October 19, 2021

Home. What is it? Where is it? How can I get there?

I am so sick of feeling homesick. This constant yearning for a place I don't know/remember anything about. 

I've been traveling a lot this past year between the place I grew up and the place I've lived for the last 10 years - a place that I dreamed about calling home. And no matter which place I'm in I catch myself constantly saying, "I want to go home." I'm never there. Why can't I get there? Will I ever know it? What will it feel like? 

What am I even talking about when I say that? Does anyone else know what I'm talking about?

I've been looking for this answer for 20 plus years.

Daryl Anka who channels Barshar says: 

Home is everywhere.

You are eternal you are infinite you are everywhere as All-That-Is.

Home is where you are.

Dolores Cannon founder of the QHHT method shares the following dialogue with a client under hypnosis in her book The Search for Hidden Secret Knowledge:

Client' (C): She needs to understand that wherever she is, it's her house.

Dolores (D): She takes it with her, you mean?

C: No, there's no taking it with you. It just is.

D: Do you mean the human body?

C: No. In other words, wherever we are, it's our house. It's not a place. There are no confines. It's not walls. It's not a body. It's wherever we are...it's home. Kind of like Dorothy.

D: The Wizard of Oz? (Yes) It's always been there even when she was looking for it elsewhere. Client said she would like to have a house. Do you think that's possible?

C: She could have a house. She could, but just realize that the house is not her house. The house isn't what she's looking for. In other words, she can have a house and she can be happy in a house, but her real house is Earth and the universe, this big bubble of cosmos. She was limiting it, which is why she couldn't find it. 

Lee Carroll who channels Kryon says:

When talking about Home “he” refers to: “[A] concentrated energy place we call the Great Central Source. You have no word that could possibly come close to what it is. It transcends time. A better word is home. It is not a place at all, but rather a concept with substance. It’s an interdimensional concept that does not fit within the paradigm of your consciousness, but if you could imagine such an attribute of pure love where you live (when you’re not here), you would call it Home. You see, there is a ‘feeling’ in connection to Home. It has energy. It has feeling. It even has color. But it’s not what you think. It is a consciousness with construct.”Kryon, Book 7, Letters From Home

“Home is inserted within the Human Being. What fuels your search for Home is the Lemurian layer of your DNA given to us by the Pleiadians. It’s a multidimensional layer of DNA that gives you spiritual awareness, or revealed divinity. It allows you to know that you are more than just a body on a planet. It causes you to miss the other side – the other parts of you. The call for Home represents the call to understand your own divinity.” Book 12, The Twelve Layers of DNA 

“It has no time, no place, no mansions of gold and no pearly gates. It’s better than that. It’s home.” Kryon, Book 12 pg 205 

Lee Harris who channels the Z's says:

“You are stars who are in human form. Recognize the width of light that you can emanate. When you can recognize the light of love that can extend and beam from within your heart, it feels like home. For it is home. But imagine you came to a planet where most are homeless. On some levels, this is a truth for all of you. For there is not such a defining home as many human beings like to think there is. This body is but one home in a journey for you. But the most homeless people on your planet are those who do not know what it is to feel this love or this light that you feel and that you crave.” Meeting Your Inner Constellations 

Wendy Kennedy who channels the P's says:

This desire to know is really a desire is to reconnect with source energy. That is what you're doing when you go through the ascension process. This go round isn't about you going home. This idea of Home as you all start to awaken, it can trigger in you a longing and sometimes it can be overwhelming, a sense of despair being on this planet, a sense of disconnection but what you are seeking is this connection to source. It's not about going home. It's not about leaving the planet. It's about bringing home here. About bringing your expanded sense of awareness into the vehicle (your body). Through the process of ascension, you're bringing your higher self into your vehicle. Your higher self has awareness of all of your incarnations. It has awareness that you are a multidimensional having a limited experience down on the planet. As you start to bring that expanded sense into your vehicle, it's going to change the game. It's going to change how you operate. 

Some of you would like to say oh I am from the Pleiades, Sirius or Orion. You're not really from any of those places. You're from Source. It's just another level of the game. It's the story of telling yourself to align. There may be a particular moment when you really align with the Pleiades and that means you're pulling in the energy and the lessons from that system. Or you might feel Sirius. With the Pleiades a lot of that energy had to do with records - history, because Alcyone is the Central Sun where all the records from the entire galaxy are stored. Suns are like libraries. You have teachers, you have librarians, those who work with crystals a lot of that energy is from the Pleiades. Sirius and Orion are very competitive systems so you've got a lot of competition a lot of diversity so you might be drawn to that system. Or there are healing modalities that come from that system. But you aren't from any of those places. You're from Source. 

The way you upgrade is by dropping the filters that say the you are not connected to Source Energy, but you are. It is impossible for you not to be connected. The mind was created to keep you in density and create the illusion of separation and run all of these programs. Without the mind you could not experience the illusion.

In the beginning of De-ascension you would have an awareness that you were part of Source Energy and it would immediately pop you out of the game and you would have to start over. I'm not supposed to remember I can change my reality. 

Arn Allingham aka Zingdad who channels Adamu says:

That place of "not home" that you now reside in, is not so much a planet or even a reality...it is a state of consciousness. And this state of consciousness is actually “not-knowing." It is being deeply beyond the veil of forgetting. So in "not-knowing" you do not know that you are safe, that things are okay, that all is proceeding according to plan and that you are doing exactly what you should be doing right now. You do not know. And in your not-knowing your fears rise to the surface. 

But the difficulty for you is that you have held on to a deep memory that somehow made it across the veil. You remember a time before this incarnation when all was well. You remember feeling safe. You remember KNOWING. And so, when contrasted with how you feel now, you wish simply to leave this place and to return Home. 

But where is Home and how will you get there? Home is not a different planet, of course. It is also not a different reality. It is a state of consciousness which resides outside of the veil of forgetting. It is therefore Remembering... or perhaps more correctly, Knowing. 

But before we explore the returning to Knowing, first you might take a moment to pat yourself on the back. You are doing well. Your response to "not-knowing" is, quite simply a yearning to return to "knowing." 

But how to seek knowing whilst still in “not-knowing?” 

The knowing you seek is within you. It always has been. The veil is an illusion. It is created with fear. As you feel that fear, so you are separated from knowing. So the question becomes "how do you overcome your fear?" 

Instead of trying to overcome the fear you can simply pay it no mind. Give yourself over to finding and expressing that which brings you the greatest joy while still there in that reality. 

If you cease expending your energy on your yearning for Home and spend it instead on BEING THERE...but being there in love and joy... then the fears also become irrelevant. When you bring your energy to bear, when you ground yourself, then you will truly FIND YOURSELF there in that place of not-knowing. When you find yourself then you know who and what you are. 

Do you see? Then you KNOW. And when you know then you are not beyond the veil of unknowing. Then you ARE Home. Then leaving "that place" and going to "another place" is a trivial matter of making a choice about your location. But the important thing is that you will then always and forever be Home... no matter where you go. 

This means that you, and only you must accept the appropriate charge of taking responsibility for your own happiness. Finding and expressing your own greatest joy IS your responsibility. And not only is this up to you but you MUST actually do this as this is also your most direct path Home.

Sara Landon who channels The Wisdom of the Council says:

This is the lifetime that you bring it all together, and you allow the most magnificent experience to be your reality. This is the time, the life, the moment that you open up and say yes, yes, yes to knowing in physical form that you are that which you call God. This is the life that you open up to the God consciousness fully, the consciousness that you are God, the consciousness that all is God, the consciousness that all others are God too, the consciousness that God is in everything and everyone and can never be separate from you. This is the life, this is the moment, allow it. This is the life, this is the moment, this is the time where you allow yourself into the God consciousness of the truth of who you are and the truth of who everyone is. All is of God, and all is of God consciousness. 

And as you elevate your consciousness to be that of the God consciousness, you fully express all that you are, you fully embody all that you are, you remember and you know that you are the Isness of All That Is. You are Creator within your own creation. Allow it in because as you step into the consciousness of God you are home. You are home. You are home, and you are free, and you are magnificent, and you are the perfection of All That Is. And there’s only more. There is greater expansion and greater expression and new experiences beyond anything you’ve ever thought possible before. 



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