Attracting Energy Vampires

A person that feeds off of the life force energy of another person is known as an Energy Vampire. These relationships are parasitic. 

Energy Vampires are known to feed off of negative attention, cause unnecessary problems, pick fights, are deceptive, flip out when least expected, are notorious guilt-trippers, master manipulators, and are prone to making threats.

For the most part, Energy Vampires are not evil or ill intentioned. They are victims of their own minds. They feel helpless, powerless, paranoid, strive for unattainable perfection, self-medicate, engage in extreme behaviors, and/or are preoccupied with being right.

Energy Vampires come from a place of powerlessness, they do not know that they create their own reality. They have a lack mentality - their focus is on what they don't have. They do not feel it is possible to get the love that they desire. They do not think that they can fulfill their own needs. Consequently, they believe the only way to get what they need is manipulate or take it from others.

So why is it that you keep attracting these soul suckers?

Indigos, Empaths, and Highly Sensitive people are innate healers and love a good mission to help alleviate suffering. So, as a result they are drawn to those in need.

When dealing with Energy Vampires, the mission will never be complete because Newsflash: Energy Vampires do not want to be healed or helped!! They don't want to be saved. They don't want solutions because then they'll be on their own again and will energetically starve to death.

Energy Vampires need constant attentiveness, responsiveness, and communication. It's the attention you give them, when they have a problem, that they crave. These problems are usually of their own making, totally unnecessary, and never ending. 

Energy Vampires are survivalists. As long as they have a food source - you, they have no incentive to heal, change, or take care of themselves. The more you try to solve their problems the more problems they are going to have. 

Energy Vampires can serve as a mirror to your own self-worth. 

You open the door to Energy Vampires through your insecurities. You may have your own feelings of victimhood or powerlessness. You may want to be seen as a good person so you drop everything ang go out of your way for these people.

It's possible that you may only feel good about yourself when you help others. You may feel unworthy of love or friendship unless you do something for it. You create transactional relationships.

Maybe you feel guilty for being successful or having good fortune when so many others seem to be down and out.

You may want this person to like you for some reason, so you do things to earn their approval.

Any codependence issues you may have is an Energy Vampires golden ticket your energy source.

You may have an addiction to Energy Vampires. Does being needed give you sense of purpose? Do you have the need to please? Does being around an Energy Vampire make you feel better about yourself? Give you self-worth?

You may be an Energy Vampire yourself. When you allow yourself to be drained by an Energy Vampire do you turn around and drain somebody else? Do you only get attention when your complaining about dealing with an Energy Vampire or something negative going on?

The truth is, you have to vibrate on the same level as an Energy Vampire in order to attract one into your life. Your thoughts and your core beliefs are what creates your vibration. Your emotions are your indication as to what vibration you hold.

No protection technique is going to save you from Energy Vampires until you raise your vibration.

Staking Energy Vampires:

Commit to doing what it takes to be happy. Don't live your life based on other's expectations of you. Set boundaries. Saying NO does not make you an asshole (though they will certainly try to make you feel that way). Being a good person is not determined by how much you self-sacrifice. You can put your well-being first. 

Be a vibrational match to the kind of people you want to be around. If you want to be around respectful, competent, and well adjusted people - you need to project those qualities from within yourself. Try Shadow Work to root out any negative core beliefs about yourself. Transmute those beliefs into positive ones so that positive people will show up.

Know that Source is an infinite energy. We all have our very own stream of Source Energy. So, it is actually impossible to give away your energy or to have it taken from you. It's just that Energy Vampire's actions cause you to have negative thoughts that pinch you off from your own Source. When your Source Energy flow is restricted you start to get physical symptoms of exhaustion, confusion, depressed, etc.

Make feeling good a priority. Get your Source Energy pumping by doing what you love and what energizes you. Love yourself enough not to be liked by those that exhaust and bring you down. You don't owe anyone anything. You are worthy of a reciprocal and respectful relationship without having to serve and provide your life force energy.  

You can hold thoughts that allow Source Energy or thoughts that restrict it. It's up to you. 

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