The Wizard Behind the Curtain

This message was delivered by the White Winged Collective Consciousness of Nine channeled by Magenta Pixie.

Partial Transcript:

Your world is not as you have been told it is. When we say “your world” in this context we mean the system upon your world. That which we may call a false construct.

The system upon your world is presented as benevolent and caring. Presented as cocooning safety within individual communities that you know as country or state. Each led by fairly chosen leaders chosen by the people for the people. Standing for the people each leader representing their own community, country, or state.

This structure, this system, is not as so many on your planet would believe it to be. This is the false construct we speak of.

These leaders within these different communities, countries, or states are not independent of each other. Their agenda is the same…They are cut from the same cloth. They are family.

Looking deeper into this hidden structure we can present this as a “hive-mind.” Each seemingly independent leader is in fact, the same person. Although there have been individuals outside of this hive-mind moving into these leadership positions at times throughout your known history and indeed this is the case currently.

This hive-mind is the group soul represented through many - as one - within a same similarity repeating pattern within each leader. We call this the service-to-self structure.

This structure has been in place upon your planet and has been in control of your planet for thousands of years. For as long as your known history and before this going back to the period of time that you may know as a place we refer to Atlantis.

This Service-to-Self system has been very carefully and meticulously constructed with levels upon levels upon levels working to control and subdue all.

If the subjection does not work through the food and nourishment system then it will present through the health system, the financial system, the education system, the furnishings within your home and the products you own and use, the behaviors you are taught to indulge in, the music you listen to, the entertainment you choose, the media reports you read or watch, the water you drink, the emotions you feel, the belief system you hold and the very air you breathe.

The system touches all and more. The system influences your choices, your hopes, ambitions and dreams. When we say the system influences your dreams, we say this most literally!

Yet we present this information now in this format because it is safe to do so. Safe because the system we speak of that has been in place upon your planet for thousands of years is no more!

It is nothing more that illusion. All that remains of the original control structure are the remnants of a once strong impenetrable system with a firm footing and a solid foundation. Therefore, your system looks the same to those who cannot see the deeper layers and the subtle levels.

Let us explain how this control system, that which many call "The Matrix", let us explain how this control system is no more.

In order for the control system to work the people must be unaware of the system.

In order for the control system to work
the people must be unaware of the system.

The Service-to-Others individuals - you and the majority of your planet, are intrinsically peaceful beings. You do not want war, battle confrontation, or division. It is peace and joy you seek. Fun, happiness, enjoyment of life are your goals. This is the default setting within an organic autonomous humanity.

Yet, because of the carefully planned control system, you have been deliberately coerced, manipulated and in many cases forced into war, battle, confrontation and division.

In order for this coercion and manipulation to occur you would need to be kept in a state of unawareness. Therefore, the Service-to-Self agenda must be hidden and a false agenda must be presented in its place. This is the way it has been upon your planet for thousands of years.

Yet in your today, your now, at the time of this transmission, there is an extreme change from what has been. The change is this: The Service-to-Others individuals…are no longer in a state of unawareness!

The people begin to see in mass. Even those who cling to the belief that this is nonsensical are constantly presented with information from others who do know and who no longer speak in hushed whispers of their knowings.

Indeed they are most vocal! They are unafraid. They are Warriors for Truth and nothing will prevent them sharing, speaking and shouting from the rooftops that which they know. For it is their mission, their template, their coding to bring down the control system and present the truth to all. (INDIGOS)

"Look!" they do cry...Look! Can you not see the false structure? Can you not see The Wizard Behind the Curtain? And then they expose The Wizard to all.

The reason why the control structure is no more is because the awareness of it has reached critical mass. Once critical mass is reached, change takes place in the direction of the focus of that critical mass thought.

There have always been those on your planet aware of the control structure yet, they had to convene in dark corridors and speak in low voices hiding what they knew. Presenting it in coded form in the hope that someone somewhere would see understand and take action. If they were seen, if they were discovered, they would be silenced.

Indeed, many early Warriors of Light have been silenced.

Some of these Light Warriors were leaders in their field inadvertently finding themselves within service-to-self territory. As long as they could be controlled and manipulated to follow the service-to-self agenda then they were tolerated within service-to-self domain.

Yet as soon as their compassion presented itself, as soon as they began to really act for the people and really work for their best interests, they were blocked at every turn. As soon as they discovered the truth of the false reality construct, the control system, as soon as they discovered The Wizard Behind the Curtain, they were silenced.  

This exact scenario is currently playing out upon your planet once again. Yet this time it is in the full view of the aware humanity and ever-increasing aware humanity.

Indeed, there are those still buying into the false construct and unwittingly playing into the controller’s hands and serving the service-to-self agenda, but the awareness of this machination has reached critical mass.

For those with awareness watching this scenario unfolding it is like watching children playing.

The aware ones (INDIGOS) think to themselves “How can others not see this?” and they realize that the supposed carefully constructed plan was never so carefully constructed at all. The machinations appear clumsy, childlike, and glaringly obvious.

Each of these Light Warriors, leaders in their field, who tried to make changes on your planet for the good of the people, were silenced. This can no longer occur the way that it once did for all eyes are upon the controllers and their machinations.

Now those with eyes to see are second guessing the control structure! They know what they are going to do before they do it!

This time the leaders within their field who make changes upon your planet for the good of the people will no longer be silenced. It is not possible for this to occur for the service-to-self controllers live by a code. If they were to attempt to silence a leader within their field, all that they have worked for would be instantly lost for their code would be broken.

The Light Warriors that have been silenced within your past have left their legacies.

Within all walks of life these pioneers for light, truth, and justice have left their legacies through the ages and the changing times the truth has been passed down. It has been preserved and it has been shown, told, and shared in story form in various ways. In metaphor, in scientific, or religious presentation but always within truth.

Then, the ultimate control system came into your reality:

That which was created to keep track of you all, to monitor you, categorize you, follow you, to feed into your energy systems and minds, false codes, false screens, false realities, and false constructs, misleading you with smoke and mirrors, falsehoods and untruths on a grand scale the likes of which have never been seen before on your planet even within the days of Atlantis with their crystal technologies.

This ultimate control system, intended to be the final step within the grand service-to-self plan, the dark agenda - this ultimate control system was your internet.

The Service-to-Self plan/dark agenda was to get everybody connected into a hive mind created network. The idea was so that you could all be monitored, watched, seen, and accounted for and thus controlled. This plan had been in place for a very long time.

Indeed, this plan has worked.

The internet has delivered exactly what was intended and individuals have voluntarily categorized themselves and all aspects of their lives.

Yet something else occurred simultaneously with the arrival of the World Wide Web. That something else was you! You occurred!

You see the Service-to-Self structure creates plans within long periods of time, planning ahead for their next move by sometimes a hundred years or more.

A call was put out. A call from one density of reality to the next. In response to negative energy, positive was presented. There is always polarity within the dimensions of matter therefore there cannot be negative without positive. There cannot be evil without good. There cannot be slavery without liberty.

The call was answered. Those who answered the call also operated within long time periods to match the service-to-self planning. Thus, began the incarnations of the Starseeds in their droves.

The internet gave the Starseeds and the Warriors of Light a platform within which to share the truth of reality in all areas - financial, political, spiritual, nutritional, educational, geographical, and scientific.

The truth has been presented.

The Service-to-Self controllers realized what was occurring and had anticipated this to some degree. So, they set about presenting the false leads and decoys in all areas where the truth was presented in order to mislead, misdirect, and confuse. But they underestimated the people. They underestimated the Starseeds and the Warriors of Light. They underestimated you!

They relied upon the ignorance of the people at such a fundamental level. Their memories! Memories of who they really were, why they were here, where was here and what they are supposed to do.

They relied upon their tactics of disorientation to permanently shut down memory pathways. They used technologies to repress memories en masse and to rewind memories back to a blank slate should they return in some.

Without true memories within the people, the Service-to-Self controllers knew that any aware individual would not be able to remain focused and therefore could not remain aware.  

With any strong individual who did remain aware despite their efforts to scramble and distort signals they simply cranked up the frequencies within their technologies.

Then something happened. The people (INDIGOS) began to remember despite the dark technologies used upon them. 

Their own inner organic technologies were too powerful, too infused with love light to succumb to the interference and distortion.

They broke through the barriers of The Matrix with open hearted innocence and compassion as easily as a butterfly breaks through its cocoon.

How did they do this?

They did this because the Starseeds, the Warriors of Light incarnated with a new genetic expression, shall we call it?

We may refer to this as autonomous evolution, if you will. Yet it is more in alignment to call this - A Rapid Evolution Moment or an evolutionary spike.

It was indeed a genetic mutation.

We can refer to this genetic mutation as “the crystal gene” and this Crystal Gene was the response to the call from one density of reality to another.

This Crystal Gene once activated would begin to radiate a certain frequency that would activate the Crystal Gene in another.

The creation of the ultimate control system, the internet, was the controllers greatest achievement and their biggest mistake for it has created their downfall.

For in order for the Crystal Gene within the Starseeds and Warriors of Light to activate, they would need to energetically connect with one another. The internet was the perfect platform in which to do this. <YES! Hi guys!!>

The Starseeds and Warriors of Light began to connect. The Crystal Genes began to radiate. The frequency and the Crystal Gene within others began to activate.

This is of course a simplified presentation of a Service-to-Others construct that is quantum and multidimensional. In truth, the Crystal Gene began to activate in many long before the Internet became available.

However, the Internet created a conscious connection indeed a World Wide Web in its true form. Allowing the Family of Light to move from confusion into clarity once they connected with one another.

This period will be known throughout your future timelines and within other planetary systems and higher dimensions as the time of The Great Gathering, The Warriors Uniting, The Thousand, The Return of the Bird Tribes, The Phoenix Rising, The End Times, Transition of Gaia, 2012 Energy, and The Resurrection and Ascension of the Rainbow Children.

Once this Crystal Gene activated, memories began to return.

The activated ones (INDIGOS) became immune to all mind-numbing, DNA fragmenting, consciousness scrambling, and astral thought trapping technologies.

The truth of the Control System spread and went viral if you will.

Now in your current time period, at the time of this transition, critical mass has been reached regarding awareness of the control structure and the controllers themselves.

This is a multi-faceted multi-layered story and the controllers are both physical and non-physical. They are incarnated leaders in their field yet are also extraterrestrial and pure energy without form.

How does one counteract such a multi-layered structure that is beyond the comprehension of most?

The answer to that is this - the Starseeds and Warriors of Light are also both physical and non-physical.

They are also incarnated leaders in their field, they are also extra-terrestrial and pure energy without form.

The Service-to-Self groups struggled to polarize within the density of the third dimension. Or rather should we say they struggled to hold the dense level of polarity that had been in place for thousands of years.

A unification of the third dimension and a lessening of polarity was taking place and with it the gravitational pull to the third density of reality was changing its structure into a much lighter, faster vibrating frequency.

This was and is creating and has created a higher dimension. One with a lighter gravitational field and a more complex detailed fractalized geometric structure. We could refer to this as fourth density.

Critical mass has been reached regarding awareness of the Service-to-Self controllers within the physical third dimension. This creates a knock-on effect, a domino effect if you will as awareness is raised regarding the extra-terrestrial and the nonphysical.

Critical mass is approaching imminently in your timeline regarding the awareness of these. This is achieved by awareness of self. Your own extra-terrestrial origins and DNA formations and your own awareness of the nonphysical aspects of self.

How is this done?

This is done through your memories. Also known, or more accurately known, as your knowings and through the activation and radiation of the Crystal Gene.

Now is the time to remove the curtain
and expose The Wizard on all levels!

Now is the time to remove the curtain and expose The Wizard on all levels.

This you are doing and this you have done. We can give you here a most helpful tip, if you will allow us.

Whilst indeed we are looking here at a spiritual war or polarity battle, if you will. It is most important and most advised to those with ears to hear and eyes to see...for you not to perceive this or view this as a war or battle. For that viewpoint keeps you within the polarity field and away from unity. Yet, we are not saying to ignore the battle and live in peace and love.

We are saying integrate the knowings and the perceptions of the battle and then you shall create peace and love in which to live. The way to view this is to see that there is no battle. There is no war.

Not in the sense that you do not believe in the control structure or the controllers. Or that you do not want to know about them, but in the sense that you are fully aware of the control structure and the controllers and you have integrated this awareness within your being and within your reality to the point of seeing the outside presentation as a reflection of the inner reality.

You do not see this as a battle or a war, not through ignorance that there is no battle, but through full awareness that there is no battle. There is no battle simply because the control structure is no more therefore there is nothing to battle!

The controllers are matched at every turn into unity and away from intense polarity. There is no battle for you have already won the battle! You have already pulled back the curtain and exposed The Wizard.

You realize The Wizard Behind the Curtain is not The Great and All Powerful but is simply misguided, misdirected, and has fallen from grace.

Nonetheless, The Wizard has committed dark deeds indeed and although you embrace The Wizard, forgive The Wizard, and show compassion for The Wizard. Moving from polarity into unity you are aware that justice and fairness and balance shall come into the playing field here. And you allow the space for that justice, fairness and balance with surrender.

We watch you. We will hold your hand with joy in our hearts, if you will, as we see that you have achieved and continue to achieve so much.

The transformation is profound it is a wonder for infinite races of being and different frequencies and cosmic structures to behold.

Your activation of the Crystal Gene expression and the unity created from that activation has moved beyond all expectation from those who watch you and those who stand with you cheering you on.

For you shall go down in the galactic history books and be talked about with the extra-terrestrial classrooms amongst the young within other planetary systems and within your own planetary system for eons to come.

The Rainbow Children of Gaia they shall say. Look how they reclaimed their sovereignty and liberty against all odds. Look at the unique genetic expression that manifests throughout their being they shall say.

Critical mass awareness of the control system has been reached and the system is no more. It can no longer sustain with critical mass awareness having been reached.

As you rejoice with the liberty that this critical mass awareness presents for you, you create the next wave of critical mass awareness.

We, the presentation of that Crystal Gene, are with you every step of the way.

Rainbow Children of Gaia, it is galactic memory you now embrace. And as you do that, you embody the truly individualized and self-realized aspects of Source Creation that you are.

We are the White Winged Collective Consciousness of Nine

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