Archangel Metatron

Messages from Archangel Metatron facilitated by hypnotherapist Alba Weinman.

Session 290:

Partial Transcript:

He is Metatron the angel of all angels.

What is this angels skills?

Courage. Empathy. Love. You’ve forgotten about love. The most important thing.

Why does it feel like punishment when we come back to Earth?

Because it’s hard here. Being on Earth is like being in a concrete block. Everything is blocked out. You think you’re alone. Alone in a block by yourself.

Why is that so many feel so lonely when they come to Earth?

They’ve lost their connection to God.

There are many that are lonely.

Yes. Something to be learned through loneliness. 

What can we learn through this loneliness?

To live with yourself.

Can you explain that?

To reach out. To learn to live with yourself, who you are. To recognize the light within you. To reach out to touch someone and connect with your fellow light-being. Doesn’t take much. 

So, once we feel lonely we should really be looking within?

Meditation helps. Connect to the light within you. Learn about it. The flow of it. How powerful it is. How you can make your light not only from within but make it bigger make it outside of you. Through that people will ultimately want to connect with you. They see your light. It helps with the loneliness. 

Is there an Event that is happening on Earth?

I’m sending my light through the sun.

How will this light affect the humans?

We’re going to upgrade them. They’re going to become more aware of their light. More spiritual. They’re going to become the beings and light that they are without the shell. Without the exterior. Without the pretenses. 

Are we going to lose our bodies during this event?

It’s your choice.

Session 299:

29:00 What do you tell those people who want to go home? There’s so many that don’t want to be here now.

You want to go home because you feel alone. Do you not see the circle here? You want to go home because you feel alone. You feel alone because you’re not doing the work that you should be doing. You’re not putting in the work to feel connected. You have a choice. If you want to leave, leave. Come home. I’ll welcome you with open arms. But I tell you now you will be disappointed with yourself. You will be saying why did I not stick it out. Why did I not just step out of my comfort zone and try. Why did I just not try? I could have tried changing one little thing in my life could have changed such a big part of it.

33:31 The most important thing is to be happy. 

Being happy, does that help us go into 5D?

Yes. You manifest quicker. Your creativity is 10-fold as a result. And the love you share with each other is critical. You not only manifest for yourself but you can manifest for others.

36:41 Christianity had a purpose. But over time that purpose has been corrupted. It corrupted to the point where people’s souls are being abused mentally & physically. People are being controlled and tortured in this way. Do you think God would want that for you?

The churches are great institutions in the sense that when you walk into a church your vibration increases 100-fold. Why is that? Gaia’s energy. Churches were built on lay lines. This is the secret.

This is why when you walk into a church you feel so joyful. You feel so happy. You are more connected to your soul then you’ve ever been. This is why you give your money freely without wanting anything in return. You can have that feeling all the time. I am with you all of the time.

It is time for you to change. It is time for you to leave behind the old and start with the new. There are so many channelers today. Magnificent souls who are brave and putting themselves on the line at their own personal risk to bring this information to you.

So listen to this. This advice is like gold. You cannot find what you are looking for in the bible. What you are looking for is within you. If you cannot find it within you and you have to look outside of you then look at the channelers.  You know the information they’re giving you is right. The funny thing is, is that it’s right for you at that particular time and particular moment. A few moments further on and it might change. That particular viewpoint. This is the process of learning. This is the process of ascension. Leave the bible. Connect to your soul. Connect to me.

We have had conversations with Neal Donald Walsh. Conversations with God Book 1. Read it. Read it again. And again. Until it becomes second nature to you. Until it becomes where you can just say it without thinking it. This is God. This is God in its truest form.

But please do not misunderstand. You know Metatron through the house of Heaven. And there are many houses that God is. And there are many houses that Metatron is. But you know us both through the house of Heaven.

42:08 Can you tell me why some channelers tiptoe in and others come in like a storm?

The energy. The energy is all powerful. The love that the archangels and ascended masters that you know of they all have power. The difference between you and them is that they stand in their power. They own their power. You can do the same. The power is so overwhelming for some. And it’s also filtered through the brain and sometimes the messages get distorted. Many of you are still with the idea of the Father in Heaven and if that’s what makes you happy then be that it’s fine. I will be whatever you want me to be. But there is value in all messages. Use your discernment. Use your soul as guidance. It will tell you if it’s right. Not everything feels right. The more you meditate the stronger it becomes.

45:11 You must understand in your world of duality, the people that came in with a negative energy to teach they are too strong souls. They are too valued. They agreed to play out the darkness so that you could experience the light. Which one is harder? Which one takes a stronger soul? Darkness. Playing the darkness is harder because you are further away from me. You’re further away from the light.

When you’re playing the role of light. Light warriors way showers you’re connecting to the light. You have moments of understanding of what it’s like to have a soul-to-soul connection. The further away you are the more disconnected you become. Those of you have it a little bit easier that are connected to the light.

47:51 What do you say to those trying to connect with you yet are being hit with psychic attacks?

This is the game you’re playing. It’s important for you to experience this because to know light you must experience dark. To know dark you must experience light. There are many things you can use. Crystals is one. There are many of them that are magnificent and powerful. Where them around your neck. Having them in your home. Putting them in the boundaries of your home will protect you. But do not forget that although these are great, do not forget the power of your soul. Your soul is powerful. You can deflect them. It is within you. It’s a process. You’re learning how to do this. You’re learning about darkness and light. Choose what you prefer.

The stronger the light within you, the harder it is for them to penetrate.

49:31 How did you create our bodies?

To perfection. To make them last as long as you want.

49:47 Repetition is key. You want to succeed in your endeavor - practice repetition. Keep trying.

50:00 What would you to say that is someone that is spiritually awakening but who’s partner. Family, and friends are not?

It’s a gift. Well done. I’m proud of you. I’m proud of you for taking it upon yourself to wake up first. Show them the way. Give them the space. Don’t be so judgmental.

You love them, don’t you? Well allow them the time to wake up. Am I not allowing you the time to ascend, to become more self-aware, and to start living in your soul so you can ascend to your 5D? Of course. My light will be sent when I feel many of you have done this. Do the work. Give them the space. If you love them, care about them, and want to be with them then give them the space. Allow them the space to let them be what they need to be.

You are magnificent within yourself. Yes, I know you want them there with you now. But that’s not going to happen. They need to do their own ascension. They’re own process of becoming, of knowing, of remembering who they are. That cannot be rushed. You cannot go from A to Z skipping all the steps in between. Do the steps. Let them do the work. Be patient. It will come.

53:00 The female energy. I’m proud of all my daughters. You have done so well in ascending quicker than the males. The female energy is so unique. You’re doing it quicker.

Now time for the males. Metatron wants to say stop procrastinating. It’s time. You think you are men? There are many aspects to the male energy, and love is one of them. Many of you are still in the male energy. You feel that connecting, or accepting, or allowing some of this spirituality into your life is sappy. Well, let me tell you that if this emotional ride, this emotional ascension that you have, then why is it that so many of you, in fact all of you, have all been touched by love and had your heart broken by love.

It’s just a simple emotion. You say it has no place. There’s no money to be sappy. There’s no money to earn your emotions. You have been on your knees begging for connection. It’s time to accept that this is a part of you. Do you think it will make you weaker? Wrong. It will make you stronger. How many women are wanting this. How many women want a connection with a strong spiritual soul. The male energy is lagging behind. It’s time to put your fears aside. Take the step I will walk with you. Metatron will walk with you.

57:45 There are many women out that looking for a man. Many women have had their hearts broken and they’ve given up. What can we do to bring them together?

Trust in the love that I have for you. The ones having their hearts broken are the lightworkers. I know many of you feel alone but understand that my angels are here. They’re all here. They’re here to spread their love. Use your connections. Know your own journey and not expect other people to know it. Trust in the guidance you are being given. There are many souls that are helping you. Those that you can see and not see.

1:01:50 Me and Metatron were hanging out in the Universe when we heard a resounding “help us”. It was coming from planet Earth. The scales had tipped in favor of the dark energy. Metatron chose to come. He didn’t have to but he chose because he loves you to send his energy. He can see the beacon now. He couldn’t see it before. He sends his energy to you all the time. Same with my other archangels. If I had felt there was no point, why would I send all these wonderful souls to help and guide you?  

1:04:20 When we were taught about God we had an idea that God was God of everything and then other ideas have come across that there were God’s of different universes.

Yes there are.

Which one are you? Are you our creator?

I am the creator of everything. I am the universe. There is Source behind Source. Many of you are still in the paradigm of Jesus. That’s how you recognize me. There are many forms to me.

I hear there are many planets that heard the call from Earth asking for help. Can you tell me when this all began?

Long time ago. It’s hard to put time in years in linear time. The other planets are of similar vibration. They want to help. You are not separate. What affects you affects every soul in it. You are all connected. You just felt the experience of having the disconnection. Center yourselves. Come back to yourself.

Yes, there are E.T.’s. You’re all children with different levels of awareness. They learn to work with the energy. Souls on this planet have great difficulty accepting that there is energy. Of course there is energy.

The E.T.’s want to help. Some have their own agenda. Whether you choose to accept it. It’s not going to bestowed upon you.

1:10:16 You want to manifest? I’ll teach you 3 simple rules: Thought, word, & deed. So simple.

If you want to manifest something, first you think about it. Then you say it. I want a knew car. I want a house. The cycle also needs acting. What are you putting in place to get your knew car? What are you doing to attract your twin flame? Do you remember your contract? Did you make a contract? If you don’t remember, then ask. It will be revealed to you. If you want a contract, make one. Thought, word, deed.

The problem is people tend to do it once. Then you stop. Repetition is the key. If you put it on a piece of paper and recite it to yourself every day, it manifests quicker. Stick it on the wall. Do it for a month.

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