Indigo Awakening

There are several rather unpleasant symptoms that result after your DNA blueprint has been activated and triggers an Indigo Awakening.

Things start changing within your body and you can feel it. It's uncomfortable and sometimes down right alarming.

Pain is a sign of how quickly you're evolving. Pain is your body's response to the rapid acceleration of change. 

Kryon has referred to this as a cellular renovation taking place in our DNA. He says our enlightenment is related to our biology.

There's a vibratory shift going on. He describes it as having your house renovated while you're still living there. Awful.

The children coming in right now are fully renovated.

The rest of us are doing it the hard way, but we gave our permission to do this through our intent.

Our cells are being reawakened to change our biology to match the new energy. 


I have this new found anxiety that I've never experienced before. I feel anxious all of the time and like I could burst into tears at any time but never do. My nerves feel absolutely fried.

Being energetically sensitive we pick up on so much of what is going on in our reality and behind the scenes that we become overwhelmed and even fearful.

Kryon says this anxiety we feel has to do with the evolution that is going on inside us. Nothing is staying the same. Everyday we're waking up with an uneasiness, like now what?

He said this is the first time on the planet where humans don't have to die first and come back to make these evolutionary changes at the cellular level. 

This new energy is altering our nervous systems. We are being impulsed with a knowing (claircognizance).

Kryon says this evolution will not stop from now forward. This is ascension, a continual evolvement raising the vibration of our cells. 

He recommends using the power of love to transform these feelings into peaceful ones through our intent.


Seeing as how your body is under construction is it any wonder that you may experience inexplicable bouts of fatigue? 

Sometimes it feels like I'm walking through quick sand, or fighting gravity trying to keep my eyes open, sometimes my speech is slow and slurred - all of these things for seemingly no good reason!

Upon further investigation, I can usually link these bouts of fatigue to solar flare activity.

The sun, moon, and planet alignment effect us physically.

Solar energy creates a new vibration.

In Barbara Marciniak's book Earth: Pleiadian Keys to the Living Library, she says to think of the sun as a gigantic magnet.

They say that solar flares cannot physically effect humans on the ground. Uh-huh. Of course they do.

Solar flares effect our electronics. Kryon (of Magnetic Service) says our DNA is magnetic and so is the earth's grid. 

The sun has a lot to do with our transformation (which explains the fear campaign against the sun i.e. sunscreen). Each flare is like another energy upgrade we have to integrate.

Marciniak (who channels the Family of Light) says the moon is a very powerful electromagnetic computer.

The moon effects us just as it does the ocean. Think about how much liquid is in our bodies.

Marciniak says that within our bodies are light-encoded filaments that connect everything together.

Kryon says that we lightworkers are anchoring energy into the earth actually keeping weather patterns away, keeping the earth from shaking, and keeping mountains still - sounds exhausting.

P.S. Your welcome.


There are some days my bones ache to the core. My back is in near constant agony. There are times my skull feels like it's fractured or I just feel so light headed I can't even function.

Marciniak says our bodies are undergoing a tremendous and radical change being reorganized at a subatomic level. She says our bodies are growing more than just physically.

Our nervous systems are taking this high energy electrical currents and trying to fit them inside our bodies. Our bodies are evolving.

There is a disorientation, confusion, and lack of identity that comes along with this evolutionary process.

Toxicity may come out of our bodies making us sick.

She says to think of our bodies as a frequency device. We must be able to operate with a higher electrical current inside of us.

This increased energy will begin to activate our innate abilities and increase our sensitivities. 


Listen to your body and let it tell you what it wants. Let it change. 

Slow down and allow for integration. Rest to avoid burnout. Sometimes you will need a tremendous amount of sleep.

There are time when I go days on end without leaving the house. I'm lucky if I can get from my bed to the couch and back to bed again.

Marciniak says there are many things that are necessary to prepare your body to accommodate awareness of multidimensional energy, such as: yoga, stretching, breathing, and supplements may be needed to create room for this new energy to operate.

Kryon suggests recognizing and greeting the cellular renovations taking place as a friend:

Hello, depression.

Hello, anxiety.

I recognize you, I'm changing because I gave intent for it. During this change, I'm going to celebrate right through it until it's complete.

He says these unsettling feeling should be celebrated because we're transforming from followers to leaders, from seekers looking for knowledge to having the equipment to find it within us.

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