Archangel Raziel

Messages from Archangel Raziel facilitated by Alba Weinman transmitted through Robert Henri Van Anraad.

Partial Transcript:

Q: What is ascension?

Ascension is quite simply for each individual’s soul to achieve the full knowledge on all levels super consciously, subconsciously, and consciously as known by man - the full potential and knowledge thereof, that they are truly equal to the One in their abilities. In order to achieve this, they must have full knowledge of what and how manifestation works in the universe. 


Q: When one begins to ascend what are the symptoms that one feels? What are the changes in them?

Most notably the body becomes exceedingly slender for the body is becoming much lighter. The greatest help with achieving this is diet. It is the corner stone of ascension. One would perceive many more different things, and this goes beyond different dimensions. One sees many colors /auras or feels angelic presence. This is confirmation you are approaching higher levels of ascension. They can perceive the true intentions of others. This requires a further sacrifice of free will to some extent - the use of the thinking mind. One cannot perceive these things working through the thinking mind. Feelings are the language of the soul. Feelings must be regarded as the true messenger. They are never incorrect. 


Q: Since most of us have been brainwashed into only thinking how can you describe to someone who is not sure which path to take? What does that feel like in the body? Is there a physical sensation? 

Many individuals will know this as goose bumps. This is the body reacting to the feeling of what their soul is telling them. It is so faint that many times they don’t remember. This is the third lesson of ascension - is to tune oneself to the sensation and the only way to do that is to quiet the mind. Meditation is the starting point and that is the key for the conscious mind is quieted the heart and the gut can come forward. Once the first perception is gained then it will become easier. 


Q: Many say they can’t mediate.

Yes. One does not need to meditate in the mind only. One can mediate physically as well. Many go to the sea to swim or surf this is also a form of mediation. A mediation of movement. This is also helpful if one cannot sit still. 


Q: Can you tell me about the children and the ascension process how are they doing?

Very soon there will be no further physical incarnations. All who are present here on Earth, if not for karmic ties, they are here at this time are here only for the ascension. They have been brought here physically for this purpose and each have their task. If in this life karmic ties are not settled they will not reincarnate on the old Earth but they shall go to a planet being prepared by the One. There is a disused planet that is being reassigned for this task and they will go there in spirit form and settle their karmic difference and then reincarnate into the new Earth if they should choose to do so. 


Q: This planet you speak of for settling our karmic debts, is this going to be something like the Earth that we have now? 

Not at all. It will not be physical in nature at all. 


Q: So what of the other ones who have the task of waking up the other ones for ascension? We talk about this New Earth, is it something that is going to happen in our lifetime? 

Yes. You know of many ancient structures. There are many examples. The pyramids of Egypt, the Mayan pyramids and those of the Inca, Stonehenge. All these ancient structures where built on energy lines called grids. These structures must be corrected energetically and there are particular souls who elected to come in with this task. There are many of them. Once all these structures have been corrected within the next 10 years or so, then we on the Ethereal planes will all ascend and then descend to the Earth and lift the Earth into the 5th dimension also. The energy is not yet such that we can sustain ourselves. These structures are of key importance for they through the energy grids cover the entire globe and we will be able to as a single unit on the ethereal plane lift the 3rd dimensional Earth into the 5th dimension. 


Q: Is the 5th dimension physical?

Yes and no. The 5th dimension will not instantaneously and all at once manifest. It will be a gradual process. The adjustment will be too great if it’s done all at once. But the effect will be felt immediately once it begins. It will be swift. The physical form for a time will be of use that is why it is being made lighter in preparation. Once they have ascended, they can make the choice to project themselves into physical form or otherwise continue in light form. Karma has been fulfilled through this experiment. The 5th dimension will have no such undesirable consequences.   


Q: The Earth is pretty much being destroyed right now, how does that effect the ascension process?

That is why many have come - for the ascension. Many of them like the one before you of Lemuria have access to the divine matrix, the original blueprint of Earth. A new blueprint will thus be manifested and from this blueprint the 5th dimensional Earth will be created. 


Q: Will the new blueprint have structures?

Yes, but there will be no architects or engineers. The old sciences which were deemed witchcraft, which is in truth sacred sciences that were brought by us to the Earth in the beginning, will once again come to the fore. The most striking of these perhaps physically speaking is that of alchemy for that is the science that will build the new structures. 


Q: Is alchemy used by projecting thoughts?

Yes indeed. 


Q: So, you will be able to construct something simply by manifesting it with your mind?



Q: Is this the way the original structures where built? Stonehenge and the pyramids?

Yes, the pyramids. Stonehenge was built after the pyramids and this was done by the assembling and disassembling of atoms which will not occur in the next dimension.


Q: Many are concerned if they ascend that their loved ones will get left behind. 

Yes, it is a conscious concern, but you see this is where the true nature of this experiment is greatly misunderstood. This is not a conscious choice. It is a choice of soul. It is a soul choice that is made when you go to the 5th dimensional Earth or not. The soul makes no incorrect choice. Even now all who are here. 


Q: What about those that are very ill right now?

When one understands manifestation all else becomes much simpler. Manifestation is not only the lesson of this planet but of the universe itself.  That is why this planet is so challenging. As you know, due to the veil which is now really thin, one in the human form forgets that they have access to this manifesting power. If one can find that knowledge again, one can easily heal anything in the body. There is another reason why that finding this knowledge again is so challenging, for it requires a human mind the conscious mind to make in its perception a very difficult choice to accept both that which they consider fitting and unfitting in their reality. The conscious mind doesn’t always wish to do this. To consider that that which is fitting, and unfitting are equal. If you can do this then you can change that which is unfitting to fitting. Until you do this you will remain as they say - "I have no control over that" as your present reality. This is the great illusion I have come to dispel. 


Q: Can you speak more of this illusion?

The universal formula in simple terms: If one wishes to manifest - one must see the end result first. You must see the destination. Not with the physical eye. Within the mind. Then one must note the feeling that is born from this visualization and grasp that feeling within them and hold on to it. Then you must realize where you are at this time. One must know what one is fully capable of. No matter what man might say about you, you must know who you are. For there will always be those that do not understand. If you the individual can know at every level that which you are as an individual, then manifestation is effortless. That is the second part of the formula. You must know who you are.  Each individual you encounter on your path is to help you understand more fully who you are. I wish to remove some incorrect perceptions on what it means to have these souls come up on your path for some of them have made contracts with the darkness, in your perception, so that you may find who you truly are. It is the best way and the divine way to find oneself. It is their path toward light. For you, when you encounter darkness, it is so you can see the light within yourself.  Lastly there is the path and how the path manifests. This is the key that many have forgotten why manifestation doesn’t seem to work as well as it did. Energy. 


Q: How do angelics interact with humans?

We may not directly interfere on the paths of men unless the request of us, ask of us, or simply allow us through their feeling. Feelings are the language of the soul and therefore the universe. If you return to place of feeling you will find us again. We speak in many ways - in dreams, visual perception, channeling. 



Q: When we pray, do we have to know who has dominion over that?

We are all always present and will answer according to our dominions. 


Q: Each has their own expertise?



Q: Who else do you work with?

Azrael is the high messenger of God. I, the keeper of knowledge, work together closely. 


Q: What is the ultimate goal of the archangels in assisting us?

To see the completion of that which has been desired by the world consciousness. We endeavor to bring humanity and the Earth into the 5th dimension.

As you know there is a world consciousness and there are group consciousness within smaller groups. The group consciousness from Africa determined that they are not yet ready to ascend and therefore will ascend at a different time. All will be unified in time. 

There are no Earthlings truly. All that come to Earth come from different dimensions. Earth is the proving ground. There are no indigenous souls from Earth. All come from different parts of the universe to test themselves. 


Q: Are they also a part of the ascension process?

Yes. Every single one of them is a part of this. 


Q: What is so special about planet Earth? Why is it so important?

This is the next evolution of the great experiment. This has never been attempted before. We also bring to you the knowledge that the balance has shifted, and it can no longer fail. It will succeed for it is succeeding. Also, it is the only planet where the connection can be severed to us for a time. This is why free will has been created. In the free choice of severing this connection for a time, free will came into existence. This is the defining characteristic of this planet. Nowhere else in universe do souls have the ability to test themselves so thoroughly, that if the connection for a time be lost, will they find their way home again?? This is the great question. The Earth allows each individual soul to answer. 


Q: When a soul leaves a body, some see a light that their soul is guided to. What is this light?

This light is indeed the restoration of the full understanding and knowledge and the restoration of the connection before returning to spirit form. It is the reestablishing of the connection to its fullness. 


Q: Do any other Archangels have a message?

Archangel Azrael the Herald of the One. The ascension is no longer in preparation but has begun. Within very few Earth years, it shall be completed. Then a new world will have been created. This part of the experiment will have been successful. For it is succeeding at this time. 

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