally, that feelings are not masculine. Women are ridiculed for being too sensitive or emotionally unstable for expressing feelings so they have learned to detach and become despondent. 

When you can't/don't/won't feel, what do you value?

Gender needs to be taken out of the equation for balance to be restored. Men & women don't need to act a certain way in order to be male or female, they just are.

It's time to start moving into emotion. 

  • What does it look like to be powerful and vulnerable?
  • What does it look like to be strong and nurturing?
  • What does it look like to be rational and emotional?

As we integrate Divine Feminine Energy, our perceptions will shift. This will enable us to transmute the ways of our current society into one with value and respect for all life, and unify humanity through compassion and connection.

We can shift from surviving to thriving. Competition for resources will transmute into cooperation for resources. Where there is compassion there is enough abundance for us all. 

In becoming balanced we become whole within ourselves. We don't need anyone to complete us because we are complete. We create harmony within ourselves and on Earth.

The Defining Characteristic of Divine Feminine Energy is Love

All beings possess and need love. The ancients and native peoples understood this and knew that EVERYTHING is alive, worthy, and needs nurturing.

People of great influence once taught the truth about love. They knew that everything was connected.

Renewing Divine Feminine Energy requires that no matter what is occurring in the world, that you love yourself. 

Love is information. Fear is lack of information and is used to control the masses.

We must understand that we are not victims. We are not powerless. We don't need saving. We don't need fixing. 

We need love and it is here inside of us. By loving ourselves, we unleash love on the whole world.

Love is an overused and abused word. Love is completely free and in its pure form it's unconditional.

We have been socially and culturally conditioned to believe that we are unworthy of love. That we are undeserving of love. That love is transactional. That loving yourself is selfish or arrogant. That you should put all others before yourself. 

If you can't love yourself, how are you supposed to accept it from others?

Know what it is to experience love. Always be loving toward yourself.

Start emanating love!

The Defining Innate Ability of Divine Feminine Energy is Intuition

Over centuries, we have been conditioned to ignore our intuition.

We have been taught that other people know better than us. That someone else has all the answers. That we aren't capable of connecting with the divine. That only crazy people get "messages."

Intuition is a feeling - the very thing men are conditioned to suppress, escape, or disassociate from. 

Tapping into the Divine Feminine Energy requires getting in touch with your intuition. 

You will know what truths resonate within you. It's a sensation. Truth always feel lighter in your body. 

Trust your instincts, not your logical mind. Your first instinct is the answer, everything that comes afterwards is doubt because you've been conditioned not to trust yourself. 

Learn how to think and decide what you believe. Quit giving over your power to those you've been conditioned to trust. Reclaim it!

When truthsayers have the courage to speak up, send them love, whether what they say resonates with you or not - it might with someone else.

Truth is a threat. KNOWING it has been unacceptable. Great measures are continuously taken to think for you and convince you of what you need to know.

It is important to speak your truth now whilst not trying to convince anyone else of it. People must make up their own minds.

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