What are we going to do about Q?

May 15, 2021

I finished watching Cullen Hoback’s 6-part docuseries Q: Into the Storm for the second time and I’m still shaking my head. I just can’t believe these clowns got us into this mess. I feel hell bent on figuring out why.

In the introduction, Cullen says that the world of QAnon creeps into your thoughts. Yep. It's all I can think about and want to talk about. I have to understand. And more importantly - how do we keep this from happening again? Education.

Here's some background information:

8Chan, later called 8Kun, is an imageboard, a type of Internet forum, with no rules. It's a platform for unfiltered raw free speech. Users despise political correctness. It's where "The Deplorables" hang out and post the most vile things on the Internet anonymously. It’s a place where hatred is created, celebrated, and spewed freely. 

User’s bond over their fantasies about committing violence against women, minorities, and disabled. They are obsessed with race and specifically the "Great Replacement" - ethnic replacement, white birth rates, and "invaders" coming across the border.

Hitler is praised there. There are pictures of gore, nudity, and even child porn. 

Mass shooters are worshipped on these boards and have radicalized others. Before going on a shooting spree, some shooters have posted hate filled racist manifestos and a link to watch them live as they commit a massacre. They are egged on and praised as they are murdering people. It's horrifying. 

This sewer of the Internet is where Q chose to post cryptic messages that would eventually break many families apart, nearly destroyed American democracy, and got five people killed on January 6, 2021. 

And for what? And why?

So, who the fuck is Q?

Before there was 8Kun/8Chan, there was 4Chan and 2Chan. Users have been posing as high-level insiders since the inception of these boards. It's one of the Chan user's favorite games. 

Q claimed to be a high-level government agent with Q level security clearance, who chose the anonymous imageboards known for nudity and Nazis, to post supposed intel "drops" or "breadcrumbs."

Filmmaker Cullen Hoback, figures that if anyone can find out who Q is, it’s the guys that run the imageboard. Over a period of three years, Cullen followed the creator of the imageboard Fredrick Brennan and the subsequent owners of the board, father and son, Jim and Ron Watkins.

Jim & Ron Watkins. Photo: HBO

(((Spoiler Alert)))

I encourage you to watch the series even if you choose to continue reading! It's important.

In the last episode, Fredrick Brennan points to his former colleague and the administrator of 8Kun, Ron Watkins, as being Q.

While I am most concerned with the how and the why, the who is probably the most important. You must always consider the source of information! Watch the series to find out all about Ron and Jim to evaluate these characters, their motives, and their credibility.

They both like to preform. They dress up and play different characters in their every day life. One of the infamous Q drops asks, "What makes a great movie? Great actors." This is all just a game to them.

Worth noting is that when Jim was in the military, he learned about computing and went on to create a profitable online porn empire. He became known as the "Porn King."

In 2004, he moved to the Philippines, to save on operating costs. Jim lived in the Philippines for many years until in 2020 when he applied for citizenship and the Bureau of Immigration designated him an "undesirable alien" noting his owning and operating of 8Kun, the hate filled forum that serves as a go to resource for violent extremists and white supremacists.

Jim also ran a far-right propaganda outlet called The Goldwater who's motto is Banned, Biased, Honest. He also provided webhosting for other sewers like 8Kun.

At the time of Q's revelation in the series, the world was on lockdown because of the pandemic and interest in Q had skyrocketed. Jim's son Ron had attained arguably the most powerful Twitter account in the world. Ron’s tweets were being echoed by Q and retweeted by Trump. 

Ron had gained more power posting as himself than as Q. And what was he doing with that power? He was posting conspiracy theories about the virus.


It's not about money. Ron and Jim make no money from running 8Kun. No one wants to advertise there for obvious reasons.

Was Ron posting conspiracies just for the sake of posting free speech? It doesn't matter if it's true.

Does Ron actually believe the things that he posts? As the admin of the sewer that is 8Kun he sees it all. You have to wonder what he believes - if anything at all. He's a nihilist.

Or, is it that Ron just likes having the power to sway public opinion, including the President's? The President would repeat the things that Ron and other Q followers, known as QAnon's, posted as if they were fact. Remember the injecting bleach press conference??

In their last conversation in the series, Ron tells Cullen that he's really curious if he found out who Q is. It's as if he's waiting for Cullen to say I know that it's you.

Cullen plays coy.

Ron asks if Cullen will feel like a failure that he wasn't able to figure it out after so many years. Ron keeps talking. He asks, "Don't you want to have the smoking gun evidence?"

Cullen says he knows he will never get that so he has to look at motive. The why. He says that Ron has motive: to take down the mainstream media; to "red-pill" the masses; to get information out to people that wasn't getting out any other way.

Then Ron gives Cullen the smoking gun evidence. He outs himself. 

Ron says, "If you look at my Twitter feed, that's what I'm doing publicly now. I spent the past, what, like almost 10 years every day doing this kind of research anonymously. And now I'm doing it publicly. That's the only difference."

After this admission, he continues, "Thinking back on it, like it was basically three years of intelligence training, teaching 'normies' how to do intelligence work. It was basically what I was doing anonymously before...(then quickly ads) but never as Q.” And then he smiles. 

If you watch the series beginning to end, you know that this is his tell. Ron shows no reaction or emotion to anything over the entire series until that moment. Ron knows this will be his last chance to get the credit and he took it. 

The whole thing is infuriating. 

Someone asked Cullen on Twitter whether it’s normal to want to throw your table over after finishing the series. He responds, “Yes!” 

I don’t know how to describe how I feel other than I can't stop saying, “Oh my fucking God!” over and over. I’m both horrified and fascinated. It’s just so ridiculous the amount of damage these imbeciles have caused. And it was so easy! That’s the part that gets me. 

And, exactly what intelligence was ever uncovered through this elaborate game of intelligence training, Ron??!!

As Ron’s dad and weirdo extraordinaire, Jim tells Cullen as they are marching towards the Capitol on January 6, “The march wouldn’t have happened had Q not have been there…It started as a LARP and became real.” 

Live Action Role Play is where people dress up as characters from a film, book, game, or series that they like, and go out and enact the story lines. Jim and Ron do this every day of their lives.


I am so disturbed. It's all I can think about.

The Q movement is still ongoing even though Q has quit posting and none of the prophecies have come to pass. I am very concerned with what has happened, what is happening, and what has yet to happen.

I see our democracy unraveling. Why are these people, the most ardent supporters of our Constitution, trying to destroy it? Do they even realize what they're doing?

There is so much to break down and process. Here is my analysis:

With the Internet, you don’t have to dress up and go outside. You can create an avatar for yourself and pose as anyone you want - including someone claiming to be from inside the government and for some reason people will believe you. They want to believe you. 

Even though actual human beings that actually worked inside the government and leaked intel are now sitting in prison like intelligence specialist Reality Winner and Treasury official Natalie Mayflower Edwards; have been prosecuted like Chelsea Manning; or are sitting in Russia avoiding prosecution like Edward Snowden.

So, what makes someone a believer in an anonymous syllable?

PSYOP is how you replace facts with beliefs.

Psychological Operations (PSYOP) is how you replace facts with beliefs by delivering misinformation to audiences in order to influence their emotions, motives, and objective reasoning, and ultimately the behavior of governments, organizations, groups, and individuals. 


PSYOP is used to achieve a specific mission by taking control of the means by which your target audience processes information to make up their minds - and adjusting the info, so those minds are made up as you desire. 


You can adjust/control people's minds by pushing a false narrative with the intent of making it true. By invoking intense emotions. And, then overwhelming the enemy with argument.


QAnon's believe that this is what the Mainstream Media (MSM) is doing to the "normies" - normal people that don't get their news from Nazi imageboards. QAnon's believe normies have no idea what is really going on in the world because MSM won't report it.

It seems that QAnon's have not considered that someone just might be using PSYOP on them. 

As with any box in life, I do not fit into either one of these categories. I'm neither a normie nor a QAnon. I see how they both work. They're both being controlled. They've both been duped.

Every other page on my website addresses normies that never question anything who just go about life maintaining the shitty status quo. This page is dedicated to the QAnons.

QAnon's believe that normies are sheep for doing what they are told. For example, following your state's law to wear a mask makes you a sheep.

QAnon's don't see that they are also sheep for doing what they are told by Q and Trump. Just because their orders are the opposite of the norms doesn't make them any less of a sheep. They are being programmed too. 

QAnon's came to Washington D.C. on January 6 because Trump told them to. They marched to the capitol because Trump told them to.

Trump lied, of course, when he said he would go with them. Which left them very confused when they got banned from flying home and started getting arrested.

I was just doing what the President told me to. Wahhhh.

The right wing and the left wing are attached to the same bird, but now they're flapping in different realities.

In 2004, journalist Ron Suskind interviewed Karl Rove, aide to George W. Bush. He reported the following alarming statement in New York Times Magazine:

“The aide (Rove) said that guys like me were ‘in what we call the reality-based community,' which he defined as people who believe that solutions emerge from your judicious study of discernible reality. That’s not the way the world really works anymore. We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality—judiciously, as you will—we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out. We’re history’s actors...and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.”

Ummm...This seems important. Guys??? And, what is it with these guys and acting??? Clowns.

So, I'm studying these new realities now. I'm getting a B.S. in B.S.

The Bush administration did this with "weapons of mass destruction" (never existed) and "mission complete" (not yet).

Internet Troll Farms did this to influence political opinions and decision making by creating ridiculous memes.

Trump has taken creating different realities to a whole other level. He has literally said, "What you're seeing is not what's happening" and "it doesn't matter if it's true." Don't trust your own eyes. Only believe what originates from him. The truth is whatever he says it is.

Trump, another actor, playing a successful businessman, makes false assertations all of the time to create confusion and suspicion. He did this when he started the “birther” narrative by asserting with authority, even though he had none, as he was a TV celebrity at the time, that Obama was really born in Kenya and not in Hawaii (he was, brah).

He did it leading up to both the 2016 and 2020 election when he said the only way I'm going to lose this election is if it's "rigged" (nope).

It's literal brainwashing!

And they insist that those of us in the "reality based community" are the ones that are brainwashed. Projection.

In 2016, while Hillary Clinton’s use of a personal email server was being investigated by the FBI, an anonymous character known as FBIAnon appeared. FBIAnon claimed to be a high-level analyst at the FBI that knows everything about Hillary.

Using the anonymous imageboard under the Politically Incorrect category, FBIAnon began instructing users to: Unleash every meme, image, and horrible story about Hillary that you can muster; Start a website aggregating the images/facts and then try to get it linked to Drudge; Shove the images down every news anchor/journalists throat; Push out to people who you normally would have nothing to do with and infiltrate them; Repeat something often enough and it becomes the truth; Repeat after me: "Hillary is evil and will destroy the planet."

The White Supremacists, Incels, and people those imageboards attract, took the orders and started disseminating this disinformation campaign.

Baby Boomers are particularly susceptible to this kind of messaging because as a whole they tend to lack digital literacy. They didn’t grow up with the Internet. They never learned in school what makes a website credible and what websites you can site as a primary source of information when doing a research paper. 

Life tip: Always, always, always, consider the source! Don't reshare something without knowing where it came from.

Not only do Boomers not know how to identify a primary source, they don’t seem to care where it came from. Boomers take everything from the Internet, Fox News, and everything out of Trump’s mouth as gospel. No one questions the source. If they saw it, or the President said it - then it must be true. There’s no unringing the bell.

You think that someone would do that – go on the Internet or TV and tell lies?

Consequently, Boomers unknowingly became a large part of this troll farm of misinformation and an alternative reality was created where Hillary is evil. She wants to start WWIII. She's killing people and trafficking children. They were convinced that if Trump won the 2016 election, that “Crooked Hillary” would be prosecuted. 

Even though Trump tells lies all day long, it was Hillary that was considered untrustworthy. Enough people ended up hating Hillary that they didn’t turn up to vote for her = Trump. The digitally illiterate Boomers elected a digitally illiterate Boomer. 

Trump is the embodiment of an anonymous Internet imageboard. People love him and attend his rallies because of the horrible things that he says. He says out loud what others only say anonymously. He is the crazy uncle that posts the offensive, misspelled, grammatically incorrect memes. 

What could go wrong?

In 2017, Q appears.
A new game begins. 

All of the horrible things that Trump says is exactly why the sewer trolls want to keep him in power. He drives the normies crazy. He reconfirms their deplorable beliefs. He gives them a sense of righteousness and respect.

Imagine being a sewer troll and then one of your sewer troll friends becomes the fucking president! He hires a bunch of other sewer trolls to work in the White House. That could be you!


It’s a circle jerk between the owners of the imageboard, the users of the imageboard, and the president.

It also seems like a huge "rat fuck" – a term used to describe political sabotage or dirty tricks, particularly pertaining to elections. A term also synonymous with Roger Stone, another guy who likes to dress up and play a villan.

Conspiracies can be detrimental to democratic societies when used to benefit political agendas. Q drops are political. Q swears allegiance to Trump. The early Q drops were to inform us of Hillary's imminent indictment. 

Ironically, Q appeared on the scene the day after Trump cronies Paul Manafort and Rick Gates were indicted. Coincidence? Nope. Deflect. Project. Flip the story. Change the narrative. We’re not the bad guys – you’re the bad guys. Pay no attention to the fact that Paul Manafort is a career criminal. At one point he was facing up to 300 years in prison until the judge in the case was threatened to the point of needing to be protected by U.S. Marshalls. Nothing to see here. Hillary, Hillary, Hillary. The emails! The server! Pizzagate! Lock her up! 

By the way, did you know that Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner, who's father is a convicted felon and donated $2.5 million to Harvard the year Jared applied, bought an office building at 666 Fifth Avenue?? It was the most expensive real estate deal in New York City's history. It was at this building that Paul Manafort and Rick Gates gave Kremlin operative Konstantin Kilimnik election polling data.

Having the most outrageous president in history, why not create an outrageous storyline where Trump is chosen and literally sent by God to fight a top-secret war against a cabal of Satan worshipping pedophiles that all happen to be democrat and Hollywood elites?

Sorry, but who owns the 666 building? Who has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame? And who's so elite their fathers bought their way into prestigious schools?


The Great Awakening

Photo: Keystone/Getty Images

Full disclosure, I started my "awakening" in 2011. I had just failed the Bar Exam for the second time, said "fuck it," and moved to Maui. 

For me, awakening is when you have this stirring inside to figure out if there's more to life than this - a normal mundane existence. You start questioning why everything is the way it is and why no one is doing anything about it. Why do we keep waking up every day and doing shit that we hate? Seeking answers to life's big questions leads you down a rabbit hole. 

Along the way, I came across information pointing to the oldest richest powerful families being the puppet masters of the world. Better known as the Illuminati.

These families started in banking. They accumulated so much wealth that they literally own and control everything.

For example, the U.S.'s bank "The Fed" is the only thing that can take on debt without collateral. These banking families create the currency that is loaned to The Fed - and they own The Fed. 

We humans slave away our time, energy, and effort for this made up fiction. They own the money supply, everything it can buy, us, the media, politicians, pharma, nations, etc. Everyone serves the puppet masters.

I also learned about secret rituals which involve a global sex-trafficking ring which involves both children and adult victims. And, yes, even vampirism.

In the QAnon world, once you learn about this, you are considered "red-pilled" - a reference from The Matrix movie.

This awareness raises your consciousness. The higher the consciousness a person has, the less they can be controlled. The more people that are red-pilled, the less power the puppet masters can wield. So there's great incentive to wake everyone up to this knowledge, so we can finally change literally everything.

My problem with QAnon isn't that they believe in a secret cabal of vampires. I believe in a secret cabal of vampires.

But, Sarah, what is the source of this so called red-pill information? OK, yes, good question, please stay with me here. A lot of this type of information that I found came from people that channel.

Channeling is tapping into a higher stream of consciousness. Your everyday stream of consciousness moves over and you change the channel. It's like giving your soul a voice. Or someone with a higher perspective and knowledge than a human. Channeling can be done through meditation or hypnosis. See my posts on Secrets of the Universe for examples of this process and the type of information the subconscious brings forward.

The more connected you are to your higher-self, the easier it is to discern information. There are times that you read or hear information and then you feel something happening inside of you. It's consciousness. It's information coming to light. Something you heard is pointing you to something that your soul already knows to be true. It's confirmation. It's your inner truth alarm.

But Sarah, what about critical thinking? You aced your college logic class and have a law degree how can you just know something to be true without proof? Good question. An important question.

We all have an inner knowing. Find what is true for you. Not what I, Q, or someone tells you is true. What I'm saying may not be true for you. It could sound like complete nonsense. That's fine. I'm not trying to convince anyone of anything. Never in my life have I ever told anyone about the vampires. This is the first time I've ever mentioned it.

What's interesting is that so many channelers from different countries and all walks of life have given the same information about the cabal. It's consistent. It's well known.

I have been sitting with this knowledge for a long time. Then one day as I'm walking through the house, I hear it being discussed on TV! Woah. Is this really happening? Did a reporter just ask the President if he's secretly saving the world from a satanic cult of pedophiles and cannibals?! Holy Shit!

This happened 3 months before the 2020 election. This is when I first looked into what Q was all about. Was Q a channeler?

I didn't get very far into the Q universe. I quickly dismissed it all as it was very obviously just pro-Trump propaganda. As absurd as it is to believe in vampires and half the shit on my website - you completely lost me by making Trump out to be a noble Savior. As, if. AS, IF!

My inner truth alarm did not go off learning about Q's theories. Instead, it was my inner bullshit detector.

Trump, the guy who only cares about himself? The guy incapable of forming human connections? The guy who watches TV all day and rage Tweets? The guy who makes life harder for everyone? The guy who implements cruel and racist policies? The guy that is a walking talking troll imageboard? The pornstar fucker? The malignant narcist? The guy that paid someone to take his college entrance exams? The guy that seems incapable of grasping simple concepts or knowing anything at all? The guy incapable of keeping a secret? The guy with zero curiosity? If he could manage to care about anything that didn't involve himself for one second, he would have definitely told us about the aliens!

If Trump does have anything to do with taking down the cabal, it's not going to be intentional or deliberate. He's the Man Who Knew Too Little. I reiterate that this man does not care about anything but himself. You can read more of my analysis about why I think there's no way in hell that Trump is the savior to stop the cabal in Stupid Revolution.

A lot of New Agers and my own audience disagree with me. I lost friends from this community to this clown show - who weren't even American! People with free school and healthcare! Socialists!!

Maybe they were swayed because they didn't have to live with Trump's emotional abuse every single day for the last four years. One of them didn't even have a TV.

Maybe they were swayed because they are naïve. 

Maybe they were swayed because they lacked higher education. 

Maybe they were swayed because they are hyper emotional people.

Maybe they were just sad and lonely and trying to bond with the new person they were fucking. It's pretty interesting how these people with ADHD were able to watch Qtubers nonstop each night often until 4:00am.

They began to like the things that Trump was spewing more and more. They became Q puppets. They went all in on believing that Trump was the chosen one to take down the Satanists and pedophiles - who are Democrats. OK, byeee!

Life tip: If you're rooting for the guy that gets heiled by literal Nazis - you're on the wrong side. Genocide scholar, Gregory Stanton, described QAnon as a "Nazi group rebranded." No, thanks.

The summer of 2020 was especially emotionally brutal dealing with COVID and the deaths of George Floyd and John Lewis. I remember watching Obama speak at John's memorial service. It was comforting to hear a leader speaking like a human being with empathy, compassion, and complete sentences. It had been too long.

Then later that same day, without even knowing about the funeral or what was going on in the world in "the reality-based community," one of my newly minted QAnon friends made a passing comment that Obama was evil. God, man, what world are you living in? Ron's.

Ron Watkins/Q said that he did this kind of research for 10 years. So did I. But I never waded through the sewer of hatred on imageboards to gather information.

Did Ron create these ideas or did he find this information and distribute it to fit his point of view? Remember where he was posting this stuff and who his initial audience was - The Deplorables.

Did Ron come across David Icke?

From what I know about QAnon beliefs, they seem to stem from David Icke like material almost exclusively, minus any bible references. I've watched hours of David Icke lectures in the past and have one of his books which has dozens of passages marked and highlighted. I'm familiar enough with him to know what sounds like him. Not too long ago, it seemed like David was really on to something.

At some point though, he quit resonating with me completely. His newer videos started going more off the rails even for him. As one blogger noted, "his worldview has slipped from science fiction and fantasy into outright horror."

When he started raging against Michelle Obama, I was done. He got deplatformed from social media. He started appearing on Alex Jones's show. I am not down with that crowd. Deplorable-esque. 

Unlike Q/Ron and David Icke, the channelers have never named names, celebrities, or political parties of who is involved with this cabal. They've only said that it has an extensive worldwide membership. They have never given dates or a timeline when all will be revealed. They never said that anyone will be executed.

Why? Because they say they can't interfere.

The channelers intent seems to be to want to prepare us for when this all finally comes to light. The more prepared we are the less traumatic it will be. It's going to be so shocking that they do not want us to fall into despair. They want us to rejoice because this has been going on since the beginning of time and once it's revealed it can't continue. That is worth celebrating.

For example, this is an excerpt from a Kryon channeling from Laguna Hills 2018 entitled Disturbing Things

"One by one the light is shining itself on the disturbing things on this planet. And when they start to surface, and there will be some you don’t expect, and when they start to surface, I want you to have the maturity to say to yourself, 'The light is so bright that we now know this. We got them. We got them.' We got that low energy thing, and it can’t exist in the light and it won’t.

You see, one of the attributes of exposing disturbing things is the solutions that will arise to get rid of them...And what you will do, is to eliminate what they have created, not them. I want you to consider something else completely. I want you to use this, I want you to use media to expose it to every single human you can on this planet so there is nowhere to hide. So, there can be no secrets at all, ever. And so that the very process of what was being done cannot be done in the light. And it will crumble.

But in the past, the old method was to attack and destroy instead of to shine light. So, this is the first thing I will give you of this nature when disturbing things occur – shine more light. Show how disturbing they are and what that might mean and how long they’ve been doing it. Show the faces if needed. But don’t use force."

Does that sound at all like Q, Patriot?

If Ron was gathering the same type of information that I have, why did he start twisting it into something hateful and political?

Q drops were posted on imageboards filled with standard White Supremacist's posts of hatred towards Jews, women, and black people. Why?

Many Q drops demonize Hillary (woman), Obama (black), and Democrats (many Jewish, people of color, and support women's rights).

Q drops were laced with biblical references. Why? 

For political gain like politicians do? To gain instant supporters? Religions are constantly used to manipulate people.

Q was embraced by the Evangelical community. Why?

Because they are pro-life? Democrats are pro-choice, so of course the Dems's would be immoral Satan worshippers. Evangelicals knew it all along.

Trump uses confirmation bias like no one else. He amplified QAnon conspiracy theories and in turn he was hailed as a deity. They were both telling each other what they wanted to hear = circle jerk.

MindWar is the deliberate, aggressive convincing of the
participants in a war that they will win that war.

What the MindWar operative says is only part of the MindWar. The rest lies in the conviction they project to their audience. This is not something that can be faked. Why does a person believe one news anchor over another reporting the same headline? Rapport. 

In 1990, Ivanka's mom Ivana, revealed that from time to time her husband read a book of Hitler’s collected speeches, My New Order, which he kept in a cabinet by his bed. Hitler’s speeches reveal his extraordinary ability as a master propagandist.

Trump and his cronies never speak in conversational tones. They're loud. They’re always shouting with vitriol or what they consider conviction.

Emotion is evoked. The listeners must believe what they say. They do.

The followers then perpetuate the narrative. They start making they're own videos screaming and crying about stolen elections and pedophiles.

When Dwight asks for help writing a speech to deliver at a sales conference, Jim "helps" him to write a great public speech by giving him suggestions from speeches of famous dictators. There's a lot of shouting, arm movements, and banging on the podium. It evokes emotion and wins over the crowd. Does this tactic sound familiar?

QAnons are endlessly waiting for a prophesied day of reckoning known as “The Storm,” during which all the evildoers will be rounded up and executed. For reasons I'd love to know, I think that even Ron himself was convinced that this was going to happen and set a date.

Although none of the prophecies of mass arrests, executions, and Trump being reinstated as president have come to pass - nevertheless, the movement continues.

QAnons are committed to the "Big Lie" that the 2020 election was stolen by Joe Biden who they deem to be a demented pedophile hologram clone.

They believe that Silicon Valley is trying to silence them and that their rights are being infringed upon.

They believe the Mainstream Media does not report their truth, not because what they believe can't be proven, but because the media are puppets of the Illuminati who brainwash the masses.

Ron and Jim Watkins care about free speech, if nothing else.

After the role their imageboards had in the involvement of mass shootings, the original creator, Fredrick Brennan, wanted the whole thing taken down. The Waktkinses did not. They are sociopaths.

This started a feud, a rivalry, and then a war with the Watkinses over this. Fredrick is calling for their prosecution.

The Watkinses had a vested interest in Trump winning the 2020 election. Just as gun enthusiasts always fear that if a Democrat wins that they'll try and take away their guns. The Watkinses believed that if Biden won, that he would overturn Section 230 of the 1996 Communications Decency Act, which doesn't hold Internet platform owners liable for the content on their platforms. They don't want to be prosecuted. They want their sewer to be able to run freely regardless who dies because of it.

On Election Day 2020, Ron announced that he was stepping down as admin for 8Kun. Q virtually disappeared and hasn’t posted since December 8, 2020.

The Storm never came on Inauguration Day. No one was dragged off to Guantánamo. The Democrats weren't all round up and executed. To the shock and dismay of every QAnon, there was a peaceful transfer of power.

A half hour after Biden was sworn in as the 46th President, in a post on the platform Telegram, a new place for "cancelled" right-wingers and QAnon supporters, Ron wrote:

"We gave it our all. Now we need to keep our chins up and go back to our lives as best we are able.

We have a new president sworn in and it is our responsibility as citizens to respect the Constitution regardless of whether or not we agree with the specifics or details regarding officials who are sworn in.

As we enter into the next administration please remember all the friends and happy memories we made together over the past few years.

Ill [sic] have more to say in a few days regarding a new project i'm currently fleshing out.

God bless." 


It looks like Ron is playing a new game now.

Is Ron trying to fulfill Q's prophecies himself?

His new project is trying to get Trump reinstated in office. He's still trying to overturn the election. He is smearing Dominion Voting Systems. Dressed up as one of his alter-egos, Ron appeared on Trump supporting "news" channel One American News Network (OAN), several times spewing Dominion conspiracy theories.

Trump retweeted these segments. Trump-supporting attorney Sidney Powell even filed an affidavit from Ron in a Georgia lawsuit which falsely alleged that there had been widespread voter fraud.

Consider the source!

Ron, the walking talking shit poster. The guy who admires Diogenes, the ancient Greek cynic, who wonders - why if a dog can shit in the middle of a town square then why can't he?

Ron is being cited as an expert witness seemingly based on nothing else other than he’s read the Dominion voting machine manual.


Currently, there’s a LARP of Cyber Ninjas counting ballots (again) in my hometown of Maricopa County, Arizona. They're trying to prove Ron & Trump's Big Lie.

Those ballots have already been audited twice by legit credentialed auditors. The ballots were already certified by the Republican Governor, despite Trump calling him to try and stop him as he was certifying the ballots live on TV. 

Before the insurrection, the ninja CEO Doug Logan, wrote a document entitled Election Fraud Facts and Details, a list of false talking points for Republican members of Congress, who planned to dispute the results of the election. Many of the claims in the document have been debunked or disproven and others have little or no supporting evidence. Shocker. Nevertheless, he stands behind all of his bullshit with conviction.

His company is tweeting things like, “This is the most comprehensive forensic election audit in the history of our galaxy!”

Jesus fucking Christ.

This is going to get people killed again. Arizona’s Secretary of State now has to have police protection because of all the death threats she’s getting.

One of the ninja auditors was at the insurrection. The ninjas are there to confirm their conspiracy. They're creating proof.

Remember when Trump was caught on recording trying to "persuade" Georgia's Secretary of State to "find" him more votes? This is what the ninjas are doing in Arizona! They're going to "find" him votes. I guess with UV lights??

Whatever the outcome, which I think we can guess will be in Trump's favor, it will not change the results of the 2020 election. Meanwhile, law makers in almost every state are creating laws that will allow Republican legislatures to overturn State's election results if they don't like the outcome. These tactics are destroying our democratic process. 

The will of the many is being culled by the few - exactly what the actual cabal does. Hello?! 

So, what the fuck is the point of continuing all of this bullshit?

Is it to appease the messiah? 

Is it to destroy the democratic process?

Is it the sense of community these people feel?

The sense of mission and purpose?

Is it like rooting for your team even though they consistently lose? Like the Confederacy? 

Ah, the Confederacy.

Is white supremacy the root of all this Q bullshit? A hatred of black people?

Go back to the beginning. Q was born and lived on an anonymous imageboard filled with neo-Nazis. The things I’ve seen reprinted from those imageboards made my jaw drop. I couldn’t get through a fraction of it. It's too sickening.

These boards are so bad that even the people who made money off of decoding Q drops on Youtube (Qtubers) had to obtain the drops elsewhere so they didn’t have to wade through the sewer to get them.

Remember that FBIAnon came on the scene when Hillary was being investigated. FBIAnon presented themselves as someone from inside the government having firsthand knowledge of all things Hillary.

FBIAnon once posted that Hillary hated Obama because he was black. One of the imageboard users quickly warned not to say that there because revealing that info would get Hillary votes. 


"The Deplorables" on these imageboards have very warped views about black people. They have twisted the history of the Confederacy. 

The Deplorables have convinced themselves that the Civil War had nothing to do with slavery. That the soldiers that fought for the South were heroes fighting for their communities, the Southern way of life, and States' rights (to own humans!). 

The Deplorables view themselves the same way. As honorable. While they fight to keep confederate relics; try to prevent schools from teaching black history; reestablish racist voting laws; enact new laws targeting Black Lives Matter protestors to either prevent them from protesting, or to make it legal to kill them while they are protesting. 

They believe the Black Lives Matter movement is full of dangerous violent terrorists. QAnons believe that Black Lives Matter have dark energy. 

Like Trump, QAnons will scream until they are blue in the face that they aren’t racist. Maybe they are so fucked in the head they might actually believe that.

Remember, Jim Watkins named his far-right propaganda outlet The Goldwater. Barry Goldwater was a far-right Republican Senator from Arizona. Goldwater criticized the Supreme Court decision to integrate schools. He voted against the 1964 Civil Rights Act, and like the people claiming the Civil War was about State's rights, that's the same claim he used to defend his opposition to end segregation. That it should be a State's right to discriminate.

Goldwater made his no vote on integration the foundation for his presidential run. Southern Democrats switched their party affiliation to Republican to support him. The GOP has made the South its base for the election of every Republican president ever since. And they wonder why black people vote overwhelmingly Democrat. 

Goldwater's position was the federal government shouldn't be telling people who they have to go to school with (black people), who they have to serve at their businesses and restaurants (black people), etc. He was supported by the KKK and yet Barry Goldwater is not considered a racist.

When you point out racist positions like these, the accused often turn it around and say that you're the racist! Why would you think this has anything to do about race?!

That's projection. Projection is a psychological defense mechanism that involves projecting undesirable feelings or emotions onto someone else, rather than admitting to or dealing with the unwanted feelings.

Maybe they’re compartmentalizing - I'm not a bad person, how could I be racist? 

Maybe it's cognitive dissonance - saying one thing but behaving in a contradictory way. Ron claims that he can't be a white nationalist because he's half Asian. Barry Goldwater didn't think he was racist because he was half Jewish.

Maybe they’re in denial. Trump is supposed to be saving the children, and yet he doesn't seem to care about the ones he could actually help that were left at the border. In fact, he's only inflicting more trauma and grief on them - on purpose. I don't think he cares about his own children. Remember when he said that Melania has a son when referring to his own son?!  

Maybe they are straight up gaslighting. So many possibilities. Someone much smarter than me in the area of psychology and personality disorders is going to have to take it from here.

Or, maybe it's not even that complicated. Maybe they are just naïve and or ignorant. Maybe they aren't racist but nevertheless they are unwittingly enabling racism. They're holding the door open and letting it in. They're racist adjacent. They attend Q rallies standing next to Proud Boys and Boogaloo Boys. Red flag you might be involved with some racist shit.

Some of Q's famous supporters are not the sharpest tools in the shed. The messiah and his worshippers like Michael Flynn, Marjorie Taylor Greene, and Lauren Boebert are all colossal fucking morons. Like, it's astounding that they've made it this far in life. 

We cannot allow people like this to rewrite our hateful history. How we see the past impacts how we see the present and the future. Hiding what happened in the past is essential for the manipulators to hide what is happening now.

So let the record show the statements of the men that were actually in the room during the Civil War, it's pretty self-explanatory:

During the 1861 secession convention, Mississippi lawmakers declared, "Our position is thoroughly identified with the institution of slavery—the greatest material interest of the world.” Jesus.

Confederate Vice President, Alexander Stephens, said that slavery was “the immediate cause of the late rupture and present revolution,” and that the Confederacy was founded on “the great truth that the negro is not equal to the white man.”

That last sentiment right there seems to be engrained in more people's DNA than I ever imagined. It's a part of them and they don't seem to realize it's there. They can't see it. Or they don't want to see it. Or they don't want to believe it? I don't know!

It's so horrifying and confusing but explains the systematic racism embedded in every part of American life. Once segregated, black people never experienced equality. They have always gotten inferior resources, second-class treatment, and even outright harassment, right down to being lynched and blatantly murdered just for existing while black.

Clearly the fucked up belief that White's are superior is not an outdated fringe belief like once thought - but the norm. Any time black people get any morsel of equality, protection, power, or demand they stop getting killed for no reason, there is severe white backlash in response. 

The Republican base never wanted society to be integrated in the first place and they sure as hell don't want black people in power or even voting. They don't think it's right. The don't consider black people real Americans. They don't want foreigners becoming Americans. They'll lose white rule.

Their fragile egos can't allow the racially diverse Democrats to be in power. They sent in the ninjas to stop them. They're rewriting laws to stop them. They're undoing the democratic process to stop them.

QAnon's you've been duped. Q's movement is less about saving the children and more about keeping white Americans the ruling class. We're in the process of becoming an autocracy right now so that white men can stay in power. Good job, Patriots.

One of Q's slogans is: Darkness to Light

In QAnon's minds, this means the revelation of the sex-trafficking ring. But what if the darkness coming to light is actually the QAnons themselves?

All of these imageboard users that use to disseminate hate anonymously in the bowels of the Internet are now out in the open smearing their feces inside the Capitol and taking selfies.

We know who they are. The real FBI knows who they are. 

Now what are we going to do about it, Patriots?

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