The Misadventures of an Indigo in the Workplace

Part One: The Crypt Keeper

My first job out of college was at a law office. I stayed in the legal field, which was unbearable, until just before my 30th birthday, when I literally could not take it anymore. I decided to give up my legal career completely, move across the ocean, and start over.

I didn't know where to start but I had to start somewhere. I had all of this (expensive) education and was applying for entry level jobs.

I applied any and everywhere. I took the first job that I was offered, which was as an office assistant at a chiropractor's office for a whopping $9.00 an hour with zero benefits.

The Chiropractor was intrigued by my background (the fact that I had a law degree and didn't want to use it) and decided to give me a chance. 

Indigos get triggered when someone tries to control them.

I wasn't there for two weeks before I found myself wishing I'd get fired.

Having to get up on someone else's terms, wearing dumb clothes that you would never wear in your real life, and helping someone else make money is no way to live.

So often I hear people complain about how miserable their job is only for them to finish their ranting by saying, "I should be lucky I even have a job." Really?

I have to whole hardheartedly disagree. With the exception of the death of a loved one, there are few things more depressing than having to work for someone else. 

Indigos Crave Harmony

This was a very hostile and negative place to work. The chiropractor carried such negative energy that the negativity seeped out my boss's face. It was like working for the Crypt Keeper.

I was barely trained. I only learned things I was supposed to be responsible for by being criticized for not having done the thing I did not know I was supposed to do. The Chiropractor got off on belittling me and almost couldn't wait for me to make a mistake to get a good laugh. My boss literally laughed at me all the time.

It was all negative all the time. There was never any mention of anything I ever did right.

There were daily dramatic passive aggressive scenes about things I didn't do, things I was never even told I needed to do, just pure outrage and disbelief that I hadn't done them. 

This job began to snuff out my will to live...and I lived in paradise. This job cancelled it out.

While Indigos are sensitive to chemicals and scents in cleaning products, they are as equally sensitive to filth.

This office was barely sanitary. Instead of using exam table paper on the therapy tables, my boss used dish towels over the pillows. Every patient for a week would stick their heads and faces in the same dish towel. My boss hated doing laundry so we had to use the towels very sparingly.

There was one elderly patient that would always request a new towel before she laid down (rightfully so) and one day there wasn't any. So I made due and used a patient robe instead. 

This enraged my boss. She threw that robe at me and demanded to know who had put it there. (I was the only other person that worked there).

Yes, I was just assaulted by my boss and am verbally abused daily but I should feel lucky that I have a job, right? I mean $9.00 an hour with no benefits - I should be so grateful.


I have found working for others to be so demoralizing and humiliating. I know that I can't be the only one that feels this way. But why am I the only one I know determined to do something about it?

Everyday I go to work my spirit dies. This is not a life. Time is too precious to waste on doing something you don't want to do with people you don't want to know.

Without freedom we might as well be dead.

A mentor of mine once said that all pain is a symptom of you not being yourself.

Working for this asshole caused so much physical pain in my body that I couldn't sleep. My chest and stomach ached unbearably. 

Being demeaned and ridiculed everyday, on my hands and knees cleaning up filth, and setting roach traps, I had become Cinderella - without any of the fun stuff. 

I was broke and broken. 

After barely three months, one morning the Chiropractor walked in to work and without saying a word handed me some gross plastic container to scrub out.

Instead of taking the container, I blurted out that I quit!

The Chiropractor acted shocked and offended and wanted to know why. I said it was too demeaning to work there and that I had to go.


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