Living Your Life's Purpose

Living your life's purpose is not something that you have to wait until (fill in the blank), you can start now and in this life time!

This takes some embracing your inner Indigo, some independence, and a willingness to follow your heart. Additionally, you're most likely going to have to forgo the need for acceptance and approval from friends and loved ones for awhile, or indefinitely.

It's a brave thing to follow your joy. It takes courage to break free of societies deeply ingrained beliefs and crab bucket mentality - if I can't have it, then neither can you. You have to be the one that gets away.

There are a lot of things that society has been indoctrinated into believing, Indigos know there's another way.

If you haven't acknowledged your inner Indigo yet these beliefs may be invisible to you. You might not realize that these beliefs are not truths, because everyone around you may share the same views and think the same way. 

Indigos can't help but answer the calling inside us. As outlandish or far-fetched as it may be, we know that we create our own reality and there isn't anything we can't be, do, or have. As we have no limits, the sky is our point of view.

That doesn't mean we are without fear or ego. The ego will still be fixated on how you go about living your life's purpose. How will this pay my bills? How can I move across the country? How will this ever work out?

You are never going to know how, it is beyond your ability to know. The possibilities are endless. Go in the direction of where you want to be and the how will show up.

Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

When you go in the direction of your joy you will find that one thing tends to dovetail into another and so on and so on. When you're coming from a place of fear and anxiety, it is going to feel like taking a leap of faith.

When you're coming from a place of knowing that the nagging urges and longing within you are going to save you, and that the whole universe is conspiring to assist you - your once invisible pathway will now be lit before you. 

Act on nudging thoughts. Let your passion propel you. The presence of passion is your confirmation that you're on the right path. When you're doing what lights you up, there's no turning back. It's better to go too far to live your life's purpose than not go far enough.

Remember that following your bliss is something generally unheard of and something that usually only other people get to do. Be that other person. Be the example. Show them we are all the others. Someone has to go first. Don't let them pull you back down inside the crab bucket. Don't make your bridge disappear. Trust yourself to know what's best for you.

Joy is synonymous with purpose. You will know your path from the fun of it.

When people are asked how they ended up living their life's purpose, oftentimes the answer is that they just kind of fell into it. They have no idea. Everything just sort of fell into place. They make it seem like they are some special case.

These people might attribute their path to luck or coincidence. What they are unaware of is - that what you are meant to do or where you are meant to go will literally fall in your lap as a result of following your joy. 

It is crucial to keep from comparing your circumstances to someone else's. Keep from expecting or assuming things can only show up in a certain way. Your means to living your life's purpose is not going to show up in the same way as anyone else's. 

Money is not the means to living your life's purpose - living your life's purpose is the means to the money.

There is no better way to earn money than by doing things that you love to do. You can’t not do what you love and not get abundance from that.

Money can flow into your life through endless streams. It is not the choice of the means that limits the money that flows in—but your attitude toward money. 

Have a little faith.

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