Developing Your Innate Abilities

Developing your innate abilities is about reconnecting with what is often referred to as psychic abilities or gifts, but really we are all born with. Just watch how a baby follows energy around a room. As little kids our imaginary friends were not so imaginary. 

Our abilities begin to get suppressed as we realize other people can't see or hear the things we do. Or maybe our stories upset our families. Or maybe we experienced something that frightened us.  

All of this and more causes us to start disconnecting from that ethereal connection. Additionally, as we grow older we are beaten and molded into what is "appropriate" so we begin to shut down our extra senses. 

Many adults soon get lost in the noise and distractions of life, and never think about their old abilities again. Some of us get little reminders of the things we used to be able to do. Some of us get triggered by a person or event that either reconnects us or reminds us of our old connection.

So many of us long for that extra connection again. Here some tips on redeveloping your innate abilities:


In order to reconnect with the outer realms, we need to disconnect from all the distractions in this one. You can't reconnect yourself while you're busy connected to your computer, TV, phone, etc. 

Technology is the biggest interference between you and your source connection. The longer you can go unplugged the better, but start by unplugging anything electrical for an hour a day. 

Make a ritual of it. Turn off the lights. Shut down your computer. Shut off your phone. (Not vibrate, not silent , not even airplane mode - shut that shit off!) 


Be quiet. Get reacquainted with silence. Silence is the language of the Universe. Every day we get messages. The quieter you are, the more you can hear. Focus on your breath. Be aware of your thoughts. 

This is essential as you start to reconnect with your whole self, you will recognize what thoughts you generate and which ones clearly are coming from somewhere else.

Thought forms is how you communicate with other beings and your higher-self. They are the subtlest of messages that breeze through your mind in your own voice. You must really be present to recognize them.


Tap in to the essence around you. Nature is the best place to practice this. Sit in a garden or under a tree.

Everything has a consciousness. Start up a conversation. Tune into a tree or a bird. Take note of the impressions that you get and the thought forms you receive.

Be aware of and acknowledge sparkles, sensations, and thought forms. 

Tune into the energy of the words people speak to you. Is what they are saying true? Are they speaking from a place of pain?

Tune in to the energy of the person. Do you know what's going on with them without them having to tell you? Are they sick? Are they troubled?

Ask questions to yourself. Listen for an answer, it usually comes immediately. Take logic out of it. Don't talk yourself out of it.


You know how sometimes you think of someone you haven't heard from for a long time and then suddenly you run into them or get a phone call from them seemingly out of the blue? That's not a coincidence. You were perceiving their essence. 

Take note of the thought forms you are perceiving. Your intuition or your higher-self speaks to you in an unassuming whisper in one passing thought. Whereas the ego (the false self) speaks to you confidently and repeatedly.

Start taking action on those little inklings. You be the one to pick up the phone, you send that message. Be proactive. Watch what happens. 

Trust your instinct. Honor the little voice or the hunches that you get. Sometimes that means not taking action. If you have a bad feeling about a person, or an event, or a street - stay away.


Keep a synchronicity journal. Recording moments of synchronicity (coincidental events) makes you more attuned to all the events conspiring to assist you. 

Keep a dream journal. Once you start reconnecting, your dreams will become more vivid. Record your dreams. What impressions do you get from them? What do they symbolize? Who came to visit you? Where did you go?

Keep a journal. Watch for moments when the information coming through you is not your own. This is known as automatic writing. What messages are you receiving? 


Any ability you have witnessed or read about someone else doing - you also have the capacity to do. Surround yourself with those who are actively connected with their innate abilities. Spend time with little kids, watch Youtube videos, read books, take a class, find a mentor. 

The Hundredth Monkey phenomenon theorizes that there is a point at which if only one more person tunes into a new awareness, the field is strengthened so that this awareness is picked up by almost everyone. 

In other words, simply being around others that have their innate abilities fully developed may activate yours. Don't guruize people because in doing so you give your power away to them as though you don't have the capacity to do those things yourself. Be your own guru. 

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