March 20, 2022

I've compiled some channeled messages on the war in Ukraine:

Wendy Kennedy who channels the P's briefly addressed Ukraine in their latest Q&A entitled the Pleiadian Perspective 3/19/22.

They said that Ukraine will be quite the light on the grid when this is cleared out; that in about 2 weeks we will see major shifts; citizens will be able to relax into a deeper state of safety; this will not be prolonged; most of the objectives have been accomplished.

On March 8, 2022 Shiela Gale who channels THEO said the following in a free talk you can watch on FB here.

Opening statement:

This is a time of global change. The old structures do not work. New are being formed. You have the opportunity to interact globally in an instant with one another. There is nothing can be hidden now. It all surfaces for truth. You are all witness. This is a time of a consciousness shift for you and this world. The 5th dimension energy is refinement, awareness and connectedness to your Source. To all that you are. You are multi-dimensional beings. You've chosen this time to be incarnate here for the changes that are happening for the human species on this Earth. 

The old patterns do not work. We brought forth the Soul Integration Process for all of to begin to be aware and accept the divinity that you are. And if all in your world would integrate the soul - releasing, reframing, rewriting those beliefs that are simply untrue about each and every one of you there would be a soul state of unconditional love in each and every one of you and you would treat each other appropriately with that love.

Can you imagine a world with peace? That is where you're moving into but change and chaos is a part of that. You're birthing a new world as we speak here. It's not to be feared, it's to be embraced and supported with love.

Q:  What can we do to best support our Ukrainian brothers and sisters?

A: There are many things physically you could do. Love is the greatest support. It's important to support the Ukrainians. Their courage, their stamina, their being the ones to implement a tremendous change politically and steadfast the face of great terror. Send that energy of unconditional love to all. Do not forget ALL that are in this war. The Russians need that divine love as well. For the few have created this upheaval. It's not the greater numbers. Many have been duped. They are acting out of fear for themselves so send energy to them as well. Speak soul to soul to all. Send the love so that they can say, "No more."

Q: How do we send love to that region?

A: Be creative. It's your light you're sending. How are you going to send it?

How does the radiance and warmth of the sun get to many thousands millions miles away? That's how strong it is. You are radiating just like the sun to each and every one.

We spoke of this decades ago, about this New World would begin in the Baltics states. You are living it now. And out of this will be born a New World governmental expression. The United Nations you have now has been a model but it will be even better. And it will be by the demands of the people not the politicians. You all have a voice. Use it. 

Even in the places where it is forbidden to speak out, there are those speaking out courageously.   

Bullies show they are powerful until they're not. The cowardice comes out. Remember that. All the superiority is just a mask for superior inferiority complex and a lack of love of self. So be steadfast in that solid state of unconditional love of self. It has power and does not waiver.

Q: Potential for nuclear destruction in Europe?

A: That is what the bully holds over them. That would not serve him. Only the threat cowers others doesn't it? 

There are many things happening behind the scenes that aren't spoken of. Empower those things to come forward. Holding the thought that that support comes to the Ukrainians and more still in the world. Of a gathering of like minded individuals, there are more of you that have the thought of peace then those that do not. 

Q: When will this horrific war end? Are we headed into WWIII?

A: No one in the world wants WWIII. What you will start seeing is that people have stood up. The bullies will not rule. New political structures will be formed. 

The fall of this one dictator will be the beginning of the fall of all.    

What you are witnessing is tremendous courage for freedom and you all have it in you. So demand for it. Peace and freedom. 

Q: Is Putin playing out his soul purpose to create the beginning of world peace?

A:  Yes. As it was witnessed in the second WW there was a preview wasn't there. For others to say that it did not happen are foolish and ignorant. 

History is there to empower you. To give you knowledge. Not just something to read in a book. And here it is again. Pay attention. Take action. Do not forget. 

Q: What is in Putin's mind right now? What is his end game?

A: The end of himself, but he doesn't think that way. He is power hungry and greedy. And pathological. 

It has been said that he sits far away from others because he does not want to be sick - he doesn't trust anybody. He doesn't want anybody close to him because he fears for his life. 

You cannot understand his mind. You could read about personality disorders and mental illness imbalance to gain some insight into how he operates but he has no compassion or even an understanding of what that means. He only uses others compassion to manipulate them. 

Q: Talk to us about the Russian soldiers. People don't want to kill people. There seems to be a lack of knowledge of what they are even doing. There seems to be a real moral problem. This will lead to the demise of Putin. What's happening in the minds of the soldiers and collectively the people of Russia?

A: The soldiers felt lied to. Betrayed. They wish not this war at all. But understand that each and everyone is afraid for their lives, not because the Ukrainians would kill them, but their own would for they've been ordered to do so if they set down their arms - which they will do. 

So there's fear and terror for all.

Q: We're all really curious how this ends. There's been talk about the demise of dictators and autocrats. Talk to us about the ripple effect of Putin's demise and anything you can tell us about that.

A: It will take some time. Birth is messy. It will be a bit chaotic as it is now. But can you imagine a Russia with a democratic rule? There are many there that can rule this country and have desire to do so that are notable. As do the Baltic states wish this rule as well. 

Belarus will fall as well. Understand as the people are powerful and seeing that they are - it empowers many. It inspires these changes to come. You all desire the same thing. You're one species. You're herd animals. You're better together than you are separately. And there's enough for everyone on this planet.

As you do this heart to heart soul to soul you will change all the other things. You will treat the planet properly. You will change the environment by changing the businesses and structures. It's already begun. You saw in the pandemic. It's taken extreme measures for these changes to come about. 

For you to recognize that you are one species on this planet and a powerful species and you can make the changes necessary. You're beginning to know how powerful you are. Allowing the few to dictate, others have given their power to them, you've seen those that say no. No more. And you can be one of them.

What you can do from where you are now is sending that love and whatever else you can do. Don't hold fear. Fear actually stops the flow. Fear and faith asks the same of you - so believe in faith. See a future for all. Powerful communities. Common unity. It's not that you won't have differences of opinion but you'll be creative and collaborative. 

Q: Is Putin brought down by his own people? Is that how you see this ending?

A: Yes. 

Q: Will Putin enter into negotiations?

A: He's a liar. He'll say he is. But he is not going to do what he says he'll do. You're witnessing it now. He lied to his own people and continues to lie to them. 

Q: These brave Ukrainians that are fighting right now are basically creating the space and the sentiment and the love in a way that ultimately Putin will be brought down by his own people.

A: Yes. And the people of Russia don't want this. Particularly the younger people. 

The truth will out.

You first had the pandemic to prove to you that there are no boundaries between you. The virus didn't decide it would be on only one country. It served the world. Rapidly. That's energy. 

Be the virus of peace and love. That was here to show you how connected you all are. Many lessons to have been learned in all these recent years. Remember them. Pay attention - and not to the lies. Don't let another's opinion over your own color what you think or do. You know in the depth of your soul - truth. When someone speaks truth to you or you speak it you can feel it viscerally in your body. Pay attention to that barometer. Have a critical thought - is this true? Feel the feeling of that when you ask it. It's of great importance now. Stand in your sovereignty. The solid state of your soul's being - of unconditional love. 

Q: How can we best deal with media manipulation and will the truth come out on all these important topics?

A: Yes it's coming out but you have to look for it and listen for it. Not get sourced by just one. You're on an information highway. Use your truth barometer. Is what you're being told trying to control you? You're seeing what's happening in the world, that's the beauty of the internet. In an instant you saw what was happening in Ukraine and Russia. Look at what you are seeing. Don't have someone say, "that's not true." You're seeing truth come from cell phones from people experiencing what they're experiencing. They're informing the world of what's happening. You don't need someone from an organization telling you what to think about it. You know what to think about it. 

When there is a catastrophe to humanity there is first a desire in your heart - What can I do? It's not judgment. It's can I help? Look where you're called to support in some way. Thoughts are things. Words are things. Use positive reinforcement. Envision this change coming immediately send your thoughts to those who have authority to do the things that can assist the stopping of this devastation. 

Q: How do you see this unfolding economically? How can we best prepare ourselves?

A: You are a global economic structure now. You think the upheaval is bad - it's not. Don't hold fear over it. Encourage these knew foundations and structures to be built such as the new United Nations with greater power and collaboration. You're seeing how the global economy is working against the intruder. It has power. There's collaboration in that. Imagine all the money taken from the Russian oligarchs and given back to the Russian people. It's been stolen from them. 

Q: Do you see that happening?

A: Yes. Even the oligarchs are turning against Putin. They don't want to go back.

Q: Can you give us a timeline?

A: If NATO and the United Nations give Ukraine what they need it can stop quickly.

Q: How do you see that happening? Stopping quickly? What does that look like?

A: The Russian soldiers, if the West would have air power, and striking them from the air, the soldiers don't want to fight.

Q: The West has so far been persistent in not implementing a no-fly zone for fear of a nuclear war and WWIII.

A: It's already a World War isn't it? Everyone in the world is affected by this. You're all watching it. 

There's many things happening behind the scenes that you don't know about and you should not know about yet. It's not in the highest good of everyone or all those there. 

Q: What if Ukrainians didn't fight and just accepted occupation?

A: Then there would have been another set up and another occupation. He would not stop. He is hungry for power. To be the person that took over the world.

Q: What about China's ambitions and regarding Taiwan?

A: Simpler isn't it. Again another dictator wanting to takeover the world. However he has abstained from supporting Putin waiting to see what happens there. If the West allows this to happen - then China could be empowered. There are mindsets of dictators that are similar. It's all about power. It's not about the people.

Q: Zelensky has emerged as a global hero. How do you see things unfolding for him?

A: Day by day he gains more power with the people. Not only the people of his country - but of the world. The scientists and artisans will be the ones that change the world. Now there is an artisan that is showing the world how to lead. How to have courage. How to stand up for what is true. 

Q: What is his soul's path?

A: You're witnessing it. And it will continue to expand. 

Q: Are the Ukrainians ultimately going to maintain they're sovereignty? 

A: They will. It's good to have a leader that has a sense of humor, yes?

You all witnessed that when the world stopped what it was doing that the world could clean itself. New business will emerge that will be compatible to the planet.

You think that everything is dire on this planet - it is not. But birthing a new way of being is a bit messy and chaotic. But out of this chaos will come order - a better order. 

Q: Did the people of Ukraine choose consciously to go through this experience? It's so sad to see the Refugees sad faces and broken hearts.

A: Their soul chose to participate but their mind did not. It was not a conscious desire. Have any of you consciously chosen the challenges of your life? You have not. Your soul drew onto you perfectly the challenges for your greater purpose. Embrace the opportunities of growth and expansion. 

Q: When history looks back what will be the best thing that came from this experience?

A: Global unity. And the people seeing the power that they have. 

On March 6, 2022 Paul Selig who channels The Guides said the following at a free workshop you can see on YouTube here:

What you ask for, what you expect to receive, has a premise based in history, your idea of what can be, based upon what once was. Each of you here, in your own way, contribute to the whole, the manifest world, the outpicturing of reality that you indeed share. Everything seen, even everything experienced, you are in agreement to. Agreement means energetic accord, vibrational equality. You are one with what you see through the field you hold.

Now, when the field is changing, there is great disruption. When manifestation seeks to occur beyond an old premise, what you have prior agreed to, what you see before you may appear to be in tumult. What is occurring now is that the manifest world is on a bridge, a bridge to a new way of being. When you cross a bridge, you are between two ideas, two planes of reality, two ways of being expressed. The bridge you cross now is toward something higher. But the chasm below the bridge is present, and you look down and you perhaps see the worst. The one who is crossing the bridge must keep her eyes, his eyes, upon the promise of the new.

When humanity decides to increase its frequency, or amplitude in tone, the collective has said yes. And we have said this prior, and we will say it again: Humanity has said yes to a higher way of being in an experience, but this comes at the cost of the old — the idea of separation, the belief that war will solve anything. Many things must be left behind, and much must be seen anew for humanity to claim its new destiny. “‘New destiny,’” Pauls asks. “What does that mean?”

Perhaps you would understand it better if we said it another way. Humanity has said yes to a new amplitude. Because everything that expresses is in co-resonance with the energetic field that humanity has claimed — in other words, your experience of the world you express in is a byproduct of consciousness — you may understand that what is being claimed in the higher realm must be markedly different than what you have experienced thus far. 

The catalyzing or mobilizing of humanity’s consciousness is occurring now, has been occurring, and the confusion you see before you is what occurs when one is in the midst of a bridge — seeing what you are leaving, not yet quite seeing where you go. Where you will go, we suggest, is towards peace, towards reconciliation with your inherent divinity. To come into an agreement with one's inherent divinity is simply to claim who you really are and can only be in truth.

Some of you say, “Well, we must war. We must always fight.” You must always stand in your dignity, yes and the actions required of you in any moment will be brought to you in the moment. Those who stand up in the face of fear will see a new world. Those who agree to fear, cower in fear, will be challenged. But we will say this to each of you here: Because humanity has said yes, the bridge that you cross is a requirement. The new seeks to be born, you see, and you are participatory to this. Your participation has to do with several things — how you perceive anyone or anything, and the amplitude you bring to what you see. What you bless, quite simply, will bless you in return. What you damn, damns you back. When you damn another, you claim the level of accord in vibration to the darkness you have claimed. Who you put in darkness, or what you put in darkness, must call you to that darkness. That is the law of equivalency. When you say yes to the possibility of great change — and indeed you are in great change — you must be prepared for what has stood in the way of a new promise to be revealed. What stands in the way of a new promise is your agreement to separation, the desire to damn your brother, damn your sister, decide who is worthy and who is not.

When you see before you a world in division, or a world seeking reconciliation with truth, you will see the byproduct of consciousness from the midst of the bridge. You see how you have attended to things in the past, and if you look forward — if you can — you may see a new world being born. “What does that mean?” he asks. There is a very simple claim we teach — “Behold, I make all things new” — which is the True Self as you, which has the capacity to bear witness to a new world, calling it into manifestation. This is done in several ways. The escalation of humanity’s vibration, which is actually occurring now, claims the detritus of the past be shaken from you each. Imagine a seed bursting through the soil. The displacement of the soil may not look attractive, but it is what is required for the new to be seen, to claim its new presence in this world. What you see before you now is indeed a trial, humanity’s trial. Not a country’s trial. Humanity’s trial. And when a trial comes to humanity, it must be seen as an opportunity for growth — and, finally, reconciliation. 

The Divine as all things is indeed what we teach, but each of you is enacting an idea of who you are that operates as separate from Source. Once you understand that what makes your body your body is the same as what makes the sea the sea, you will begin to understand that there is indeed one note sung in this universe that is in manifestation as the reality you see, and all you may never see. The agreement to be born, to be in manifestation in this plane through these times, is the agreement to contribute to a new world being born. Now, to some of you, that seems foolish. “We have a hard enough time with the week, with what we see on the televisions, what we see in the news. We have a hard enough time just being ourselves.” What we are teaching you here is a form of alchemy, based in new agreement or accord. Any song may be sung in a higher octave. 

The world you experience yourself through is known in a series of tones, an escalating tone, high pitch, to the higher realm which is ever present but you have ignored. When a human being is being restored to his or her true nature, it is the manifestation of the Divine that attends to it, that lifts its octave to what we will call the Upper Room. What the Upper Room is, very simply put, is the next octave above the common reality you have known. The act of transposition, or lifting to the higher, is crucial now, because the agreement has been made. When everything is lifting, there is an enormous displacement. What you expected would be there tomorrow may not be there. Your idea of who you were or who you should be is contaminated in many ways by previous history, and that is also being addressed — the claim “Behold I make all things new,” the innate divinity expressing the new as it is lifted to the higher octave.

Now, in other words, you understand that when something is lifted, it is altered in tone and vibration. But what you don’t understand is that when that same thing is lifted, it claims what is in accord to it. There are several things you must understand. The action of fear is to claim more fear. War is a byproduct of fear, and war in almost all cases is a byproduct of greed, which is also known in fear. When you understand that humanity is liberating itself from the equation of fear, from equalizing with fear, you will begin to understand the transit that is occurring.

The lifting of humanity to the Upper Room, or simply a higher level of tone or vibration, requires humanity to face its creations. The evil you see in the world, if you wish to use that word, is the action of man. It is not the action of the Divine. You indeed have free will. When you choose in fear, you contribute to the idea of fear, the great current of fear, the vibration of fear, which you have always known. You were born into a field, the human race in fact born into a field where fear has been so present that you expect it to be there.

Now, some of you are confused when we say this. If you see the alligator in the swamp, best be prudent and don’t step in. If it is raining outside, best be prudent, carry an umbrella. But the action of fear will seek to claim all of you in never leaving the house because of the potential rain, or damning the alligator who has its right to be. When you understand that the action of fear is to claim more fear, you will stop contributing. The reliance upon fear to keep you safe will soon be seen as idiotic. One does not create a bomb to keep oneself safe. One does not war with her brother to keep one safe. Humanity is saying yes to the requirement of peace — underline the word requirement — for the species to express in an ongoing way. Because you have created the means for self-destruction, you must attend to that. You are respecting and claiming what you have chosen in fear in order for it to be re-known and reclaimed.

Humanity must face its creations in order to know peace. You believe that one is more worthy than the next. You believe what should be, based on a false premise that one’s individual safety must bypass the collective. The collective is now gathered. The species is now gathered. You look at the events of the day and understand your own culpability to what you see, because humanity itself is participatory to all of its creations. The moment you begin to see this as opportunity to claim peace in a true way, you will salvage many things. The generations to come, we assure you, will know peace. But the bridge is being crossed now by so many of you, and the past is being left. Much of what is being left has had its claims of fear, has been known by you through fear. But when institutions have their basis in fear, or governments have their basis in controlling others through fear, the changes that you may encounter may be vast indeed.

We have spoken in the past about economic structures that may fail when the basis they hold is in fear. When something collapses, at times the new may be reborn. But other things need not collapse. They must be attended to in love, in a new potential, a great new potential that humanity is worth saving. Did you understand this? Humanity, every one of you, inclusive of those you can’t stand, who look or act different than you do, who pray to different gods. It truly matters not. You are all expressions of one Source, one perfect Source, and the perfection of each of you is not what you think it is. It is not your bank account, your physical beauty, how you compete at this or that. The Monad, or the Spirit within you, the Christ if you wish to call it that, the Divine Spark if you prefer — it truly matters not what you call it — is indeed perfection and is seeking its expression through you.

When we teach through Paul, we teach through attunement. We are at a level of vibration or resonant tone that can lift you to your own true nature. Now, imagine you are radios, each and every one of you. Your broadcast is your consciousness, your vibrational field. The Divine expressing through you is in a new intonation, and a higher one at that. And when it is claimed as you, the attunement will bring you to a level of alignment to the high broadcast that has always been present, but you have ignored. We express as this, but you are as of this as we are. The only difference is we don’t believe ourselves to be separate from Source. We know who we are, we know what we are, we know how we serve, and we are free from fear. You are the same — as the Monad, as the Christed Self, as the Universal True Self that exists in each human being. Your innate divinity is asking for expression now because it will change the world. It will call you to right action, high action, whatever that may be. And it will gift you with your requirements for growth in perfect order.

When we attune you each, we are simply setting the dials on the radios you are to be able to handle and then play the higher broadcast. We do this in series. We will do a series now, and then we will return later in the session and do a second one, a second series. We wish you the moment to acclimate to what we teach, but you must understand that the invocation of these attunements is an alteration, and a very productive one, and indeed a very high one that will lift you beyond what you have known so that you may claim yourself in what we call the Upper Room. The Upper Room is the strata of vibration that does not hold fear. Fear is a low tone. It cannot be lifted to the Upper Room. But you may lift beyond it, and in doing so you stop agreeing to it and creating from it. A time of reckoning is the time of facing oneself and all of one’s creations. An individual must do this. What has been created in fear must be created in a new way. Humanity is doing this, stumbling through it, but lifting as it goes.

We attune you now to the Word. The Word is the energy of the Creator in action, the one note sung. It is the truth of your expression, and in fact the truth of all things. We use language, you see, that we have encoded with tone and vibration. When you encounter this in language, the energetic field itself is moved by the speaking of it. You may repeat these words after us if you wish:

“I am Word through my body. Word I am Word. I am Word through my vibration. Word I am Word. I am Word through my knowing of myself as Word. Word I am Word.”

Now, when you claim what follows, you are claiming what is always true. These words are being claimed as the Monad, or Divine Self, who knows them to be true. This is not an invocation of the personality structure. The personality structure has its place, but it does not ascend as you may think. When you claim these words, you are speaking truth, and that is why we structure each claim in truth. You may say this after we speak the words:

“I know who I am in truth. I know what I am in truth. I know how I serve in truth. I am free. I am free. I am free.”

Now, the Divine Self knows who it is — “I know who I am in truth.” It knows itself in manifestation as you — “I know what I am in truth.” And it knows how it truly expresses. How the True Self expresses is high service — “I know how I serve in truth.” Because the True Self is not bound by agreements and structures, fear known in the lower realm, or the octave you have claimed as a whole in your experience, when it claims the words “I am free” it is claiming its untethering, your untethering, to the fear of the manifest world so that it may lift beyond it — yes, rise beyond it — to what we call the Upper Room.

Now, when we teach through Paul, we utilize his field to benefit the whole. When you begin to operate at this level, the energetic field you hold also moves into service. When you claim the Word, the omnipresent Divine, in what you see, you are claiming the action of the Divine upon it. “I am Word through my body, Word I am Word” may also be claimed for another — “I am Word through the one I see before me,” the action of the Divine upon you, upon the one you see. You may all say this just to experience the vibration of it:

 “I am Word through my hands and feet. Word I am Word.”

And feel the energy as it moves there. You may say this for all who are present in this class:

“I am Word through each one present. Word I am Word.”

And feel the energy move. If you spoke the invocation, you have been attuned and access this vibration as who and what you are. The subsequent claim we made for you, “I know who I am, what I am, how I serve,” may also be spoken on others’ behalf. When you are speaking this, you are claiming what is always true. You certainly do not require permission to do this. You are claiming truth. It is the Monad as you, or Divine as you, that claims this into being — not what you wish something to be or would have somebody behave as. You may say this now to each one present in this class. Speak the words after we speak them:

“I know who you are in truth. I know what you are in truth. I know how you serve in truth. You are free. You are free. You are free.”

Now we would like you to speak these words for all in Europe, and you may say this, if you wish, to the collective:

 “I am Word through all that I see before me. Word I am Word. I am lifting those in Ukraine to their true nature and divine expression beyond fear. I am Word through each one present.”

We will include Russia:

“I am Word through the leaders of Russia, that they may know truth and act in accord to the divinity of all before them. I am Word through each one present. Word I am Word. I am Word through the people of Russia. Word I am Word.”

And to all human beings everywhere:

“I know who you are in truth. I know what you are in truth. I know how you serve in truth. You are free. You are free. You are free.”

You must understand, friends, that the Divine does the lifting here. You are simply lifting in equation. You are not pretending, nor are you bypassing the challenges that humanity faces. You are claiming the Divine where it has been denied. Humanity’s primary issue — and only real challenge if it was truly understood — is the inherent denial of the Divine or the intrinsic holiness of every human being — underline every — regardless of what you think of them. Those who act in darkness are lost in the darkness. To bring the light to them, to illumine what has been 

 held in darkness, is not to damn them. It is indeed to bless them. And by bless we simply mean know the presence of God, the inherent Divine, upon what you see. We say these words now for Paul. Please stay in the background. This is the class we intend, and the teaching we intend to offer.

The beauty of humanity has been lost to humanity. It is time for it to be re-known. Claim courage for those who are in fear. Know God where it seems to be darkness. Create the opportunity for the action of God by removing your damnation upon those you see, because that act obscures the light.

We come in truth. We come in honor. We come in love. We speak as Melchizedek. We know who we are, and we say yes to each of you as you say yes to yourselves.

You Have come. You Have Come. You Have Come.

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