Past Life Regression Continued

Part 3

(Catch up on Parts 1 & 2)

Q: We're in France now where this farmer is living a simple life. He's 30 years old now. What's happening now? How about his 30th birthday?

A: He's at home with his family. 

Q: Who is his family? 

A: Wife and kids.

Q: Oh, he's got a wife now? That sounds wonderful. What's her name? 

A: (Long pause.) Jessica

Q: How many children does he have there?

A: Four.

Q: He must be very busy.

A: He loves it. 

Q: He sounds happy to me. 

A: He always wanted it. 

Q: I'd like the subconscious mind. Is this the reason why Sarah, in this lifetime suppresses her femininity? Was she afraid from carrying around all of these feeling from the life of Frankie? 

A: It keeps them away. 

Q: She doesn't have to do that anymore. Chuck's gone. It's okay for her to be around people. 

The mother in France, is that her mother now in this lifetime?

A: Yes.

Q: Is there any more past lives that Sarah needs to remember in regards to her mother?

A: No.


Q: I'd like to ask the subconscious mind now are there any important planets or star systems that Sarah needs to go to at this time?

A: Pleiades. 

Q: Okay. Let's go there now on the count of three. 

What does it look like there?

A: (I sat up straight in my chair all confident.) It's perfect. (pause) Flawless. (I can only describe it like a scene from Avatar. I remember being able to clearly see other planets from where I was standing just as you can see the moon here.)

Q: Is Sarah a man or a woman?

A: Woman.

Q: Does she go by a certain name there?

A: (I spell out) T-R-A-N

Q: Do I pronounce that like train?

A. I make an "ah" sound. 

Q: Oh, like Tron.

A: (Nod)

Q: Does it have some sort of special meaning?

A: Master.

Q: Wow. What does she look like?

A: Tall. Slender. Long dark hair. 

Q: How old is she?

A: Forty. Forty-two?

Q: Does she have a partner there?

A: All. All love her. (I got an image of a very tall blue being standing up in the center of a crowd of people. She was significantly taller than every other "person." Everyone was crowded around her in a circle. It kind of reminded me of like a kindergarten class when all the students come sit down to listen to the teacher read.)

Q: So there's no men there that could ever treat her poorly there no one could beat or stalk her?

A: No.

Q: Why has Tran come down here to planet Earth at this time?

A: To teach.

Q: What is she supposed to teach?

A: Peace. 

Q: That's a big job.

A: It shouldn't be. 

Q: Because she's a master teacher it shouldn't be hard for her. Has she been teaching these things so far on planet Earth?

A: Yes.

Q: Has she made a lot of leeway? 

A: Yes.

Q: Wonderful. So she's doing her life's work. That's an important mission. 

I know Tran's soul has witnessed this session with these past lives, how can we keep that Pleiades energy surrounding Sarah as she moves around the planet in this body and this lifetime? What are some of the things we could say or do to help keep her out of fear as a human here?

A: Keep moving fearlessly.

Q: I feel like she's protected in this lifetime anyway from any evil men or violence, is that right?

A: Soon.

Q: What else could we say or do to help Sarah stay in this space, knowing exactly who she is - this master teacher? 

A: Happiness is the key. Accept nothing else.

Q: It's important that she stays empowered isn't it? She knows who she is.

A: She forgets. 

Q: Are there any words Tran that we could say or you could say to her or even a little tap on her shoulder to help remind her. Any keywords?

A: Go.

Q: I'm actually honored to meet you Tran.

A: You are a master too.

Q: Do you have any special messages for me so I can keep up my work?

A: Love. You have to show people. 

Q: Thank you so much for that information for Sarah and myself because it is a little tough here on planet Earth.

A: You are masters. It is hard. 

Q: Is Sarah hanging out there with you guys at night?

A: Yeah. She's always looking for home. 

Q: I know as soon as she thinks it, she's there. Right?

A: (Nod)

Q: She can experience her home anytime, huh?

A: (Nod)

Q: Are there any other messages this time for Sarah?

A: She will be fine. It's all so silly. Don't make it harder. Don't waste any worry or stress or fear about anything. Teach peace. Starting with peace within yourself.

Check out this audio track of Kryon talking about the Pleiadians near the 20 minute mark.

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