Indigo Pep Talk

April 3, 2022

Friends, I am so sick and tired of getting messages from you extremely talented people who feel like they're dying in their jobs/families/lives and would rather move, sing, write, or create whatever but won't take any steps to do so. Instead you offer excuses as to why you can't and I don't want to hear it anymore. 

I can't want these things for you more than you want them for yourself. I'm no longer going to expend my energy encouraging people for years while nothing changes. This is my last pep talk.

You belong in the life of your dreams. It's up to you! This is your life. You didn't come here to live someone else's version of life. You know what you want. You know what you feel called to create or do or where to live. You don't need anyone else's permission. You don't need anyone's support or help. You already have what you need inside you.

I didn't get anyone's permission to quit my job working for a crazy lady and move to Maui. I had to do it.

I am supposed to write. That's what I'm good at. That's what I would do whether I got paid or not. It's the first thing I want to do when I get up in the morning. 

Every time I doubt myself and rejoin the workforce the universe presents me with crazier and disturbed bosses. How bad does it have to get before you realize this is not your path?

Nobody cheered me on or coddled my insecurities. That would be insane!

You're not going to get anyone's approval for rejecting the enslavement of normal everyday working people to pursue something unconventional and uncertain because this is just how it is - for now. If more people would listen to their instincts and do what's best for them then following your passion would become more accepted, valued, and even normal! Instead people will resent you for it! Do it anyway. 

Your calling is your calling. It's not a conference call.
Only you know that pure passion that burns within you. 
-Emmanuel Acho

Today there is such hostility towards people that have dropped out of the workforce. They're trying to shame you back into enslavement. We're finally starting to buck the status quo. We're not letting things go back to normal. Good! Normal wasn't working. Nobody wants to go back to that shitshow. 

I created this website because I felt inspired to do so. I didn't know how to create a website! I started from scratch. I researched. I took long painful tutorials. The process was slow. It was frustrating. The first website I created I completely fucked up. I lost the domain and lost everything I wrote. Trial and error is part of the creative process. You will fail. It's ok. Try again. It will get easier. But you must get started. Start from where you are. Yes, it's hard and yes it's scary but like I said in my Vlog years ago much more nicely: Just Start Somewhere 

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. 

"Any action is better than no action, especially if you have been stuck in an unhappy situation for a long time. If it is a mistake, at least you learn something, in which case it's no longer a mistake. If you remain stuck, you learn nothing. Is fear preventing you from taking action?" Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now

Figure it out and do the best you can. Do not quit before you even begin. Do not wait for someone else. Do not wait for someday, or etc. etc. You'll be dead soon. Quit delaying. Every day you don't act is a day you're choosing suffering.

I wrote my book because I had to. Meaning I could not let the urge go. It had to be done. I thought of nothing else for years until it was done. I spent years of my life creating it and then editing it. And for what? Did it change my life or make me rich? No. But I got that nagging energy out of me. I'll never spend a second of my life wondering what would have happened or what could have been if I had just finished my book - because I finished it! I'm proud of it and myself. For reasons I'll never know this is what I was supposed to create. 

Do what your like to do because you like to do it. Don't care about the outcome. As Spike Lee says, "I don't need anyone to validate my work!" I've heard many times that it often takes 10 years of work to become an overnight success. I guess that depends on your definition of success. Stop thinking about "making it" and instead think about what you enjoy doing. What if doing more of what makes you happy is being successful to your soul?

The natural impulse and the natural order of this density we are born into is that you come here to express and create yourself and learn from that creation as you go. - Bentinho Massaro

The Purpose of Life is to expand the Universe. The Universe expands through human desire. If you don't do what your heart wants you to do that it will destroy you. I'm prepared to go even further than that and say if you continue suppressing what wants to come out of you that it will kill you!! I'm serious. What do you think happens to that unexpressed energy?

Don't let your mind talk you out of it. Don't let fear paralyze you from taking action or putting yourself out there. Trust yourself - your whole self. That higher-self that gave you the wanting desire to create it in the first place. The you that came here with the talent to create it. If you weren't meant to do it you wouldn't have had the idea in the first place. 

Listen to that nagging inner voice. Pay attention to what lights you up what makes you come alive. Desire summons life force. Ignore or override these inner signals at your own peril.

Watch your thoughts and self-talk. It's not your business what anybody else thinks. Judgment is the killer of happiness. Don't let your own judgments get in the way of your transformation. Don't create obstacles for yourself with limiting beliefs. A block is just a lie that you keep telling yourself. Watch the story that you're telling yourself about why you can't do these things or why you're scared. What risk are you trying to avoid by not changing? 

Is there something you've decided that you can't have so you're not bothering to reach for it? Everything that keeps you from achieving something is merely an idea. Money is an idea issue. Money limits the scope of all the other ways you could get what you want. The "how" is not your job - the "what" is. I did not have the how when I declared I was moving to Maui but just like that the how showed up.

Purpose is natural, fun, and joyful. Explore what excites you. Devote yourself to it. Cut out the distractions, nonsense, and excuses that keep you from taking action. The clock is ticking.

You'll never know why you had the instinct to do something until you've done it. 

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