Being in the Present Moment

When you're being, your attention and focus is on the here and the now - the present moment.

You see and hear more clearly. You observe the underlying details of the things not seen or heard.

You can tune into your higher selves. You can tune into others energy fields to see what's going on with them.

You can see the bigger picture.

Are You Present?

The very definition of being, is living. How many of us are truly being, or in other words, present in our lives.

Being present is being aware.

The present moment is illusive to many, particularly in cultures that emphasize doing. Doing keeps you lost in your mind.

If you’re anxious you’re living in the future.

If you’re depressed you’re living in the past.

If you’re expanding you’re living in the present.

~Lao Tzu

The art of being is a foreign concept to many humans. 

The West has been programmed to value doing.

As a result, we have produced societies filled with zombie robots that are not engaged in life but merely going through the motions, and have no idea that every facet of their lives is suffering.

Being is a state of connection.

Doing is a state of distraction.

When you're in the present moment you're tuned in, taped in, and turned on.

Western cultures pride themselves on the number of hours they work in a week and the number of activities they can squeeze into one day. 

This splinters their consciousness, they literally lose their minds.

They can only ever half do things. Half listen, half remember, half complete their very important tasks, etc.

Western work and home environments require the ability to fracture your consciousness into tiny shards, which takes the form of multitasking.

As a result, inefficiency is rampant, tempers are high, self-worth is nonexistent, and suffering is pandemic.

Getting Present

Being present can be an uncomfortable place and is a state that many of us avoid. Start small. 

Be present when you're eating. How does it taste? Is it something that your body wants or was asking for? How does eating this food make you feel?

Be present when you're walking. Notice your surroundings. What can you hear? How are your feet hitting the ground? What sensations do you feel in your body?

Be present brushing your teeth. Are you brushing thoroughly or just good enough? Are you experiencing any soreness? Do you need a checkup?

These are simple but important ways to start tuning in. 

Work your way up to shutting off your phone for good chunks of time. Every phone call, text, and email does not need to be answered. Really, it doesn't. 

When we distract ourselves, we neglect ourselves.

Many people put their own needs last on their to do lists.

Distractions are excuses to ignore yourself all together. 

Carving out time to eliminate distractions is essential to your well being.

Make yourself a priority.

Avoid energy vampires.

When you're in the present moment you get faced with everything you work so hard to distract yourself from - emotions.

Be present with yourself. Start asking yourself: how are you? Answer it. Feel it. Allow your emotions to come up and pass through.

Being is a state of allowing. It's allowing what is.

Doing is constant effort. It's trying to control the universe.

Engage with others while being fully present.

Ask other people how they really are.

If you're truly present, you will know the truth behind their words.

Allow them to feel how they feel without trying to make it better.

Your presence is a gift and is all they need.

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