Empathic Healers

I was listening to a self-help webinar and someone asked the single most asked question by every highly sensitive and empathic person ever:

Whenever I get around a group of people I seem to take on all their energy. When I get home I feel exhausted. I'm trying to protect myself. What's up with this?


Yes. You are a healer of magnitude.

I can see that you are going out and desire to make the world happy.

So if you're just feeling everyone's pain and taking it on you have made it a purpose within you to go out and change the world and make everyone happy.

Everywhere you are doing that will you destroy and uncreate?

You are a healer. You are going out with all of your feelers.

Every single cell in your body has chromosomes and on top of these chromosomes are telomeres.

The telomeres reach out beyond the body and they sense what is going on in all of the other bodies.

If there is sadness, they go out and try to heal the sadness. If there is anger, they try and change the anger, because you are a healer.

So everywhere where you designed yourself to be the healer whenever there is someone in need, instead of you choosing when to use this capacity, will you now unchoose for it to go out and do whatever it's doing?

Anything that doesn't allow you to go out in public, or be in groups, or choose to disconnect from others morphic fields, and not take them all on, will you destroy and uncreate that now?

When you go out in groups, ask your body, ask your infinite being: being can we be in just our own energy for this trip out, instead of going and working on others and exhausting our energy?

Anything that doesn't allow you to ask this of your cells, will you destroy and uncreate?

This method of processing by asking questions is a way of shifting energy. Questions can change your mindset or bring in an awareness you didn't have before. 

For example, if you have just come from an outing and are feeling something negative, asking yourself the question: Who does this belong to? May cause the negative energy to dissipate. 

Another side note, I'm currently reading Kryon's Book Twelve: The Twelve Layers of DNA and in it "he" encourages us to speak to our cells daily. 

So try speaking to your telomeres. Reel them in. Take command of the ship. You decide when it's time to go out and heal.

Good Morning telomeres! Today we're taking the day off. So stay inside and enjoy!

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