Indigos & Asperger's

Indigos can be lacking in certain social graces so it is not uncommon for Indigos to be diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome. 

One of the signs of Asperger Syndrome is having above average language skills and using them inappropriately or awkwardly in conversations or social interactions with others.

Indigos are often highly intelligent. We don't dumb things down for people, and we're the ones with the disorder. Oh, the irony. 

Another sign of Asperger's is limited social interactions. Well what can I say? Indigos have a hard time relating to "normal" people. So we might do our best to avoid the. Or when in conversation we might use short or one word answers and this is somehow considered inappropriate. Although, we answered the question, we didn't pad it with an acceptable amount of bullshit or fluff to be considered "normal".

We don't engage in pointless banter. Ask us something deep! 

We don't care for superficial relationships. We can't fake it and just pretend to be nice. If there's no connection with a person then we simply go without rather than keeping some meaningless social acquaintance. Consequently, forming friendships may be rare.

Our bluntness and honesty is another sign of Asperger's. Indigos tell it like it is.

We don't talk in passive aggressive ways. We don't talk in circles around a subject without ever talking about it directly. We get straight to the point and this is seen as rude and off putting.

Are we capable of engaging in "normal" conversation? Perhaps

Sometimes we do this for our own amusement. There's nothing funnier than watching someone blanch just by speaking brutally honest, like speaking the truth is somehow obscene. 

In all likelihood we knew immediately whether we were interested in engaging with you before you ever spoke. So really it is everyone else that can't pick up on social cues. Our lack of eye contact and/or reciprocal conversation is your indicator to get lost.

You think there is something wrong with us because we won't engage with you. Well we're not interested. We're just not that into you or what you want to talk about. Or we're busy thinking about how we're going to change the world and you're bothering us. In fact you're probably irritating us and keeping us from our mission.

It's quite difficult to care about things we don't care about, which is another sign of Asperger's - having fixated interests i.e. our missions. 

Without engaging in the bullshit and fluff of the normal world we are able to have laser sharp focus on whatever it is we are interested in. That focus makes us the best at what we do.

Having no social life doesn't seem like a sacrifice to us. There's nothing else we'd rather be doing.

If having an abnormal fixation on something seems unhealthy to you, then you probably haven't found your passion. However obscure it may be.

Quit trying to fix us to conform. Being normal never changed the world. Let us focus on our missions and stand back.

When I read this article in Time magazine (2014) on Mark Zuckerberg I found the journalists opinions about Zuckerberg particularly outrageous. 

Zuckerberg's mission is to get every human being online. However, the journalist Lev Grossman, did nothing but criticize Zuckerberg for his lack of social graces.

For some reason, Grossman seems to be offended by the way Zuckerberg dresses. He complained that he dresses like a college student. Indigos don't do monkey suits - unless they want to. There's nothing more inauthentic than wearing something you would never wear in your regular life. Very few people would ever choose to wear a suit and tie. The majority wear them because they are considered professional, which is fucking stupid. They're just clothes!

Grossman seemed particularly bothered that Zuckerberg gazes around erratically and rarely made eye contact with him. Zuckerberg was probably looking for an exit plan, or something more interesting. I didn't even know that you were supposed to look people in the eye while they were talking to you until I was almost finished with high school. Is this something your parents are supposed to teach you? 

Grossman criticized Zuckerberg for not being playful. He exclaimed that causal conversation is supposed to be fun but Zuckerberg comes off as aggressive and impatient with slow ordinary speech.

OMG! We don't do social niceties.

He said Zuckerberg's conversation style is less about social interaction and instead about swapping information as rapidly as possible. Yep! Get to the point!

Also, Zuckerberg's short answers to questions don't make for good sound bites or word count quotas. In other words Zuckerberg isn't up to shooting the shit with a suit. He just wanted to get to the point and get back to work.

Grossman points out that someone who wants to shape the social lives of the planet should have a better sense of human nature.

I think that someone is a little hurt he didn't get to become friends with one of the richest guy in the world.

Sorry bro, he's just not that into you.

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