What is My Life's Purpose?

When people start seeking their life's purpose it's usually because there's this sense that you can feel in your bones that you're not doing what it is you're meant to be doing. 

There's a sense of anguish, despair, and a feeling of being lost that accompanies not being in alignment or being fulfilled.

We know it's out there and probably have some inkling as to what it is but we just want someone anyone to confirm it.

Unfortunately, no advisor, book, or personality test can give you the answer because the answer is in your heart. 


When you are experiencing your life's purpose, your heart lights up. There's a warmth that spreads through your chest.

Take a moment to sit with the following question and answer it unfiltered.

Get a piece of paper so you can go back and look at your answer the next time you get distraught over not knowing what you want to do with your life.


What is it that you would do every day if money was no issue and what people said wasn't an issue?

Every single thing you just thought of is your life’s purpose. Period. 

Right about now your social and family programming may be flaring up proclaiming that this thing or things on your list can't possibly be your life's purpose because they are too shallow, there’s no way to make money doing these things, it's just a hobby, etc, etc, etc.

This conditioning is a result of people not being brave enough to go in the direction of their joy.

Going in the direction of our joy is uncharted territory. 

As a result of our conditioning, we perpetuate it by doing what we feel we should do rather than what we want to do.

Doing what we should do feels like dread, strain, obligation, it feels like dying.

Doing what we want to do feels exciting, like liberation, it feels like busting at the seams with joy.

If You Don't Do What Your Heart Wants You To Do It Can Destroy You

How many people are on medication as a result of doing what they should do? How many people rely on stimulants to get through the day? How many people come home and self-medicate? 

When you are living your life’s purpose it fuels you, time flies, your heart sings, synchronisities abound. 

When you're doing what you should do, it feels like an act.

When you're doing what you want to do you feel like yourself, and what's more joyful than that? 

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