Being Indigo

One of your most important duties as an Indigo is to not care or fear what other people will think. This notion of getting other people's approval must be completely eliminated. 

Indigos are freedom seekers. If you want to be free, you have to live for your own acceptance. You're never going to get it from other people so you might as well be yourself full throttle.

We're here to change humanity. We can't do that if we're being like them.

Look at how much energy people spend trying to get the validation of other people to fit in. Look how phony everyone else seems to be. They live these lives they didn't even choose for themselves for the sake of appearing "normal". They are living for the opinion of other people.

They are all trying to be clones of each other. Why would you want the approval of a clone?

If these people don't agree with you, you must be doing something right. Whatever the majority prefer, you should run in the other direction of.

Yes, this can be lonely and alienating but you're actually doing humanity a great service by showing them that there's another way to be. 

It's ok to rebuff the norms. In fact, it's necessary.

Indigos will always fail when trying to masquerade as someone they are not. We still stand out. Our uniqueness still bleeds through.

There's no point in pretending. Come out as you are. Once you take off the mask you'll find out what you've been missing. Once you get a taste of that sweet freedom there's no turning back. Once you have broken free you will be shocked and pissed off when you realize the size and magnitude of the prison you were in. The prison that others are still in and don't even know they're in. They can't even understand.

Be prepared. Those that dictate the norms in society have an army of prisoners / conformists ready, waiting, and trained to try and shame and ridicule you back into conformity. Those that remain in the safety zone will jump all over you. They will fight to stay in their prisons and try to manipulate you back in.

Resist. There's nothing wrong with you! You'll never find joy or connect to your divinity trying to be normal.

Uniqueness is a threat to control. It can take down the whole system.

It takes a willingness to go first and step ahead of the others. You need to lead the others to freedom. A freedom they don't even know exists. They have been programmed not to see it. They haven't been activated yet. They can't detect the lies and manipulation controlling every aspect of their life.

How do you explain the inconceivable? You can't. You just have to show them by example.

Being Indigo means you'll likely be venturing on your own. It's not ideal but the alternative is intolerable.

Transcend feelings of loneliness by finding solace in solitude. Solitude is a life skill "normals" don't have. They live in a perpetual state of distraction.

In solitude you're more aware/conscious. Solitude is where creativity lies. It's where you develop the connection to all things. You're more tuned in to the bigger picture. It's where you can find the answers to your deepest questions. It amplifies your inner guidance system. 

Trust your knowing and go forth fearlessly. We are the forerunners of the new norms. Your impact on humanity is never as insignificant as they would have you think. Don't quit.

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