Past Life Regression

Part One

In my last blog, I made reference to my past life regression and promised I would write about it.

This took place on October 10, 2014. It was recorded and this is the first time that I have brought myself to listen to it. 

I've always felt like I don't belong. I'm convinced I'm not from this planet.

I'm always yearning for "home" and I don't even know what that means considering that these feelings arise even when I'm siting in my own house.

It's a cosmic homesickness.

I became aware of what is known as Starseeds.

I was pretty positive that I knew which star system I had a connection to but I wanted to somehow confirm it, which is what led me to get a past life regression.

I had read Dr. Brian Weiss' book Many Lives Many Masters so I had some preconceived notions of what to expect. And now all this time later, there are countless videos of this process you can watch on YouTube. I've transcribed a lot of other people's experiences on my Secrets of the Universe page.

I thought I'd be in like a catatonic state watching this vivid movie play in my head while the hypnotist would record what I saw while I described it in detail.

Not so much. Mine was nothing like that.

I really struggled with getting any visuals at all and all my answers were pretty much one word. I was conscious of everything. I remembered the whole thing. 

My session was conducted at a hypnotist's house, at her kitchen table. I was sitting straight up in a chair. So it was not conducive to being in a relaxed state. I thought, seriously?! This is not going to work.

After I was supposed to have been put in my sedated state, I was still totally alert and I couldn't see anything visually. Just black. 

She persisted and tried to keep getting me to go "under" for a while. Below is what transpired. I have split it up into the three different lifetimes I experienced. Here is the first one:


Q: Can you look down at your body and tell me if you're male or female?

A: I don't see it, but I heard male. (I would get answers coming from the back of my head. Not where my usual thoughts generate.)

Q: And what else do you see around you?

A: (Long pause) Just like colors all mashed together.

Q: Well it sounds beautiful. Can you describe what it feels like seeing these colors?

A: (Long pause) It doesn't feel like anything. 

Q: Have you seen these colors before?

A: Yes.

Q: Where have you seen these kinds of colors before?

A: Every day.

Q: Is there anyone else there with you?

A: No.

Q: Is there any kind of time or date there as you look at those colors?

A: (Loong pause) Uh-uh.

Q: And do you know where you might be?

A: I just heard France. (Again from the back of my head.)

Q: And the person that's speaking to you, the voice that told you "male" and "France," who is that talking to you? Do you know who that is?

A: (Loong pause) Me.

Q: It's you talking? Okay. I'd like to ask what part of Sarah is giving Sarah this information, this voice, what part is that of Sarah?

A: All of it.

Q: Am I talking to Sarah's subconscious mind? 

A: (Long pause) First I heard no, then yes.

Q: Okay, on the count of three Sarah's subconscious mind will come forward and talk to me on the count of three.

Hi, subconscious mind of Sarah's. How are you today?

A: Good.

Q: Subconscious mind, are you the one giving me the information about France and her being a male?

A: (Long pause) Yes.

Q: I thought so. Well hello it's so nice you stepped forward today. I appreciate that. I know you have all the information that Sarah needs because you have access to all the information and infinite knowledge. Thank you so much. Because this is important for Sarah to know these things isn't it?

A: (I must have nodded.) 

Q: Can you tell me why Sarah is in France right now and she's a male? What's going on? What's happening there? Can you give Sarah a visual of what's happening and why she's there?

A: (Very long pause and ultimately no answer.)

Q: Are you actually French as you're there in France?

A: No.

Q: What nationality are you?

A: Spanish.

Q: Spanish. Why are you in France?

A: Farming.

Q: You're a farmer. What do you grow?

A: (Long pause) Corn?

Q: Do you know what city or town you are in?

A: Bordeaux.

Q: How old are you?

A: Twenty.

Q: Do you speak Spanish or do you know any other language?

A: French.

Q: Who do you live with there on this land in Bordeaux? Do you live alone or do you have family there?

A: Mom. (I could sense that this person was also my current mom and I started to get a visual image of where I was for the first time. I was looking across a field at this wooden structure near a stream of water. I knew my mom was in that building.)

Q: Do you know what year it is there?

A: Four..Forty..Fourteen...

Q: Okay. Is it the 1900's?

A: No. Fourteen.

Q: Oh the 1400's! That sounds like a lot of hard work growing that corn and farming. You must have some pretty big muscles.

A: Medium.

Q: What does your mom do for a living?

A: Flowers. Art.

Q: What's happening as you're there right now? What are you doing?

A: Just a simple life.

Q: Living a simple life sounds nice. Do you have a girlfriend? 

A: Must be. Sort of. Not for sure yes. Not for sure no.

Q: Is there a girl you have a crush on?

A: Yeah.

Q: What's her name?

A: (I said this as if I'm trying to sound it out.)  Julie. Julia. Something.

Q: Can you describe her?

A: Brown hair. Blue dress.

Q: What color are her eyes?

A: Brown.

Q: How old is she?

A: Fourteen. (Jesus!)

Q: Well she sounds beautiful. Have you told her that you have a crush on her?

A: Yes.

Q: What did she say?

A: No.

Q: She said no to you. Well you know because you're a lot older than her, right? You're 20 and she's 14. Maybe you scared her. 

A: She's the only one around.

Q: Oh she's the only one around so the pickings are slim. How did that make you feel when she said no to you?

A: Bad. Sad. Lonely.

Q: Ok subconscious mind. I'm going to take Sarah to the very first time she felt these feeling of being sad and lonely. It doesn't matter what lifetime. We're going to the origin.