What is My Life's Purpose?

I didn't know what my life's purpose was for a long time but I sure as shit knew what it wasn't. I knew I didn't come all the way to Earth to stand at a filing cabinet all day getting paper cuts and jabbed with with staples.

Indigos and probably others (I hope) feel that we're here to make a difference. It literally pains us to do meaningless work. We feel despair, anguish, and down right lost not being a part of some greater purpose.

I know there are people that have this feeling in their bones that they're not doing what they're meant to be doing. They hesitate to make a change because what would people think?! Or maybe they're not sure that thing is their purpose and they need someone to confirm it or give them permission. 

There is no counselor, book, or personality test that can give you the answer to what your purpose is because the answer is in you. In your heart. 


When you are experiencing your life's purpose, your heart lights up. There's a warmth that spreads through your chest. I get this feeling when I'm in the ocean taking pictures of turtles or when I'm writing and I'm really in the flow. I get this when I'm planning a trip or learning about the secrets of the Universe. 

Take a moment to sit with the following question. Be prepared to answer it unfiltered. Write down every single thing that comes to mind.

Get a piece of paper so you can go back and look at your answer the next time you get distraught over not knowing what you want to do with your life.


What is it that you would do every day
if money was no issue and
what people said wasn't an issue?

Every single thing you just thought of is your life’s purpose. Period. 

This is what fuels you. This is what you could do that doesn't feel like work. 

Right about now your social conditioning or family programming may be flaring up to say that are you insane? This thing or things on your list can't possibly be your life's purpose because they are too shallow, there’s no way to make money doing these things, or it's just a hobby, etc, etc, etc.

This conditioning is a result of those people not being brave enough to go in the direction of their joy. They didn't so why should you get to. What makes you so special you don't have to suffer like the rest of us?

Going in the direction of our joy is abnormal. How sad. It's uncharted territory. 

As a result of our conditioning, we perpetuate it by doing what we feel we should do rather than what we want to do.

Doing what we should do feels like dread, strain, obligation, it feels like dying.

Doing what we want to do feels exciting, like liberation, freedom, it feels like busting at the seams with joy.

If You Don't Do What Your Heart
Wants You To Do It Can Destroy You

We all have to do something and if you don't choose for yourself it will be chosen for you. Not many people are where they want to be in life.

How many people are on medication as a result of doing what they should do? How many people rely on stimulants to get through the day? How many people come home and self-medicate? 

When you are living your life’s purpose it fuels you, time flies, your heart sings, things manage to work out, synchronisities abound. 

When you're doing what you should do, it feels like an act, you're playing a role, time can't move fast enough, you never have enough energy, everything feels hard.

When you're doing what you want to do you feel like yourself and what's more joyful than that? 

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