Self-Help for Indigo Kids

There’s nothing wrong with you. You're just an advanced model of human.

We understand things through our feelings. We know things we can’t explain. We're wise beyond our years; we're old souls in new bodies.

We can see that the others don’t quite see the bigger picture and it's incredibly frustrating. We recognize the mass manipulation of submission taking place. We see past the programming of fear. We know the world can be a different way.

We try to blend in and just go along with things. It's not fun and makes us feel even more ostracized. We're not like other "normal" people, so what are we suppose to do? 

The fact that we know there's another way of doing things means that we're the ones that came here to be the bridge between the way it is and the way things can be. We can see and feel when things aren't right and not working. We don't have it in us to just carry on like business as usual. We came to stop the madness. We're the ones that came to fix it.

We struggle to understand why the others (normals) don't get as pissed off by the way things are like we do. By not questioning the way things are they are essentially just accepting that this is the way it is - which is infuriating!! They don't know what it feels like to have this ache inside that you're here to do something about it. To do things differently. This sense of mission consumes your thoughts.

That ache is your clue that you're the one to be the change.

When we're young, we find ourselves often powerless to answer this call inside of us. As we are raised this beacon of light we have gets beaten, gets ignored, gets told it's wrong, or gets shamed into suppression. The more rules and expectations of others we face the more the beacon aches to be heard. It wants to be freed.

Being Indigo isn't about being special, it's not about having super powers, it isn't a license to be an asshole - it's about having the courage and willingness to be an example to show others that there is another way.

It's about being true to yourself. It's about having integrity and being a peaceful warrior.

Self-Help for Indigo Kids in School

School is a nightmare because the school systems don’t teach at our level of consciousness. We are creators not regurgitators! 

School's agendas are not congruent with who we really are. We can see the program for what it is and we don’t want any part of it. 

We learn conceptually. We are highly creative. We want to spend our time doing things that we are interested in and make us happy. We value freedom and want to spend our time doing things we actually enjoy.

The system wants to program you to believe is just not possible to do that or not how life works. The powers at be want you to sit and memorize pointless shit just because they had to. "It's just the way it is." Even though it's miserable for everyone involved. Nobody does anything to change it.

On top of having to deal with the old ways, we're highly sensitive. From encounters with the administration, to the teachers, down to our fellow inmates (classmates) - school wreaks havoc on our nervous systems. It's no wonder we walk around in shell shock. 

If school is killing you - (you are depressed and hate your life) find a way out! Speak up and don't stop.

Staying in a sick system will make you sick! 

There are no lights on at school. Schools are running on corrupt software. They're pulling us from our source connection.

It’s not a coincidence that schools have turned into dropout factories and that alternatives to traditional schooling are now in abundance.

Empowering yourself is the best self-help for Indigo Kids. If your parent(s) are running on old programming then help yourself: clean up your act; be smart; do research; develop an action plan; have an exit strategy; test out; apply for scholarships; excel at what you're good at; start a business; build a case for yourself; enlist the help of character witnesses; compile a list of exhibits consisting of success stories; have a Plan B.

Present your case to your parent(s). In all likelihood their own inner beacons of light have been ignored for so long they expect you to do the same. Their beacon's signal is probably so weak they are probably unaware of the numerous alternatives available. Educate them. Reactivate them.

If they won’t entertain your pleas…well you’re smart, you know what to do. Just make a record. Keep track of all the times you tried to persuade your parent(s) to help you in a civilized way and how. 

Self-Help for Indigo Kids: Acceptance

Be comfortable being you even when other people don't seem to get you. Own your abilities and your knowledge. Honor your feelings. Always trust your gut. Have compassion for those that are operating on the old program. Recognize they are full of fear. They're scared of change and coloring outside the box.

Be brave in the face of adversity. Don't seek approval from the outside, you won't find it, you don't need it. Acceptance comes from within. You're not wrong. You've been here before. You know what you're doing and you know what is possible. You've got this.

One of the best ways to help yourself is to help other kids like you! You are not as alone as you think. There are many kids out there that don't even know they are Indigo. Some suppress it. Some have been drugged.

There are online communities out there. Seek them out. Create one. Listen to their stories and share your own. There is power in numbers. Being yourself is freeing, and by freeing yourself you free others.

Self-Help for Indigo Kids: Revolution

The time of Indigos having to find ways to adapt, cope with, and endure old programming is over. As more and more Indigos step up in this Indigo Age, those running on old systems will start adapting to us. If enough people opt out of the old system it will collapse. It needs to.

We need to help in developing new programs. Most current school systems no longer even offer any sort of creative outlets or activities. Music and art programs are usually the first thing to get cut. Creative outlets need to be the epicenter. Creativity needs to be expressed. Learning should have value rather than grades.

There is no value in sitting still and memorizing and regurgitating information that your parents learned and never used and their parents before them and so on and so on. This archaic method needs to stop. Classes need to be tailored to our requirements. We need cooperative co-creating, no hierarchy and dictatorships.

Encouragingly enough there are private schools out there that are getting it right. Seek them out. Be proactive. Never stop learning. Put your all into your passion. Help others find theirs. The change we want begins with us. We need you to participate. Not all is lost.

Parenting Self-Help for Indigo Kids

When it comes to parenting an Indigo -- take off the leash. Don’t let our ages and our perceived lack of experience fool you. We don’t need your help. We need your support.

Your children are a progressed version of you. We are here to expand your perspective. Each generation has the opportunity to improve upon the last.

We can see the bigger picture and want to take the direct route to where we’re trying to go rather than the “you have to do this in order to do that” old way of thinking. We know where we’re going, so please get out of the way. We are here to remind you of what you came here to express.

Your version of success and our version of success are very different. Trying to direct us in any direction other than our own cuts us off from our life force. (You may have or are currently experiencing what this feels like. Are you happy? Do you love what you do? We're here to reconnect you to your own life force and we're getting impatient!) 

Fulfillment reigns supreme. We’re not concerned by what other people think about our unconventional ways and our taking of the nontraditional route. We didn't come here to be like everybody else and do things the way they've always been done. Somebody has to be the one to change things.

If we seem out of control it’s because we are -- out of your control. We can’t be owned. No need to flex your muscle and show us who’s boss, we’re perfectly aware and we don’t care, hierarchy doesn't exist in our upgraded version of the program.

Nothing ignites the warrior within us quite like when someone is trying to assert control over us. You’re not going to win any battles with us. We can’t be forced into submission. Submitting and conforming are a violence against our spirit. We are who we are. We see people as their whole being, not their position or status.

If you want our respect, have credibility. "Do as I say and not as I do" is not going to fly with us. 

Have actual reasons other than "because I said so." Be honest with us. We can feel when your words do not match the truth. Live authentically. Give us your presence. Treat yourself kindly. Follow your dreams.

It takes courage and some system upgrading to allow us to do our own thing. Please support us and enable our passion. It's not easy being a leader. We want you in our corner. We want you to come with us on this journey and we’re going with or without you so why not buckle up.

You want the best for us, and who knows better what's best for us than us. Trust us. If we mess up, come sit with us. Be there for us. We want your love and your presence.

Ultimately, we want to excel. Realize where we're going hasn't been gone to before, so we don't have any blueprints or examples of how to manifest our vision. It might take time to figure it out. There will inevitably be some trial and error. Be there with us on this process. Where can you help us to pursue our mission?

When someone asks you what we are doing, don't sheepishly say we're doing our own thing. There's nothing to be mortified about. You are not a failure because we won't adhere to your or societies list of To-Do's and expectations for us.

Be proud of our determination to be ourselves and follow our hearts. You want us to be happy? Follow your bliss. 

Parenting Self-Help for Indigo Kids:
Well Being

Depression is rampant among us. The pain we feel is a symptom of not being our true-selves. We feel pain in our inability to conform. We feel pain in being different. We feel pain when people fear or mock our abilities. We feel pain in being disappointing to you. We feel pain in not being understood. We feel pain that things are not changing fast enough. We feel pain in not being taken seriously. We feel pain in being a "problem." We feel pain in being unable to express our pain!

We experience enough pain from the outside world that we need some solace at home. We need a safe place to be open about our experiences without fear of shame, ridicule, persecution, or out right dismission.

Do your research. Find out about other people like us. Have an open dialogue with us about your fears, doubts, religious concerns, old programming etc. 

The creative force within us all is strong. Those that ignore this stirring inside us become pinched off from their life force. Having an outlet to express ourselves is crucial to our well-being, as well as yours! Please aid our expression rather than hinder it. Encourage the development of our abilities. Learn from us and develop your own.

Don't place too much emphasis on the label Indigo. We came here to remind you that you are too. We don't want a label. We don't want to be special. We don't want to be different. We don't want to live up to some unachievable standard. We put enough pressure on ourselves as it is. Most parents will do anything for their kids, except let them be themselves. Try being the change.

Parenting Self-Help for Indigo Kids: Medication

We aren't "normal" we have high energy. Give us outlets to express ourselves. We're not here to sit still, be quiet, and listen. We don't care about things we're not interested in. Don't suppress who we are. We don't need to be medicated into conformity. Our bodies are very sensitive to chemicals and should only be considered as a last resort.

Be on high alert for signs of depression. We feel at an intense level. Suicidal tendencies are common and real. Medication might be necessary but it won't be sustainable. Seek professional help. Alternative healing modalities are encouraged. Consider some empathy, love, and acceptance. Education is key.

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