Beam Me Up Scotty, or Maybe Not...

Sunday August 7, 2016


I live on the bottom floor of my building closest to the parking lot. This building has a mixture of people who are residents that live here full-time and vacationers. 

Due to my location being the first door you come to, tourists frequently knock on my door or just walk right in my house (because my door is usually open while cooking or just letting in the Hawaiian breeze) thinking that this is the front office and are looking to check-in. 

This has been going on for five years.

Something else worth knowing before reading this story is that I don't believe we are alone in this universe. I believe in extraterrestrials. I genuinely do and not just to be weird. 

In fact, I don't think admitting this should be considered anymore weird than someone saying that they believe in a higher power, God, or angels. 

I've had several forever memorable experiences to believe otherwise.

And since the cat is out of the bag now anyway...I've also had a past life regression and one of the lifetimes I was shown took place on another planet.

(Now I'm going to have to write about that. I will. Later. I swear.) 

((Update: I did here))

I couldn't sleep last night.  

The tourists above me were stomping on top of my head until 1:30 AM and I was already completely agitated as it was because earlier in the day when I was out on my patio minding my own business, one of my neighbors saw me and decided to stop and have a completely unwanted and unwelcomed political discussion.

Since we are on opposite sides of the political spectrum that conversation was a blast, let me tell ya.

(It is worth noting that I was out on my patio reading Dolores Cannon's book The Search for Hidden Sacred Knowledge. It's chock full of extraterrestrial shit she's complied over her 45 years as a hypnotherapist conducting past life regressions.)

Anyway, the point is I was effing tired today. By 7:00 PM my body was aching I was so exhausted. So I got in the shower and went to bed. 

I was in so much pain that I started talking to my body intending to heal and relax. I started calling in anyone that could help heal me: angels; my ancestors; aliens.

I said things out loud like "I'm inviting you in" and "just beam me up and work on me in one of your ships."

It was working wonderfully. After a while, I was feeling so much better which is so cool. 

Before I fell asleep, I had to get up twice to use the bathroom. And both times I was up I went to turn off my salt lamp but got a very strong message in my head telling me, "not yet." 

I also knew that I would be writing a lot in my dream journal tonight. Ha!

I fell asleep deeply and without the aid of my laptop - which never happens. I cannot remember my dream state but something intense was happening.

The next thing I know, I am startled awake from a very deep sleep. It took me a minute to get fully consicous and get my bearings and to try to understand what I was looking at. 

I am slowly realizing that I am currently in my bed and in my house but for some reason I am seeing the shadows of two human faces on the wall in front of me. 

My salt lamp is on and it is currently the only thing on in my house that indicates that someone might be home.

I can see that the shadow figures are kind of sneaking around trying to peer into my bedroom. 

Utterly petrifying. 

And I am naked. Of course. 

Somehow through my sleepy haze, terror, and confusion I have enough resolve to blurt out, "Hello? This isn't the office!"

I then bolt out of bed, grabbing the set of clothes I leave at the end of my bed for just such occasions (when you live with anxiety you're always thinking about and planning for worst case scenarios. I always knew I would need these one day!).

I run into the bathroom, which is just one step away from my bed. I slam the door and proceed to have a heart attack. 

I throw my clothes on and march out the door ready for a showdown. But they're gone. 

I walk up to my front door. The door is unlocked and I can hear commotion outside. People are talking. I hear someone say, "we just went into that one."

I stand there frozen. Should I open the door? Will I go ape shit? What should I do?

My adrenaline is jacked and I start pacing. 

How did they get the keycode to open my door?

I must have forgot to lock it after bringing in my laundry. Yeah, that must be what happened.

Wait, you didn't even do laundry today! That was yesterday.


You had to have locked the door.

Oh wait, you cooked last night too and you opened the door to air out the house.

How could you have not locked it?

I don't know?! Maybe I did.

Maybe the aliens are showing me that I'm not ready for them to come in.

Oh. Probably. 

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